What does the name terell mean?

Is Terrell an Irish name?

English and Irish: variant of Tyrrell.

What does the name jorin mean?

Meaning of Jorin

Jorin means “farmer” or “earthworker” (from Georg) and “alert”, “watchful” or “shepherd” (from Gregor). In Hebrew, Jorin has the meaning “child of freedom”.

What is the meaning of the name alverna?

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Alverna is: Feminine of Alvin meaning wise friend.

What kind of name is Terrell?

The name Terrell is of Anglo-Saxon origin. It was name for a stubborn or obstinate person. The surname Terrell is derived from the Old French word tirer, which means to draw.

How common is the name Terrell?

Terrell is also the 32,299th most frequent first name worldwide It is held by 24,724 people. This last name is most widespread in The United States, where it is held by 45,155 people, or 1 in 8,027.

Where is the name Terrell from?

The name Terrell (or Terrill) is an American surname possibly derived from the name of an ancient village in France, located off the banks of the Seine, near Paris. The immigrant ancestor was Richmond Terrell, who settled in New Kent County, Virginia from England in 1656.

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