Best answer: What does the name Darius mean in the Bible?

What is the meaning of the name Darius?

The ancient Persian form of the name was Darayavahush, meaning ‘possessor’, from daraya(miy) ‘possess’, ‘maintain’ + vahu ‘good’, ‘well’. … This became accepted as a Christian name in medieval Europe in honor of a saint martyred at Nicaea at an uncertain date.

Who is Darius in the Bible?

Darius the Mede is mentioned in the Book of Daniel as king of Babylon between Belshazzar and Cyrus the Great, but he is not known to history, and no additional king can be placed between the known figures of Belshazzar and Cyrus.

Are Darius and Cyrus the same person?

Darius was a member of the royal bodyguard of Cambyses II, the son and heir of Cyrus the Great who ruled for several years before dying mysteriously in 522.

What does Darius mean in Greek?

In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Darius is: Rich; wealthy.

Who is Darius father?

Did Cyrus or Darius defeat Babylon?

Thus Babylon was captured for the second time, and Darius after his victory – unlike Cyrus, its previous conqueror – destroyed its defenses, pulled down all the city gates, and impaled the leading citizens to the number of about three thousand.

What are nicknames for Darius?


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meaning Wealthy
ends with S
nicknames Dare Dari
variations Derrius Darrius Dariusz Darious Dariess Darias Dareas Dario
popularity chart births

Is Darius a Islamic name?

Darius is Arabic/Muslim Boy name and meaning of this name is “Wealthy Protector, Prophet”.