Kolbrin Bible

 Glenn Kimball:  October 2004:

 In recent days I have been involved in something wonderful.  I had one of the good members of the list send me a copy of the Kolbrin Bible.  I was floored.  Let me describe it by suggesting that manuscript people, like myself, are like crime profilers.  We hear echoes of documents that should exist and create scenarios in our minds where discoveries will be made.  For example I have long heard about the existence of copies of the Alexandrian Library of Cleopatra that remain under Islamic control in Turkey.  I have spoken with librarians that have copies of these texts, which have risked everything to let me know about what they have stored in secret vaults.  Someday we may get a chance to see those manuscripts.  It is my opinion from what has been told to me that they are guarded well at this point and still survive.  Thank goodness that there are people who do not believe in book burning.

Now I have found what I think is perhaps the largest step I have taken in my life to date.  It is the discovery of the manuscript that survived the fire in the Abbey of Glastonbury that was deliberately set to destroy this "Bronze Book of Britain". 

 I have long felt, as a manuscript profiler, that we would someday find the Bible of the Magi/Wisemen.  This ancient fraternity from three thousand years before Jesus came to visit him at his birth. They obviously had some manuscripts. 

 I have hoped beyond hope that we would find the Bible of Joseph of Arimathea.  He extended the existing universities in Britain and this is perhaps the only book that comes from that source.  I have heard the prophecies that the Ten Lost Tribes would someday realize who they were and bring a Bible back with them.  The Saxons, and others, came from the north to Britain and brought with them manuscripts and holy writings.  The Kolbrin is the most likely candidate for each of these texts.  Could there be any greater discovery in our day?

Many of you have asked me if I knew where the text of the Lost Ten Tribes might be.  I have long told some of you that the book was right in front of our eyes and that someday we would find it.  I now have a copy translated into English.  I immediately contacted those who had published the copy in my possession.  I have been in discussions with them for the publishing rights in America.  I have made them an offer that will be hard to refuse.  It has been in the hands of the secret society who has been responsible for its preservation for nine hundred years.  The book itself has been secret for that long.  There are at least three sources.  I am contacting all of them at the same time.  Perhaps the best source is still in the Islamic hands in a museum.  We have people on the ground in that country trying to help us obtain a translation.  However, unless I miss my guess it will take years to gain permission in this political environment to be allowed to publish this version. The other copies are terrific manuscripts translated from the charred parchments. 

Meanwhile I am creating, as we speak, a series of CD projects that will take the many aspects of this document apart and explain each of them for you. 

I fear that many of you will drown in a document like this without some help.  It is like reading the Nag Hammadi for the first time.  That is why we need these other supporting books which explain the texts.  I will keep you informed.  The first of the CD creations will deal with the Magi tales of the creation of the world and the "Watchers" mentioned in the Bible that were here before Adam and Eve.  You must understand that this document, like every single other ancient text, has evolved over centuries.  In this case the Kolbrin has evolved within a very different culture and time and might be perceived, as it has been many times in history, as a threat to what we believe about Christianity.  Let me assure you that it does not. 

 It will help you understand.  Each window we have on the life of the Savior and His teachings is like a revelation.  The Kolbrin is not intended to be what I call an "Absolute" document.  That is to say that it should not be considered the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God.  However, it is precious beyond belief.  It will send chills down your spine. 

I have had the sensation that many of you have read a book or two about the British involvement in Christianity.  However, you have let it go in one ear and out the other.  We are now in a day when the quantity of different texts begin to support each other. 

 The Kolbrin, perhaps, is the glue that will bind them all together behind the scenes.

When I was young I knew that someday there would be a major library of sacred texts come out of Egypt itself, which happened with the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Texts.  I first heard about these texts while they were still scattered around the world in different private hands.  I spent a decade of my life pursuing that discovery and the men who were involved in bringing the library back together and translating the document.  I was emotional when it was published in 1977.  It has changed the world, though there are still major Christian religions who fight against its very existence.
It contained documents like the Gospel of Thomas.
It contained sweet documents like the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.
Each interpretation was as informative as the original.  It was like hearing the story retold from completely different perspectives.  It is like seeing a very good movie.  You can watch it over and over again and get something new each time.  The main story was the same, but the view was completely different and meaningful in its own right.  This discovery changed me profoundly.  It was like passing through a door that I could not reopen and go back again.

It reminds me of the first time I read “He Walked the Americas”

This was not a book written by a religion, though there are people who think that the author, L Taylor Hansen, was a Mormon apologist.  She was not a member of the Mormon Church.  She was a manuscript historian, like myself, who had gathered a collection of texts from the Americas and the Pacific Islands suggesting that maybe Jesus had sailed there on the boats, perhaps the merchant boats of Joseph of Arimathea. 

 If you want to expand your view on Jesus, this is one of the best there has ever been and a professor at Southern California University wrote it.  That is a very different story that is commonly told among Mormon people of a resurrected appearance of Jesus in the Americas.  These appearances of Jesus were the result of an ocean voyage to the Americas. 

 I had the overwhelming impression that there are hundreds of occasions when there are shared histories among many different disciplines and beliefs.  How many times have we ignored precious texts because they appeared like they belonged to a specific religion?  The Kolbrin certain falls into that category.  The world at the time of the burning of the Abbey at Glastonbury could not allow Jesus and the Bible to be used by the Christian community of a so-called barbarian culture.  How many people have lost their lives in preserving this text and others like it? 

Thank goodness we live in our day when we don’t have to worry about those kind of silly notions.  If we don't want to be treated like children, we need to act like adults.  Adults know that each of these texts is filtered through the eyes of a cultural perspective. 

One needs to have eyes to see and ears to hear, in the words of Jesus. 

He saw our day clearly.

When I found the "Drama of the Lost Disciples"
it was like the life of Jesus came alive for me.  The stories I had been taught in church as a young boy suddenly expanded into a symphony of history. It is still the number one best read in my bookstore.  I now have excellent copies from a stash in England, though you won’t find it sold anywhere in America.  If you wanted to change the live of someone for Christmas, this would be the perfect gift.  Don’t expect it will be available next Christmas.  You have to be there to understand. 

My CD on Melchizedek came out of that experience.
I realized how the ancient prophets had played roles in Britain.  Brit is not an English word it is Hebrew for Covenant.  British, meaning the people of the covenant.  A convenant people had visits from the prophets of the Old Testament.  That couldn't have been more true than the writings in ancient Britain.

My last CD "AD: After the Death of Christ"
was another era in my life.  There was a show on the History Channel last night chronicling the life of Bodicea, or Boudica.  I nearly sobbed.  They had missed the entire significance of the story.  They missed the connection between the British tribes and Christianity, Jesus, Paul, Peter and the world of religion in our day.  There wasn't a single mention of Jesus.  Nothing could have been a larger violation of history.  Their story on the television was the story from the perspective of Rome and not from the perspective of religion.  The story of the values of these people is far more important than the story of an obscure war in history.

In the mean time you need to prepare yourself with some reading.  Here is a new book that helps set the stage. 

Irish Prince Hebrew Prophet.
Jeremiah in Britain is a critical beginning.  This has been the subject of my last two email messages.  This a collection of the entire story.

There is another amazing book on the Rennes-le-Chateau discovery.  It combines pictures and text that substantially help us to learn more about Mary Magdalene in that region as well.

I recommend that for those of you who do not have the Untold Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls that this is also important because this discovery will be no more important in the future than the Kolbrin.  In this case the process of the development of an ancient text is as important as the book sometimes.

Those of you who do not have a copy of “Magi” need one now.
How could you possibly understand the Kolbrin without this text?

Celt Druid and Culdee is also critical.

The Culdee were the ones who left us the Kolbrin. 

What I recommend is for those of you who need personal assistance with complete libraries on this subject, or on limited budgets, that you call me and I will help you.  1-888-904-9394. 

We are on the edge of the discoveries of the century here.  For those of you who believe that we are in those last prophesied days, now is the time to “bite the bullet” and get the background you need.  This is especially true since you can use some of your Christmas budget in the process.  I will let you know when this first CD on the Kolbrin is ready.  It is coming within the next couple of weeks.  There are many people who allow discovery to distance themselves from the traditions of their fathers.  That would be a great error.  You will find that in the end what I am doing will bring you full circle back to the traditions of your fathers and make them even more important.  That is the secret.  I feel like that is my job to keep you all from panic and chaos when the discoveries are made.  This one will set you on fire for the rest of your life.  Be patient.  Perhaps the good Lord is requiring me to give it to you in pieces so that we can digest it along the way together.  Don’t let some unfounded tabloid reporter tell you that this is the Bible of the Aliens or something silly.  You will hear every possible nonsensical interpretation.  I will help you route it back to the original traditions.  These books are like branches of a tree that came from the original roots a very long time ago.  The branches don’t always look like the roots.  However, the branches are spectacular.  This is the day of the fulfillment of prophecy.  Isn’t it wonderful?  Glenn Kimball



There is so much we still don't know about some of the most important facets and facts of our human/Soul lives. And what we have is found within many different philosophical and religious and historical settings, making it almost impossible to link it make sense of it all.

We are fortunate to be living in a time of almost endless information. Some of it regurgitates the old myths and misinformation, but some of what has been hidden for centuries, is now being revealed....albeit, slowly. It does seem to be up to each one of us to make of the information what we can, based on our own intuition and research..

Today many old books....some lost for a long time....are being reprinted and new information is coming on-line. Glenn Kimball ( )

 has spent much of his life finding and bringing to market many important books that fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge, particularly, Biblical knowledge, both Old and New Testament.

I was grateful to have the following review to share with you. The above link will take you to where you can buy this book if it interests you.


'Abraham In Egypt'

By: Hugh Nibley

 This is a collection of articles written by Hugh on the most controversial subject in Egyptology. 

Scholars have, for centuries, refused to recognize the enormous contribution of Abraham to the entire history of Egypt. The Biblical Abraham is characterized as a visitor in the courts of Pharaoh, however the real Abraham left a religious legacy over the course of twenty dynasties which emerged as the religion of Ahkenaten, the religion of the ONE True God.

  Ahkenaten built his personal city based on the exact dimensions of the Temple of Solomon before Solomon was born. The temple in Azum is an exact replica of Solomon's ancient Holy Place and lured people, like the Prophet Jeremiah, who was seeking a place to hide the Ark of the Covenant.

Scholars have used Abraham as an excuse for ignoring Biblical history. Hugh's detailed account makes that premise seem foolish. 'Abraham in Egypt' is the evidence that the source of Egypt's religion ties back in to the account of Abraham himself.

 Those who would suggest that 'Jesus' is the anthropomorphic account of Osiris, Isis and Horus will be shocked to note that just the reverse is true.

Reviewed by Glenn Kimball


October 2003

More Book Reviews

In the spirit of this letter I want all of you who haven’t gotten a copy of Moses and Ahkenaten to consider it now.  Moses had influenced the pharaoh of Egypt to change the religion of an ancient culture back to that of the one God.
This author suggests that Moses and Ahkenaten were the same person.  Though this is not correct, the comparison is amazing and the evidence is compelling.  You don’t have to own the beliefs of this man to get the wonderful message he presents.

Those of you who haven’t gotten and read a copy of “Magi”
Need to consider this book as a Christmas present for someone you love.  It is totally amazing.  The ancient Magi were rooted in their fraternity from Great Britain.  Their society covered the globe and you should know about it and give it as a gift for someone you love. 

For those of you who have listened to the world condemn the Gnostics you need to read the wonderful book “Gnostic Gospels” by Elaine Pagels.
These were found on the banks of the Nile river in 1947 and contain one hundred times the words of Christ than are in our Bible.  She teaches at Princeton and knows exactly what she is talking about.

  Many of you have copies of the Nag Hammadi Texts
But you haven’t understood the language or the significance of the find.  You need to understand this as proof of the life of Jesus.  This pair of books is a wonderful gift for Christmas.  One explains the other  The reason that western Christianity hates the Gnostic Gospels is because of the twelfth verse of the Gospel of Thomas inside the Nag Hammadi texts.  Jesus said that the surviving leader of the church following his death was James his brother and not Peter.  Every scholar in the world knows that James was the head of the church in Jerusalem following the death of Jesus.  How we ever assumed Peter was the head is an example of Christianities attempt to own the saga of Jesus rather than trying to understand him. 

Copies of the Gospel of Thomas and a detailed explanation are available at:
I use my copy as a handbook for my business and personal life.  The gift of the extra-biblical words of Jesus is the perfect gift for Christmas. 

There still are those of you who haven’t read “Holy Kingdom”
This book will tell you the story of why Edward the First banned all the printing presses in Wales.  England hides the best of its precious history.  King Arthur wasn’t a myth.  He was the last one to see the resurrected Jesus before the dark ages sealed the heavens till our day.  If you have someone who loves the real King Arthur this one is beyond wonderful.  It is a reason to dance on Christmas. 

If you want to understand the importance of King Arthur and his family ties to Jesus you need to read “Studies in Jeremiah:
This one will tell you why Jeremiah was buried in Ireland and how the family of Jesus spent six hundred years before his birth in exile in England  If you don’t know this hidden story you should. 

 This is a tale no one wants you to know because it doesn’t vindicate a particular religion.  It exceeds the borders of what we know about Jesus.
This little book is famous for its accounts of Jesus in England and offers the proof. 

 Jesus traveled in his day.  Western Christianity doesn’t want you to know that because they can’t control a Jesus that traveled.
These are the accounts and writings of Jesus from his travels to the East  This is famous in Buddhism who love and know Jesus well.  It will make you dance a holiday jig to know that they understand him as well as we do.
Here is a new book on the list that tells the story of Jesus in Ireland.  This one will go well with the new one coming form Great Britain.  This is a WOW for those who have United Kingdom in th