What kind of a world does the poet dream of?

What kind of a world does the poet dream of in where the mind is without fear?

In “Where the Mind Is Without Fear,” Rabindranath Tagore dreams of the kind of country that is a “heaven of freedom,” committed to truth, lacking in fear, and filled with courage and healthy pride. This country will allow knowledge to be free, follow reason, and strive toward perfection.

What kind of world does the poet want?

It is clear that the poet wants to escape from the restlessness and business of urban life. He wishes to seclude himself in the serene and tranquil world of nature where there would no sign of industrialization and modernity.

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What kind of world does the poet want us to imagine and dream about how will this be different from the world in which we live now?

the poet is depicting a world where there is no discrimination by law,,, where we are allowed to live freely without any restraints and freedom is practiced… where there is no say to the advanced technology replicating it with the heavenly God of nature at it’s best!

Who wishes to awaken the country?

Tagore wishes that ‘my Father’ would waken the country. The question is from the poem ‘Where the mind is without fear’, by Rabindranath Tagore. The poem was written during the times when Indians were hoping for British rule in India to come to an end.

What qualities does the poet expect in his countrymen?

The qualities that the poet wants to see in his countrymen are fearlessness, self-dignity, knowledge, truthfulness, diligence, rationality and a broad mind. These qualities are required if they are to enjoy their country’s freedom to the fullest.

How does the poet want to escape?

While the poet is celebrating his new found happiness in the nightingale’s song, he is thrown into much deeper thought. … The poet wishes to escape from all these. He wishes to fly away to the bird and drown himself in the ecstasy of its humming.

What does the poet want us to do now?

The poet wants us to keep quiet and still and not move our arms and legs too much in the poem, Keeping Quiet. This will give us the time to introspect over our actions and also help to create a feeling of mutual understanding among human beings.

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Who does the poet want to live for?

Why does the poet show a preference for living with the animals? Ans. The poet says that it is better to live with animals as they show tokens of goodness.

How does the poet want to see the world?

The poet dreams of a world where there will be no war. In his dream, he saw people signing a document against warfare. … The poet longs to see the world impose a ban on guns and swords. This was a strange dream that he had.

What kind of life does the poet want to live?

Poet longs to lead a solitary, peaceful and quiet life. He wants to live a life away from the hectic schedule, hustle bustle and madness of cities. He wishes to go to Innisfree which is his boyhood daunt.

Why does the poet fly out of the universe?

The poet flies out of the universe to meet the creator.

Why does the poet say let my country awake?

By saying “let my country awake”, the poet prays to the Almighty (my Father) to raise or lift (awake) his country to such heights where freedom would be realized at its best (a heaven of freedom).

What does the poet mean by my country awake?

The poet requests god to awake his country into a place where people don’t follow outdated customs in the names of traditions. The mind should be free but in a positive way. A free mind can be beautiful and harmless. Dead habits are not useful for individuals or society.

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What does the poet pray for?

The poet prays to the Almighty for a ‘heaven of freedom’ for his country where people would be fearless, knowledgeable, truthful, dignified, hard-working, logical and broadminded.