You asked: Is Quackity dead in dream SMP?

Who is canonically dead in the Dream SMP?

Plays two characters. Mexican Dream is canonically dead. Plays as the main character on Tales from the SMP.

Is the Dream SMP scripted?

Some of it is scripted and planned out, driving a larger story, but many of the reactions and circumstances are totally improvised. Like a television show or cinematic universe, Dream SMP found its audience through a series of never-ending epic battles.

How much does Quackity make a year?

Earnings as a Youtuber

According to our calculations, Quackity makes the most money from his main and his secondary channel. His main channel nets him around $18.9k a month, and $226k a year. His second channel generates around $25.5k every month, and around $309k a year.

Where does Quackity come from?

What happened in Dream SMP?

Dream SMP member Sapnap had begun the pet war by killing Nihachu’s pet fox as well Fundy’s enderman. Niki got hurt and sought revenge. With Tommy’s help, he stole Sapnap’s two pet fish, Beckerson and Mars, and with the help of Fundy, killed one of Sapnap’s foxes.

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