In previous articles I have described how in 1986 I woke up from a frightening dream in which cities were burning and people were rioting and/or running for their lives and a Voice telling me the city where we were living at the time would not be safe in the future and suggesting that we move to a more rural area.

Fortunately we took that Advice and have since created for ourselves a very satisfying rural life style.

And fortunately we knew that by our blazing the Cosmic Christ Violet Consuming Flame into everything, everywhere....into  everybody in all circumstances we could then and can now aid in cleaning up all negative energy....cleaning up that Pure Clean God-given Energy that has been lowered in vibration by humanity....that soiled energy that is  the cause  of human misery.

We knew we could participate in restoring God-Balance and God-Purity on Earth.

 And today we know it cannot come too soon.

 I believe many of us  understand this....and believe that is the reason for our  

being here at this time.


So now it's 2016

AND WE ASK, 'How best can we help today?

So let's think about this.


To begin with we must continue to prepare ourselves, body and Souls to survive the chaos of our time. The planet, itself, is being prepared to overcome all the junk human nature has thrown at it for eons of time and it may be messy for a while.

Our job of the day, each one of us, is to become more Spiritually Aware, asking first for Forgiveness for any action less than God-like. always reaching upward for Divine Illumination and Guidance....remember, 'Ask and we shall receive'.

We are learning to go Soul-ward into the Heavenly Blue Yonder...we are in training for Life that is evolving within a New Cycle....and we can either go with it or be left behind.

Let's think about this..

each one us who understands the needs of the hour

 is here on an important Mission....

And the Mission is to call forth Cosmic Christ Power

 For Cosmic Power is what is needed to contain the hordes of evil. Now, one day, we may individually be powerful enough to supply the 'Power of Light' needed to hold back karmic forces, natural or manmade that might otherwise devastate an area such as we today (2016) are witnessing in warring areas of the planet...so much tragedy is unfolding in so many places and before the eyes of the people....but for now we, none of us alone, is Powerful enough to stop this.

For up to now our job has been to prepare ourselves, waiting to be shown the Ways to offer our Service. More and more it has seemed to me that this may be one of those times when the Power we call 'God' is (again) planning to remove that which is less than 'Godly' from the Planet.....that it may be we have entered that 'time' when the Earth is being prepared for the 'meek', for the Christed Ones, for those who are ready, to inherit the Earth'.

 This may be the Time to add the Energy of our Christ Selves to that of the Ascended Ones Who will gratefully accept It and expand It....allowing us to do our part to enfold every Lifestream in the Miracle Mantle of Cosmic Christ Love...finally, we are accepting the Challenges we face and are doing something about it....and in the Process, personally becoming fully open to our own Inner Christed God Power....learning how to use It....using It today to open the Cosmic Door which is being held open for those ready to walk through it.

We too, will have the choice to walk through that Open Door, entering the Dimension where we will experience the more powerful Descent of the Holy Christ Spirit into our physical lives, bringing with It the greater Love, Wisdom and Power of our 'I AM' Presence....and as important, bringing the Light of God that Never Fails into this dimension from High Powerful Octaves of Light. 

We have but to prepare Chalices, a human/Soul Crystal Cup into which this greater Light can be poured....gratefully accept It, expand It and use It to serve God's World. That's how we serve individually....remembering that 'One with God is a Majority!'

This is what the Instruction of the Lord Jesus and all the Great Beings has been all about this past two thousand years....this is what They have been preparing us to do in this New Age. They have been teaching us to participate in the Incoming Powerful Cosmic Energy....teaching us to consciously expand It and share It....making It so Powerful that all of Earth is Illumined and raised to a Higher Vibration....thus dissolving by Love all negative karmic Energy that might have caused further tragedies.

Let us be done with tragedies!

Let us instead, Body and Soul, walk hand in hand, with the Ascended and Angelic Beings Who have come to help us.

  Let our only Desire be to assist Them as They work to secure Peace on Earth.

May God Bless and Assist us in all we do in the Service of Life.

Lois Crawford

March 13, 2016


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