Quick Answer: What was Willy’s dream?

What was Willy’s American Dream?

Willy Loman’s version of the American dream is one in which athletic success, popularity, financial success, and being well-known and respected in a community loom large. House ownership, having a successful nuclear family, and an illusion of being “independent” or “one’s own man” are also part of this ideal.

What were Willy’s dreams and why didn’t he achieve them?

He will be able to walk into any location and be recognized and admired. Willy believes that the key to achieving this success is to make connections in his travels. However, Willy fails to achieve this version of the American Dream because he betrays his true nature in his pursuit of it.

What was the problem with Willy’s dreams?

A fundamental problem with Willy’s dream of becoming a successful salesman was that the dream didn’t have anything to with liking or having an affinity for sales. To Willy, selling was simply an easy way to get rich quick.

What did Biff mean when he said that his father had the wrong dreams?

Therefore, when Biff says that Willy has the wrong dreams all along he basically expressed how his father never takes the time to explore what he is good at and essentially goes after the success dreams of other men who do make it rich.

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What is ironic about Willy’s death?

Willy’s death is ironic because he fails to accomplish his cherished goals of domestic happiness and professional success. At the end of the play, we learn that the only people who attend Willy’s funeral are his immediate family and Charley, his neighbor. No one else shows up, not even Willy’s boss Howard.

What is ironic about Linda’s wondering why no one came to the funeral?

What is ironic about Linda’s wondering why no one came to the funeral? Throughout the play, Linda was the only character who consistently knew the truth. She knew that Willy’s sales never equaled his claims. Of all people, she should be least surprised that no one would attend the funeral.