What does the name basemath mean?

Who is the mother of mahalath?

Mahalath was, according to the Bible, the third wife of Esau, daughter of Ishmael and sister of Nebaioth.

What does the name ahuzzath mean?

noun. a friend of Abimelech with whom he journeyed from Gerar to make a covenant with Isaac in Beersheba.

What does mahalath mean in Hebrew?

From the Hebrew name מָחֲלַת (Machalat) meaning “lyre”. In the Old Testament she is the daughter of Ishmael and the wife of Esau.

Who is Ishmael’s daughter?

Who is phicol in the Bible?

Phicol was the chief captain of the army of Abimelech, the Philistine king of Gerar. He entered into an alliance with Abraham with reference to a certain well which, from this circumstance, was called Beersheba, “the well of the oath” (Genesis 21:22,32; 26:26).

What is a maskil?

: a person versed in Hebrew or Yiddish literature especially : a follower or adherent of the Haskalah movement.

Is Adah in the Bible?

The Hebrew Bible character Adah appears in Genesis and is one of the two wives of Lamech. Her sons are in the seventh generation of naturally born human beings, and they are the founders of the civilized arts.

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