What is the meaning behind the name Teresa?

Is Teresa a biblical name?

Derived from the Hebrew yarden (to flow down, descend). The name was originally used in the Middle Ages for a child baptized in holy water said to be from the river Jordan. Variant of Theresa.

What is a nickname for Teresa?


Region of origin Iberia
Other names
Alternative spelling Theresa, Terisa
Nickname(s) Terri, Terry, Tracy, Tess, Teresita

Is Teresa a Spanish name?

Teresa is the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian form of Theresa, a name of uncertain etymology. It is thought to come from the Greek “therizein” meaning “to harvest, harvester” or from the Greek “theros” meaning “summer”. Therasia is also the name of a Greek island.

Is Teresa an Irish name?

Modern dictionaries of Irish names give Treasa and Toirésa as Irish equivalents of Theresa. … Teresa is a well-attested name in the Christian kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula throughout the middle ages.

How do you say Teresa in Japanese?

Teressa in Hiragana

The name Teressa in Japanese Katakana is テレサ which in romaji is teresa.

What kind of name is Theresa?

The name Theresa is a girl’s name of Spanish, Greek, Portuguese origin meaning “to harvest”. The popular appeal of the strong, intelligent Saint Teresa of Avila, combined with the selfless compassion of the more recent Mother Teresa, have fused to give this second-tier classic a somewhat noble, religious image.

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Where can I watch Teresa 2020?

Univision NOW – Category Teresa.

Is Tracy short for Theresa?

Tracy (/ˈtreɪsi/; also spelled Tracey, Traci, Tracci, Tracie, or Trasci), as a British personal name, was originally adopted from Norman surnames such as those of the family de Tracy or de Trasci from Tracy-Bocage in Normandy, France.

Tracy (name)

Other names
Related names Tracey, Traci, Theresa