What does the name Antonella mean?

Is Antonella an Italian name?

Antonella Serra Zanetti (born 1980), Italian tennis player.


Pronunciation Italian: [antoˈnɛlla]
Gender Female
Language(s) Italian
Word/name Antonius

What does Antonella mean in the Bible?

The meaning of the name “Antonella” is: “Flower; Priceless; inestimable or praiseworthy”. We are proudely annoucing our new discussion board. Antoinetta.

How popular is the name Antonella?

Antonella Name Popularity

Year Rank % Births
2004 1,823 0.0031%
2005 1,965 0.0027%
2006 2,064 0.0024%
2007 1,359 0.0071%

What is short for Antonella?

Antonella fits perfectly, not just for her feminissa style, but for her potential nicknames. She shares her -ella ending with Gabriella and the chart-topping Isabella. Other short form options include Nell and Annie, as well as the obvious – if dated – Toni.

Is Antonella a pretty name?

An Italian name meaning “firstborn,” so obviously this would be a symbolic choice for your first child – although even if she’s your second or third or fourth, it’s still a cool name. Pretty sure your little Antonella won’t hold it against you if she’s not actually the firstborn.

Where does the name Antonia come from?

Antonia, Antónia, Antônia, or Antonía is a feminine given name and a surname. It is of Roman origin, used as the name of women of the Antonius family. Its meaning is “priceless”, “praiseworthy” and “beautiful”.

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Is Anthony an English name?

With saints, artists, and nobility as namesakes throughout history, Anthony is a strong, classic name. An English form of the Roman family name Antonius, Anthony is often linked to Marcus Antonius (also known as Mark Antony), a notable Roman politician in the ancient world.