It was December 26, 2004. I was relaxing by a warm fire, enjoying memories of a pleasant Christmas Day and mulling over what to write in my New Year's Message. I was thinking that by God's Grace the voting citizens of United States had held back and hopefully had transmuted some of the ungodly energies that were directed at the country during the time of the 2004 Presidential election process. And that by that same Grace, the people of Florida had survived four massive hurricanes.

I was grateful that the world at large had come through 2004 relatively unscathed. The terrorist situation in Iraq was ugly still but there were real possibilities of a positive outcome, as Iraqis awaken to those possibilities and step forward to take advantage of the help they are receiving and en masse, join the fight for their freedom and embrace a new way of life.

Yes, I thought, there were hopeful signs.

Then I turned on the television only to see that a large portion of Asia had just been devastated by a huge earthquake....

One news report said, "Quake rattles Earth's orbit....changes map of Asia'.

It went on to describe how an earthquake had unleashed deadly tidal waves on Asia so powerful that it made the Earth wobble on its axis and was thought to have permanently altered the regional map. A 9.0 temblor had struck southeast of Sumatra that Sunday morning. It was estimated that the tsunamis that followed will leave at least 100,000 people dead in eight countries across Asia and as far as Somalia in East Africa...and the article went on to say that that number of dead didn't begin to describe the devastation in lives from other causes....and that little was left of all that makes up the life of the people in those countries...and how those still standing must now step forward to take care of their dead and dying and begin to rebuild their countries and lives. And that it will take years.

The Planet had just experienced a catastrophic event of 'prophesied' proportions. Certainly some of my worst life long intuitions were being played out before me on TV. Where I lived it was a quiet Sunday morning, the last few days of the year 2004. Now I wondered what would be next....was all this part of the global clean-up ordained by the Cosmic Directors of the Planet? Are massive hurricanes and destructive tsunamis a call to action?

 And I knew it was time for me to talk about 'karma'.


In 1998 and '99 I  was intuiting major catastrophes that would devastate cities or large areas of the Planet. I was aware of the general prophecy about the end of the millennium and hoped I was imagining. At that time I thought I might be emotionally tapping into the problems predicted around the idea of the Y2K computer meltdown.

Additionally, I was aware of modern Spiritual Teaching that speaks of the 'return in our time of all planetary karma', both ancient and modern. This return or descent of what I call 'dirty energy' speaks to the process where each Lifestream (Body and Soul) voluntarily or otherwise, reclaims and cleans up any Energy which that one was responsible for lowering in vibration. This transmuting, raising Process was begun two thousand years ago under the Direction of the Great Lord we know as 'Jesus'....and the completion date of the cleanup is said to be 2012. Two thousand years ago it was hoped (by the Spiritual Hierarchy) that if enough of mankind of that time, understood and willingly implemented the Cosmic Instruction brought in by 'Jesus', the most tragic karmic events looming on the horizon could be avoided.

 Those who study history have read how the Teaching of Jesus was  distorted to suit the times...and how the new Christic Spirituality that was hoped for was delayed. But on the plus side, through all the centuries since, all the human distortions employed by the ungodly actions of certain of mankind, were not sufficient to put out the Christ Light of God that He ignited on this Planet and in the Hearts of those who accepted His Instruction and acted upon It. Wherever there are churches and people of any Nation or Faith, invoking His Name and acting on His Words, the Christ Light continues to shine and to expand. 

Now, sadly the people of Asia have just experienced a horrible planetary tragedy...one wonders if this happens because there isn't enough Protective Light in the Life of Nations and people...the Power of  Light that is needed to hold back destructive karmic forces, natural or manmade.

At a time like this, we have the opportunity and responsibility to call to all the Greater Powers of Light asking that Cosmic Help be blazed forth to assist all those Souls on Earth who have lost their physical bodies in this Asian disaster. We must ask that Legions of Angels come out of the Heavens to take each individual Soul into Those Higher Planes where they can be helped to understand what has happened to them....why it happened and how they can move forward in their Soul growth, strengthened by this unusual experience. We must ask that no one be left trapped in astral planes, wandering around, looking for answers. Many Souls....both those who perished and those who were spared....desperately need assistance at this time. And while we are at it, we can apply this Prayer for Cosmic Assistance to any and all other Souls who may be trapped in the lower Earth planes at this time. Many do not know where they are or why, and not knowing, they do not know how to make the Call to God for help.


For those who do not know, the term, 'karma' identifies Energy that was or is being mis-spent or is Energy that is evolutionary in Its Purpose to move Life along to Its next appointed or destined place. Karmic energy is very real. If not addressed it can bring destruction or despair....especially in the lives of those who have, in the past or who are now, filling their daily lives with activity that denigrates or destroys 'the goodness and beauty that God hath wroth'....wherever or however it exists.

I do not need to list those little and big human and inhuman thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words that denigrate Godness and destroy Life. We all know what they are....

And all Energy that has been mis-used in any way, is karmic and must be redeemed by its owner.

Because of all I was feeling in the late 1990s about what the future might hold for some or all of us, I felt compelled to try to awaken people to the need, not only to prepare themselves to survive whatever karmic events might be waiting to unfold....but in the process, and as well, to prepare themselves to begin to evolve with the current Cosmic Scheme....hopefully, preparing themselves to step beyond the current humanistic stage into a Plane of Consciousness that accepts the Christic Mind-set that is being spread before humanity at this time. 

Thus, in 1999, I began to write and later record Essays in which I wrote all that I am saying here. Those words went out via the radio waves over the greater San Francisco, California area with my Blessing and with the Hope they would awaken those with 'eyes to see and ears to hear' the Call to arise and go unto the Father with prayers and decrees for the protecting of the people and Planet....because all 'signs' were pointing to planetary and human unrest of many types. 

Now I again send out these thoughts via the Website....because, events like this current disaster in Indonesia and surrounding countries may be just the tip of the karmic iceberg unless humanity, wakes up and calls to God, in whatever way they know God, and asks for Divine Intervention. Humanity, and that is all of us, must understand what may have to be faced as 'karma' plays itself out on this Planet between now and whenever the people of the world turn away from human nonsense and downright evil behavior and begin to move God-ward.


Our job, individually, is to become Spiritually Aware. The first step is always to ask for Forgiveness for any action we have ever engaged in that has caused the fog of human ignorance to increase around us...and from us to expand out into the world and thus affect negatively everyone who comes in contact with it.

Then as we experience a Heightened State of Awareness, we ask for Divine Illumination and Guidance. That Request opens the Door to Ideas of Peace. The Upward Path always begins with the Desire for Peace, which leads us to becoming personally peaceful.....to becoming 'Lights unto the world'. With every peaceful, loving thought, compassionate feeling or action, our Heart Flame expands. It is a small Spark at first, but in time, becomes a Gigantic Flame of Christ Light that expands out, flooding the Earth with the Light of God that never fails. Our expanding Light may be all it takes to transmute some particular karmic event into something constructive rather than destructive. Perhaps, one day, we can supply enough 'Power of Light' to hold back karmic forces, natural or manmade that might otherwise devastate an area such as we are witnessing in the Indonesia area.

We never know ahead of time, how we can serve the Higher or Greatest Good. Our job is simply to quietly prepare ourselves.  

We are in one of those times when the Power we call 'God' is (again) removing all that is less than 'Godly' from the Planet. We have entered that 'time' when the 'the Earth must be prepared for the meek, the Christed Ones, who are to inherit the Earth'.

Since none of us know what we may have done in the past....and even assuming we are trying to lead constructive lives today....there are very few of us who do not believe we have some Energy clean-up to attend to, Body and Soul.

It was with that thought in mind, after finishing the writing and recording the Essays in 2001, work was begun on this Website in order to elaborate on these Ideas and offer more Information....again with the Hope that it will serve those who are 'sensing' what I sense about the future. But more than that,  it is for those who may be ready to Walk the Path to Higher Ground.

So, now Dear Friends, again we enter

the 'stream of Energy' meant for our use in the New Year.

Again, let us take a moment to pour out our Love

in gratitude to each Master Being and Angel Presence

 Who gave so generously and so graciously of His or

Her Radiation during the Year 2004 and Who continue to love us

 and to enfold each one of us

in Their Light of God That Never Fails.


 If we will add the Energy of our 'I AM' Christ Selves to Their

 Energy we can share in enfolding every Lifestream in the

 Miracle Mantles of our 'I AM' Presence and that of the

Beloved Ascended and Angelic Guides and Teachers. 

Again, in entering into the Energy of a New Year, we must be

 aware that we are accepting the Challenges but also the Gifts

of the Year 2005...which is a 'seven year'....

I see it as a year in which we will be asked to open to our

 own 'I AM' Christed Godness.

It is the time when a Cosmic Door will be held open

for us. If we choose to walk through that Open Door we will

experience the Descent of the Holy Christ Spirit into our

 physical lives. Cosmic Christness is being lowered into this

dimension from High Powerful Octaves of Light.

 We have only to prepare the Sacred Chalices into which It can

 be poured and then accept It and use It to serve God's World.

This is the year to become Fully Conscious of and Consecrated

to the Missions of the fully present Christed Self.

The Soul no longer a Child. But a God Flame,

capable of doing the Work of the Creator on Earth.

This is what the Instruction of the Lord Jesus and all the

 Lords of Life have been preparing us to do.  

Thus, we are able to participate

 in the Outpouring of the Cosmic Energy for the New Year.

We can consciously expand Our Love to all Life, making That

 Love so powerful, that all Earth is Illumined

 and karmic Energy that might have caused further

 tragedies is now raised to a Higher Vibration,

becoming, instead a Blessing to all Life.

Let us then, Body and Soul, walk beside the Ascended

and Angelic Beings with the desire to assist Them

 as They work to secure Peace on Earth.

May God Bless you all!

And may your New Year be happy.

Lois Crawford

December 28, 2004


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