Best answer: What did his wife dream about in the story?

What did Aksionov wife dream about?

Wife’s dream:

She dreamt that Aksionov had returned from the town with grey hair. Grey hair is a symbol of bad omen. So she feared and tried to stop him from going to the Nizhny fair.

What can be the meaning of his wife’s dream class 11?

What can be the meaning of his wife’s dream? ➜ The meaning of his wife dream can be a sign of bad omen. In her dream, she had seen her husband returning his town with grey hair. She became quite afraid of her husband. She supposed the dream as a sign of evil.

What does Aksionov’s wife think that her dream about Aksionov’s GREY hair means in God Sees the Truth, But Waits?

His wife thinks that the dream about Aksionov’s grey hair means he is wise and righteous. His wife thinks that the dream about Aksionov’s grey hair means he will live a long and happy life.

How does Aksionov undergo a spiritual transformation?

In “God Sees the Truth, But Waits” by Leo Tolstoy, religion plays a significant role in Aksionov’s life, and Aksionov undergoes a spiritual transformation in prison after being falsely arrested for the murder of another merchant. He realizes that only God can know the truth and turns to prayer for solace.

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What dream Aksionov’s wife saw a night before?

Ivan Aksionov’s wife’s dream is a premonition of the terrible fate that awaits him. In her nightmare, she dreams that when he returns from the fair, he will have gray hair. This could be interpreted as meaning that Ivan will be separated from his wife, and will only be able to return to her when he’s old and gray.

What did Aksionov wife See answer?

Aksionov’s wife fainted as she saw him in chains and wearing the dress of a prisoner and shut within the jail along with other criminals and thieves. Explanation: The story titled ‘God Sees the Truth, But Waits’ is the story authored by popular Russian author Leo Tolstoy.

What bad habit did Aksionov have before his marriage?

Before he got married and settled down, Aksionov was something of an alcoholic. His drinking would often get him into trouble, as it would cause him to engage in riotous behavior.

What did Aksionov realize at the end of the story?

Aksionov realizes that forgiveness is the path to peace. In the story, Aksionov suffers in prison for twenty-six years. Coincidentally, the man who is responsible for his unenviable situation ends up in the same prison as him.

How did the prisoners treat Aksionov?

The other prisoners treat Aksionov with respect, as they recognize in his humility and piousness a kind of dignity in spite of the harsh conditions of the prison.