What is the meaning of the name Mai?

What does the name Mai mean for a girl?

The name Mai is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Dance, Linen Robe.

What does MAI mean in Native American?

In Native American the meaning of the name Mai is: Coyote.

Is Mai a Hebrew name?

What does Mai mean? Mai origin.

Mai M.

Meaning of Mai: Ron.
Mai Origin: Hebrew
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What is Mai a nickname for?

Origin of Mai

The name Mai is an e.g. Frisian short form of the Hebrew name Maria. The name Mai is also common in Sweden and Asia, e.g. Vietnam and Japan.

What does MAI mean in Spanish?

(very informal) masculine noun. joint (very informal)

Is Mai a German name?

The German surname Mai first emerged in the Rhineland, and means, simply, “May.” The name was most likely originally borne by someone who was either born in the month of May or particularly fond of the spring.

What does MAI mean in Irish?

Gender: Girl. Meaning: Means ‘bright‘ or ‘Goddess of Spring growth’

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Is Mai a first name?

Mai is a name that is used as a given name and a surname.

What does the name Mai mean in Chinese?

It is commonly transliterated as Mak in Hong Kong, based on the Cantonese pronunciation, though other transliterations exist. “麥” is the standard character in both Traditional and Simplified scripts but 麦is also a variant seen in a both. The meaning of the Chinese character is either wheat or barley.

Is Mai Unisex?

Mai is baby unisex name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Chinese. Mai name meanings is Ocean or elegance.

What does MAI mean in Arabic?

The name is مي (but we don’t pronounce it like “day” Maybe I pronounce “day” differently from you). Anyway, what I know is that the word does indeed mean “little monkey” but not as an insult, rather as a equivalent of being pleasant and fun. M.

Is Mai a Islamic name?

Mai (also spelled May, Arabic: مي‎, IPA: [maj]) is a feminine Arabic given name. It may refer to: Mai al-Kaila, incumbent Health Minister of Palestine.

What does MAI mean in texting?

MAI is a slang term. It is one of the most commonly used acronyms in online chat and texting. MAI stands for my.