How do you get to the shipwreck in Divinity 2?

How do I get to the shipwreck in Divinity 2?

To reach the shipwreck shore, you need to go through the wrecker’s cave. In wrecker’s cave, finally after defeating Mordus, go straight to find a cave exit that leads to shipwreck shore location. You will find wreckage of peacemaker. Enter into in through a hatch.

How do you get to Mordus cave?

If you teleport your entire team on the beach that is next to the shipwreck and enter The Wreckers Cave from this side then you will be able to face Mordus immediately.

How do you get the compass in Divinity 2?

Ablewether will mark the location of her compass on your map. When you travel there, you need to teleport one of your companions to open the hatch. Inside the cargo, you will find the compass, but it’s surrounded by deathfog, you need an undead character to retrieve it, or by using the Teleport spell.

What happens if you eat the Voidwoken heart?

If you want more Source, eat the Voidwoken heart which he will offer you. If you force him to tell you who exactly he’s afraid of (who is his master?), he will be ripped apart. Report your findings to Lohar: He will give you a key for a reward.

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How do you use teleporter pyramids in Divinity 2?

You can throw a pyramid on the ground and teleport to it later. If you need to escape from a dungeon, place a pyramid where you’re standing, then use the Waypoint Portals to leave. Then when you’re ready to return, you can just teleport straight to the pyramid by using the one in your inventory.

How do you deal with the death of fog?

Death fog lingers in the air. So what you want to do is to create steam. My way was to use a water arrow and follow with a fire arrow. This removed the death fog, ever so slowly.