What does the poet recall in his dreams in the poem rain on the roof ‘?

What does the poet recall in his dreams in the poem rain on the roof ‘?

The poet dreams about his mother and the way she used to tuck him in bed. The poet’s dream of his mother reminds him of his childhood days. His mother used to tell stories to lull him into sleep full of dreams.

What does the poet dream of in the poem I have a dream?

The poet says that he dreams of a world where no man will ever tease or discriminate against other men. The other men are no other but the Blacks. They will be treated like Whites. … In this stanza, the poet expresses his desire for freedom from discrimination, love and peace.

What does poet recall when it rains?

When the poet is in his cottage and lies in his cozy bed listening to the soft music of rain on the roof, his mind is flooded with memories of his mother. He recalls his childhood. During the pattering sound of the rain falling on the roof, the memory of his mother haunts the poet.

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What does the poet dream of while listening to the rain?

while listening to the sound of the rain falling on the roof,the poet dreamt of several fancies. He was lost in recollecting his old memories. He dreamt of his mother who paid attention to her children before leaving them in the morning. The poet felt as if his mother was still looking at him in a loving manner.

What is the main theme of the poem rain on the roof?

What is the main theme of the poem rain on the roof? Answer: The theme of the poem is the healing power of rain. The musical sound of raindrops falling on the rooftop at night has the ability to revive sweet memories and rouse fancies in an otherwise busy mind.

What does the poet mean by melancholy darkness?

Answer: “Melancholy darkness” refers to the dark rain bearing clouds. The poet imagines that the clouds covering the sky are gloomy and depressed because they are heavy and grey. The poet further imagines that the clouds are weeping and their tears are falling down as rain drops.

What is the message of the poem I Dream a World?

Themes. Throughout this poem, Hughes engages with themes of freedom and joy. The poet looks into the future and envisions a utopian version of his world. There, men and women do not battle against greed, avarice, or racism.

What message does the poet want to convey through the poem I Dream a World?

Answer: The poet wants to convey through the poem a message of love, peace, freedom and no racial discrimination among the people.

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What is the dream of poet?

Dream of a Poet is a Timed Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be received from Yura south of the Armu Farm, leaning against the backside of the houses, in Colony 6. If Shulk is in the active party, he will comment. This quest and The Melody of Happiness are mutually exclusive.

How does the poet describe the rain?

In the poem, the poet describes the rain to have descended from the heaven as if been delivered to the nature by the hands of God. … The poet calls the Rain a messenger of mercy between the field and the clouds (two lovers).

Why does the poet compare rain drops to tears?

The rain drops are compared to tears in the poem rain on the roof. He says that the rain mirrors his emotions and it seems like the tears are coming out from human eyes. The poet is feeling sad due to the darkness. The sound of rainfall brings the memories of his childhood in his brain.