What is Willy’s dream for retirement?

What were Willy’s dreams and why didn’t he achieve them?

He will be able to walk into any location and be recognized and admired. Willy believes that the key to achieving this success is to make connections in his travels. However, Willy fails to achieve this version of the American Dream because he betrays his true nature in his pursuit of it.

What are Willys expectations for Biff?

Willy believes that since Biff is physically fit, handsome, and athletically talented, he can automatically attain success as an adult. Despite Biff’s numerous failures as an adult, Willy still believes that his son can attain wealth and success by going into business with Happy and moving to Florida.

Do the Lomans get the insurance money?

In the play’s final act, Willy does manage to kill himself, supposedly so the insurance money could be used to help Biff achieve some successful business venture. … If the insurance claim was upheld, then they could have profitted financially from his death.

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What was wrong about Willy’s dreams?

Willy dreamed of getting rich quick through sales rather than developing his gifts through hard work and gaining expertise. His delusions about “easy money” left him unsuccessful and unfulfilled.

What is Willy’s dream did he have the wrong dream?

However Willy’s perception of this dream was warped and therefore the rest of his dreams turned out wrong. His version of the American dream was to be able to achieve success and wealth through being well liked and popular, and not through hard work and skill.

Why did Biff fail in his life?

Failure 3: Biff can’t seem to find a job that suits him, and although things were going well for him in Texas, he panicked because the job he had as a farmhand wasn’t the kind of job Willy expected him to have. … Biff failed to fulfill Willy’s expectations, and that makes him a complete failure in his father’s eyes.

Is Biff Willy’s son?

Biff Loman

Willy’s thirty-four-year-old elder son. Biff led a charmed life in high school as a football star with scholarship prospects, good male friends, and fawning female admirers.

Why did Biff go to jail?

Biff states that he has stolen himself out of every job since high school and that during the three-month period when he was completely out of touch with his family he was, in fact, in prison for stealing a suit.

Who is older Biff or happy?

Harold “Happy” Loman: Willy’s younger son. He has lived in the shadow of his older brother Biff most of his life and seems to be almost ignored, but he still tries to be supportive toward his family.

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What is the secret of Bernard’s success?

Nerdy though he was, Bernard was always looking out for Biff, helping him with his homework and showing concern when Biff failed math. Bernard, who once idolized Biff, ends up with a happy and successful life. Of course, success for Bernard has nothing to do with being handsome or popular.

Who is Jenny in the death of a salesman?

In the play Death of a Salesman, Jenny is the secretary of Willy’s Loman’s next-door neighbor, Charley.

Why is Willy’s sacrifice ironic?

Willy’s plan to commit suicide is ironic because Willy has been governed by his need for acceptance from an absent father. His plan will absent him from his own son and cause Biff to hate him.

Who is responsible for Willy’s death?

There really isn’t one person who is to blame for Willy’s death. There are a combination of factors that led Willy to kill himself. Willy was consumed with his own conception of the American dream; the play chronicles his sprialing downfall.

What is ironic about Willy’s death?

Willy’s death is ironic because he fails to accomplish his cherished goals of domestic happiness and professional success. At the end of the play, we learn that the only people who attend Willy’s funeral are his immediate family and Charley, his neighbor. No one else shows up, not even Willy’s boss Howard.