Your question: Do George and Lennie achieve their dream?

What happens to George and Lennie’s dream?

George, Lennie and Candy’s dream is to own their own piece of land to work and live independently on. This dream is destroyed by Lennie’s ignorance and Lennie’s strength, which he cannot control.

Do you think George and Lennie will achieve their dream?

George and Lennie are not destined to attain their dream, and it is simply imaginative thinking that helps them get through their rough lives. In John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie’s dream of owning their own place is not realistic, but a wishful hope for the future.

Why cant George and Lennie fulfill their dreams?

George and Lennie’s dream is impossible once Lennie has killed Curley’s wife. Without Lennie, George cannot envision himself carrying on, and he realises that the dream was never really possible. This represents the hopelessness of men like them.

How does George and Lennie’s dream finally become a reality?

Here, Candy asks if he can join in George and Lennie’s plan to own a small farm, ultimately turning their dream into a possible reality since he has money to contribute. … The dream farm now symbolizes the same hope and light to Candy as it has in the past to George and Lennie.

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Why is crooks dream important?

Crooks’ American Dream consists of his being a part of George and Lennie’s plan to buy their own ranch. This will give Crooks the opportunity for more freedom and dignity, something he desperately lacks in his present situation.

Why does George shoot Lennie?

George killed Lennie, because Candy told George he wished he would have shot his own dog, Lennie killed Curley’s wife, the puppie, and the mouse, and the lynch mob would have done worse things to Lennie. … The dog can hardly walk and Lennie has some trouble moving around.

Why does George give up his dream?

George always sensed that the dream wouldn’t happen because of the trouble Lennie got into. However, it was the dream that kept George and Lennie together and kept them going forward. Without a such a dream, George could not have continued to keep up with Lennie because of all the trouble he caused.

What is George’s dream life without Lennie?

George’s dream of living without Lennie is similar to his dream of owning his own estate. In George’s mind, a life without Lennie would be carefree and fun. However, the reality of the situation would be depressing, lonely, and difficult.

What is Slim’s dream?

He aspires for the men he works with to be treated fairly and to be validated, as seen in how he rallies to Lennie’s defense in his fight with Curley. His dreams are not illusions that are challenging to materialize.

Why does candy regret killing his dog?

Candy regrets allowing Carlson to kill his dog and feels like he should have been the person to put it out of its misery. Candy had owned the dog since it was a puppy and formed a close bond with his pet. He feels bad about letting a stranger kill his dog when he was so close to it throughout its life.

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What did crooks forget?

“The gate banged” is all Candy replies. He tells Crooks that the woman should not have talked to him as she did, but Crooks simply replies “dully,” “It wasn’t nothing…. You guys comin’ in an’ settin’ made me forget. What she says is true.” Not long after this, George enters and finds Lennie in Crooks’s room.