Dear Friends,
As we enter the 'stream of Energy' that is the New Year
Let us take a moment to pour out our Love
in gratitude to each Master Being and Angel Presence
 Who gave so generously and so graciously
of His or Her Radiation during the Year 2003

always remembering

how They love us and continue to enfold each one of us

in the Light of God That Never Fails.
 Now let us add our Life Energy to Theirs
  and share in enfolding every Lifestream in the Miracle Mantles
 of the Beloved Ascended  and Angelic Guides and Teachers.
We are entering into a New Year that brings with it
Challenges but also brings the Gifts of the Year 2004...a 'six year'....
a year in which we will be asked to focus on the perfecting of
our 'human nature'....
readying each physical self to
welcome the Descent of the Holy Christ Spirit,
which is being lowered from High Octaves of Light
into the Sacred Chalices that are preparing for Its Arrival.
Each One becoming Fully Consecrated  to the Missions
of the Incoming Christed Self.
The Soul no longer a Child.
 But Spirit  grown to full Stature,
capable of doing the Work of the Creator on Earth.
Let us then participate in the outpouring of the Energy for the New Year
by expanding Our Love to all, so powerfully, that all Earth is Illumined.
A Special Blessing is invoked for all who are drawn to
study and apply the
Instruction of the Blessed Ascended Ones of Light
with the 'intent' of securing Peace on Earth.
God Bless you all!
Lois Crawford
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