What does the name Crozier mean?

What does the name Zaccaria mean?

Hebrew, form of Zechariah. “the Lord has remembered

What does the name Tobler mean?

South German (especially Swiss): topographic name for someone who lived near a ravine or gorge, from Middle High German southern dialect tobel ‘gorge’ + -er, suffix denoting an inhabitant.

Is Crozier an Irish name?

Crozier is a surname. Clan Crozier is a clan from the border area between England and Scotland.

Where does the name cozier originate from?

English (Oxfordshire): occupational name from Old French cousere ‘tailor’.

What kind of name is Zaccaria?

♂ Zaccaria

as a name for boys is a Hebrew name, and the meaning of the name Zaccaria is “the Lord recalled”. Zaccaria is an alternate form of Zachariah (Hebrew): form of Zechariah.

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