Question: What does the name Roselina mean?

What is the meaning of Roselina?

as a girls’ name is an Old German and Latin name, and the meaning of Roselina is “gentle horse; rose”. Roselina is an alternate spelling of Rosalind (Old German). Roselina is also a variant of Rose (Latin): Flower name from rosa.

What does the name Ajaz mean?

Meaning of Ajaz: Name Ajaz in the Arabic origin, means Miracle. Astonishment. Name Ajaz is of Arabic origin and is a Boy name.

What does the name sharene mean?

as a girls’ name is of Hebrew origin, and Sharene means “a fertile plain”. Sharene is an alternate form of Sharon (Hebrew).

What is the meaning of Azaz in Urdu?

Azaz Meaning

Name. Azaz. Meaning. Honest,Strong One,Giving Respect.

How do you spell sharene?

Sharene is a Hebrew originated feminine name that means “great fertile plain”.

What is the lucky number of Aliza?

The lucky number of Aliza name is 1.

Aliza Name Meaning.

Name Aliza
Lucky Number 1
Language Hindi
Religion Hindu
Lucky Days Tuesday, Thursday
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