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'Jesus': The Political History

Even as I have struggled to understand the many puzzles of Spiritual Life, I also have questions and a passion to know the Truth about the 'historical facts', surrounding the Life and Times of the One we know as The Christ 'Jesus'.

A gentleman by the name of Glenn Kimball had a similar 'passion'. His is a name familiar to the many, many people who deeply appreciated Glenn's effort to bring a more accurate historical perspective to the 'Jesus Story'. He searched the world over for evidence of the Life of Jesus.

 Sadly, Glenn passed on several years ago and is greatly missed.

We corresponded frequently and over the years of our friendship He allowed

 me to share his scholarship as it suited the efforts I make here....

and I have presented it as it was sent to me, saving a Pathway to the many

 books he offered through his Ancient Manuscript website.

Mr. Glenn Kimball

of 'Ancient Manuscripts' fame


In one of his Newsletters (available to anyone who asked for them) I found the following thoughts of interest.


"All five major religions in the world share one thing in common....a belief in Jesus. The involvement of Christians is easy, though their beliefs are sheltered and highly edited, each in their own way. There were more different Christian religions following the death of Jesus than there are today. This caused several major POLITICAL problems with the survival of Christianity. First of all the question arose whose version of Christianity was most complete? (LJC- or true?) I call the selection process of who had the most complete version of Christianity following the death of Jesus “the war of the libraries”.

  Every faction of Christianity had its own hand written library of documents. The largest of the libraries remained in Egypt and passed through the hands of Origen, Clement and ultimately Arius. However, the most powerful of the surviving bishops were the ones who were closest to the powers of Rome. By the time of the Nicene Counsel when Constantine had formally decided to consolidate Christianity into one group, most of the beliefs and manuscripts supporting various beliefs had been fictionalized too. Therefore, one of the major reasons for the Nicene Counsel was not to collect all the known manuscripts together, but rather to condemn all the manuscripts that survived with Arius in Egypt. Therefore, the northern bishops had won and the southern bishops had been condemned.

The Old Testament had been consolidated under the title of the Septuagint and selected by a delegation of seven high priests from every tribe in Israel in 68 BC. 


The New Testament was organized and selected based on the most popular texts of the libraries of the Northern Bishops, even though many of those manuscripts were not written until almost a hundred years after the death of Jesus. The original manuscripts used by the infant Christian churches, like the collection called "The Only Rule of Our Faith" which contained the whole story of the family of Jesus, were hidden under the cloak called "Something too secret and sacred to be in the hands of the common people" (Apocrypha). In addition the book called "The Teachings of the Apostles" had long been destroyed, though excellent copies were preserved in monasteries on the banks of the Dead Sea and taken ultimately to Persia and China.


The Buddhists have an extremely strong interest in Jesus because of the manuscripts that survived in their libraries and the visits of Jesus to the East during his earlier life. There are two main Buddha figures in Buddhism. One is the original Buddha Dharma who lived in 640 BC and came out of the Brahman traditions. (Brahman traditions are thought today as being the traditions once over lightly of Abraham. Thus the similarity in the name)

The second, and often considered the greatest of the Buddha's is the Buddha  Issa. His teachings and writings survive in our day, including his admissions that he was Jesus, Christ, who had to return to Jerusalem to finish his mission. 


Both of these two books are currently part of a collection of sacred religious texts held by the Dalai Lama. They have about sixty thousand sacred texts in their libraries, unlike the book-burning mentality of the western religions. 

Of course, the great “Issa” is a prominent figure for the Hindu and his image remains in the stain glass windows of India. Jesus visited India during his lifetime on the merchant boats of his great uncle Joseph of Arimathea. Those tales are prominent to this very day. In fact there are those in India who feel that Jesus was taken from the cross alive and finished his mission in India. That is not true because of the largest of the apocryphal books in history.


Jesus was invited to return to India, as recorded in Eusebius. Jesus wrote them a letter recorded in Eusebius, and told them that he would not return, but would rather send another in his place.

Jesus had four brothers and two sisters Matthew 13: 55-56. Thomas' first name was Judas, thus Judas Dydamus Thomas was the one to follow Jesus into India. Thomas and Jesus looked so much alike that Tiberius Caesar called them "His little twins". 


The greatest historian on the life of Jesus in our day, was Raymond E. Brown from Harvard University. He left a huge body of published work on Jesus. 

 Dr. Brown suggests that Tiberius Caesar knew Jesus much better than we imagine. Of course history records in many places that 'Joseph of Arimathea' had been appointed "Noblis Decurio" by Tiberius Caesar and therefore was a close acquaintance of Tiberius.

 Brown says that the reason for the crucifixion of Jesus was a Blackmail scenario from the beginning involving Pontius Pilate, Lucius Sejanus and the famous failed coup attempt against Tiberius by Sejanus. It also involved Annas of Jerusalem, the well know tattle tail of Jesus and his family. 


Of course the Jews still believe that Jesus was the greatest of the Prophets, though they did have their own library following the death of Jesus. Many of those books are fabulous histories unknown to the Christian world. Some of them are Jewish apologies that were used to discredit Jesus. The "Talmud of Immanuel" is one of them. It claims Jesus survived the cross and went back to India. Of course the guys who wrote this book forgot about the survival of the Apocryphal Acts of Thomas and are discredited thereby.

Lastly Islam believes that Jesus is the greatest of all the ancient Prophets. In the Quran there are stories of Jesus and his family that survive in no other place. Mohamed didn't intend to start a religion per se. He was troubled over the growing polytheism in the religious world and wanted to return to a monotheism base of his ancestors. By the time of Mohammed the Christian world had injected so many pagan holidays and beliefs into Christianity that there was justification for Mohamed. The story of Dionysius Ignatius is critical here. He was a devout Scythian Monk who also was responsible for altering the birth and age of Jesus and Christmas day. Dionysius and Mohamed were contemporaries. 

Following the death of Jesus the real scandal took place. Peter was supposedly elevated to that status of the surviving head of the Church. This is not true. the foremost Ivy League scholar on James in the world says in his enormous book, "James the Brother of Jesus"

that James was the leader following the death of Jesus and that the only reason Peter gets mentioned is because Peter was the only contact Rome had with the authority of the church. Peter himself said in "Homilies of Peter" that

"if anyone disagrees with James, including me, they are wrong".

 James sent all the Apostles out on missions and he stayed home as the center of the church. That is the reason we continually find artifacts of the domestic life of James in Jerusalem, when the rest of the Apostles had almost none. This has enormous implications in our day. 

All the books written by and about the family of Jesus are missing. James and Mathew are missing. All the books are missing with one exception, the one written by Thomas. Thomas wrote in the 'Gospel of Thomas' the simple scripture verse 12.

Jesus is asked who would survive him when he was gone. Jesus answered, "My brother James for which reason the Heavens and Earth came into being". Thomas had to be silenced. Jesus had to be portrayed as a poor person who never traveled and whose family was missing. All of that is untrue.

The records of Jesus to the east and Jesus to the west survive in our day.

 It changes the way we will view history forever. 

Glenn Kimball


MARCH 2005: In thinking about Easter this year I am not certain that we all are on the same page with the events from history.  After the death of Jesus there was a serious migration of Christians to the East.  It has long been my contention that they arrived in China in the company of John the Beloved, the best friend and apostle of Jesus.  We now have startling evidence.  Let me quote from the fly leaf of the "Jesus Sutras"


"In 1907, explorers discovered a vast treasure trove of ancient scrolls, silk paintings, and artifacts dating from the fifth to eleventh centuries in a long-sealed cave in a remote region of China.  Among them, written in Chinese, were scrolls that recounted a history of Jesus' Life and Teachings in beautiful Taoist concepts and imagery that were unknown in the west.  These writings told a story of Christianity that was by turns unique...and hopeful and uplifting.  The best way to describe them is with a term they themselves used: The Jesus Sutras. 

This makes my recent offering of the Bee Bible all the more important.  http://www.ancientmanuscripts.com/books/bee_bible.htm
The Bee Bible was used as the scriptures of these Christians who taught their children about Jesus for centuries, like we would use the Bible. 

Another of the Bibles that has been found is used by the Africans.  It is quoted by Graham Hancock in his magnificent work "The Sign and the Seal" 

The only two things missing from his work are, first he doesn't promote the Kebra Nagast (The African Bible)


and secondly he doesn't acknowledge the entire connection between Egypt and Great Britain.  He still thinks that the Arc of the Covenant is in Ethiopia.  That cannot be true.  Jeremiah would never have left the Arc of the Covenant in Ethiopia, though Jeremiah most certainly went there as suggested in the Bible with the Arc in his possession.  Jeremiah had to get out of Ethiopia because of the conflict between the priest of Amun and Pharaoh.  Jeremiah was buried in Ireland. 

The book "Irish Prince Hebrew Prophet" is the proof.  http://www.ancientmanuscripts.com/books/irish_prince_and_hebrew_prophet.htm
The Irish Prince and Hebrew Prophet was Jeremiah. 

 That is why the Templars knew of the Arc of the Covenant.  Their ancestors had seen it. It has been suggested that the Templars returned to Jerusalem to search for the Arc beneath the Temple mound.  That cannot be true.  They knew the Arc went west.  You must all be aware that I believe that the Arc went father west than this.  I will be providing information on that in the future. 

 However, there is a book called "The Temple and the Lodge" http://www.ancientmanuscripts.com/books/temple_and_the_lodge.htm
by the same guys who wrote Holy Blood Holy Grail.


They speak of how the remnants of the Templars consolidated after their disappearance in the 14th century and reappeared in the Americas.  You need to ask yourself why they appeared here in the Americas?  Is that coincidence?  The answer is absolutely not.  Forget for a moment about the Arc.  The traditional ancestors of the Templars came from the Medieval period  The second best book on my site "Holy Kingdom"
gives us the proof that one of the King Arthur’s had a personal stake here in the Americas.  It was his Avalon.  This book contains not only the history but also the pictorial proof of these events. 

 The Americas played a far larger roll in the spiritual life of the entire world.  "He Walked the Americas" has met with rave reviews.  http://www.ancientmanuscripts.com/books/he_walked_the_americas.htm

This is a collection of histories from the Natives themselves of the visitor to the Americas in the first century.  L Taylor Hansen had no religious axe to grind.  She was a professor at Southern California.  Her collection of these traditions is the greatest compilation of ancient texts from the period here in the Americas and will change your mind when it speaks of the ships that came here with huge sails and a mysterious person who walked on the waters to shore, healed their sick, raised their dead and taught the people about the God of the "Morning Star" from the book "Black Elk Speaks" http://www.ancientmanuscripts.com/books/blackelk.htm
This book has been acclaimed as the most spiritual book ever written in the Americas and is in its 26th printing in America and London. 

 Long before the appearance of Jesus the pharaohs of Egypt knew the events that would happen.  "The Hebrew Pharaohs of Egypt" http://www.ancientmanuscripts.com/books/hebrew_pharaohs_of_egypt.htm
knew what was going to happen. 

 This Islamic historian who now lives in England (no surprise) gives us the evidence that at least one of the pharaohs was not Egyptian at all.  This is backed up by Hugh Nibley (who died this last week) is his book "The Ancient State". 


Scholars have for centuries prided themselves in identifying the differences between cultures and suggesting the separateness of theology, government, and cultural practices. Nibley does a masterful job of reuniting the worlds traditions back under one mantle of a core spirituality.

The implication of a core spirituality is that in the beginning we had one belief, on people, one religion, and one God. Nibley leaves out no ancient culture, from the farthest regions to the west and the farthest regions to the east. This is the best collection of evidence that the world was once a single faith and a single people descended from the heroic history outlined in the Bible

  The historians of the world are gifted in specific histories from specific countries, but often cannot see a bigger picture, which obviously binds events together. This isn't speculation. This is merely linking the histories into sequence, as we should have done long ago. 


Lois J Crawford



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