What does the name Liam mean in the Bible?

What is the meaning of Liam in Arabic?

Liam in Arabic is the plural of Laeem, which is a non-Quranic word meaning “lowly”, “ungenerous”, “ungracious”, and since it doesn’t have a good meaning it is not used as a name. There is also Li’m, which comes from the same root, meaning “peace and harmony between people”., but it is pronounced differently from Liam.

What does the name Liam mean in Hebrew?

Liam is Hebrew Boy name and meaning of this name is “Determined Protector“.

Is Liam an Indian name?

Meaning of Liam is resolute protection, will, desire, protection. Liam is Baby boy name and is of origin indian. Person having name Liam are mainly by religion.

What name means God’s miracle?

Mirakel is a very rare name that comes from Danish origin. It has been derived from Norwegian word and means a miracle. This name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘God has given’ or ‘miracle of God. ‘

Is Liam a girl or boy name?

Liam is a short form of the Irish name Uilliam or the old Germanic name William.


Gender Male
Word/name Ireland
Meaning Desire, Guardian, Helmet, Protector, Boss
Region of origin Ireland

Is Noah a unisex name?

Gender: In the U.S., Noah has traditionally been used as a boy’s name. However, there is a feminine version of the name, Noa, which is also a biblical name (one of the Five Daughters of Zelophehad) and it is a very popular name in Israel, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

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Is Lucas a biblical name?

The name Lucas is often associated with the biblical Luke, one of Jesus’ disciples, so some consider it a biblical name. It is certainly an old name, and a traditional name, but it has only recently begun to become a very common name.

Is William a biblical name?

William is baby boy name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Germanic. William name meanings is A form of wilhelm. … Other similar sounding names can be Willem.

What is a unique boy name?

Here’s our pick of 50 modern Hindu baby boy names of 2019 you can choose from for your little one.

  • Aakav (shape)
  • Aakesh (Lord of the sky)
  • Aarav (peaceful)
  • Advik (unique)
  • Chaitanya (cognisance) Also Read| Top 5 factors to consider when picking the right school for your child.
  • Chandran (moon)
  • Darsh (sight)
  • Darpan (mirror)