How do you use teleporter pyramids in Divinity 2?

Can you use teleporter pyramid in combat?

Re: Teleporter Pyramid Bug? You can also use if for combat. Scoundrel can stealth and throw the pyramid right next to a soft target, then warrior activate the pyramid to start combat without wasting AP on movement.

How do you use the teleporter in dos2?

When the gloves are equipped, you press on an item or NPC (does not work on yourself), then press on another spot to teleport. So, first you mark the target, then the location where to teleport the target. You might be using a character that unlocked teleportation from a skillbook.

Where are the yellow and green teleporter pyramid?

The first two (red and blue) are stored on the Lady Vengeance, in Dallis’ cabin. The next (yellow) is found in Rykers House. The final pyramid (green) is located on Bloodmoon Island.

Where is the green pyramid Divinity 2?

A Green Teleporter Pyramid is located in the Tenebrium chest next to the Unusual Blade.

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What do you do with a teleporter pyramid?

You can throw a pyramid on the ground and teleport to it later. If you need to escape from a dungeon, place a pyramid where you’re standing, then use the Waypoint Portals to leave. Then when you’re ready to return, you can just teleport straight to the pyramid by using the one in your inventory.

How do you get to Bloodmoon island without dying?

Re: How to get to bloodmoon island without dying? Go to the broken bridge and use spirit vision to see the part of the bridge that are invisible. Then fly or teleport toward the island using those platform.

What happens if you teleport Gawin?

If you teleported Gawin down to the beach, you are still able to find his dead body in Kniles the Flenser’s torture chamber to loot.

Can you teleport yourself dos2?

Based on the walkthrough, I missed out on getting teleportation skill book almost entirely and teleportation gloves are the only method of teleporting for me. That’s an issue because you can’t self-teleport anywhere and you have to give gloves to another party member.

Where do you learn teleport in dos2?


  • Available starting from level 4.
  • Gawin at Fort Joy Ghetto (Fort Joy)
  • Gratiana at Amadia’s Sanctuary (Fort Joy)
  • Trader Ovis at Driftwood (Reaper’s Coast)
  • Elf Stormchanter at Reaper’s Coast elf camp.
  • Almira at Paradise Downs (Reaper’s Coast), Lady Vengeance (Nameless Isle), Hall of Echoes (Arx)

How do you make a teleporter pyramid?

The Teleporter Pyramids is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest is acquired and completed when you speak to Zixzax after speaking with the Weaver Of Time on your first visit to the End Of Time. Zixzax gives you a rift travel device. When you return to Cyseal, Arhu will be waiting for you.

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How do you help the possessed child in Divinity 2?

Find the possessed girl near the harbor in Arx Outskirts. Talk to her/the demon and learn that she no longer knows her name. Find the girl’s true name (Iris) in the school. Use her true name to force the demon out of her.

How do you open the statues on Bloodmoon Island?

There are 3 sculptures on Bloodmoon Island. In order to activate them, you will need to read a book called “The Taming of the Holy Fire”. This book is called “Ornate Hymnal” before you decipher it, and you can find one from these places: Inside Jahan’s house.