Your question: Why was the poet’s dream not fulfilled?

What do the speaker’s hands represent as I grew older?

However, the speaker is not going to give up his dream. His hands are the “tool” that will break through the metaphoric wall and destroy the hatred and prejudice. It is ironic that these same hands represent the power that can bring him to his dream.

What do you comment on the title of the poem as I grew older?

1. In his poem “As I grew older” Langston Hughes depicts a very negative image of the notion “American Dream“. The poet metaphorizes his own experiences of racial discrimination and thus also his experiences containing the reality of the American Dream in four steps that can be outwardly seen as four stanzas.

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What does the wall signify in the poem as I grew older?

The wall symbolizes discrimination, prejudice, and racism in a society who doesn’t see him as a human being. The wall keeps Hughes in the “shadows” of society unable to get up and out of his predicament of simply being black.

What is the dream of the speaker in as I grew older?

The poem is about the speaker’s inability to achieve a childhood dream because of his society’s racism and prejudices. He describes his experiences as a young man and his dream of being something great.

What does shadow signify?

Shadows represent secrets, deceit, uncertainty, and dark magic. They are usually associated with darkness and therefore given negative traits.

What images are used in the poem as I grew older?

The primary imagery in the poem is light and dark. The speaker of the poem compares his dream to the sun. Standing between the speaker and the sun are a wall and a shadow, blocking the light of the dream.

What has happened to the poet’s dream?

The poet’s dream was lost, when a wall rose up high between him and his dream, blocking it by a dark shadow. The wall symbolizes difficulties and the discrimination that people who are black face in their lives. The wall is racism and a hurdle between the poet and his bright dream.

What did the poet have a long time ago and what happened to it?

Explanation: The poem starts by elaborating the dream the poet had a long time ago which he barely remembers. Since the poet has a love for nature, the dream begins with a beautiful sunset which is as lovely as the rose. This poem represents the symbolic struggles of African Americans!

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What does the poet compare his dream to?

“Dreams” is a poem written by Langston Hughes. The poem speaks is about the importance of a dream. The poem is composed of two stanzas with four lines each. The poet has metaphorically compared a life without a dream with a bird with broken wings that cannot fly in the first stanza.

How many time frames are used in the poem as I grew older?

The simple vocabulary makes each word important, the themes are clear, and repetitions in the poem create movement. The speaker is the poet himself, telling us about his own personal experience in his life. The setting of the poem is divided into three clear time frames.

Why does the speaker mention using his hands to break through the wall?

Why does the speaker mention using his hands to break through the wall? The speaker’s dream is to achieve racial equality. What is the dream? The effect will be that the speaker will be able to achieve his goals and dreams.

Why does the speaker lie down in the shadow?

Answer: The poet lies down beside the shadow which means he feels defeated and helpless. … The poet wants to break the wall and shatter the darkness that is keeping him from attending his dream. He wants to break the shadow into thousand lights of sun and thousands of whirling dreams.

What prevent the light of the dream from shining on him?

Answer: The wall is a shadow. The speaker proclaims, “I am black.” He lies down in the shadows, which prevent the light of the dream from shining on him.

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