Question: What happened at the festival dream SMP?

When did the dream SMP Festival take place?

October 13-14, 2020

Ponk builds his fifth lemon tree out of spruce wood with leafy platforms next to Party Island, as an attraction for the Manberg Festival. As previously instructed by Schlatt, Fundy begins decorating Manberg for the upcoming festival.

What date was the Manberg festival?

This year our annual event will take place on December 18-20th, 2020!

When did l Manberg get blown up?

L’Manberg War on August 2, 2020. It was reformed as Manberg on September 22, 2020, but was restored on November 16, 2020. It was destroyed and permanently disbanded on January 6, 2021.

Is Addison Rae joining Dream SMP?

What is going on?”. Since then, Twitter has been speculating whether she will officially be part of the squad. But there has been no confirmation or any content of her playing with the members, so for now, she has not been announced to be joining Dream SMP.

Does Philza have a son?

Sometime in the 1970’s, Philza got “down and dirty” with the Unnamed Samsung Smart Fridge, giving birth to Wilbur, his son, Wilbur exchanged letters with Phil about his time on the server.

Is Dream SMP over?

The finale of a TV show almost always generates many views, and that holds true with Twitch viewership for big reveals and community events, such as the Dream SMP. Today marked the “end” of the Dream SMP Minecraft server, a server that featured many of the biggest content creators and streamers on YouTube and Twitch.

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What is Technoblades Trident called?

Technoblade spent the next few weeks building a fearsome arsenal, which included new technologies such as a firework rocket launcher, a Riptide trident, and six wither skulls.

Did Wilbur leave Dream SMP?

When Dream questioned what was going on, he explained that they were removing themselves from the Dream SMP. … He requested for Dream to acknowledge their independent status, and when Dream explained that they would be taxed on the remainder of the Dream SMP, Wilbur agreed to the terms.

Why did Nihachu burn the Mantree?

For revenge on what he did to her flag, she burnt it down before being killed herself, Fundy ended up rebuilding the flag differently much to her disgust.