Mankind has been on a Roman holiday for a long while.  


In this Segment I want to share some Ascended Master Truth with you.

Beginning with Beloved Saint Germain

 speaking to His Students:  

The day of Light is here.

The world needs illumination, it needs purity, it needs freedom. I am trying to gently awaken mankind to that realization before there comes an awakening that is much more rude.

Many people are ashamed to acknowledge God. If mankind is ashamed of the Source that has bestowed the Blessing of God's Heart, than how there be purity or freedom?

It cannot be. They cannot have it. Therefore the duty lies before those of you who love God, who understand the Violet Consuming Flame and know how to use it. No matter what is wrong in the world....there is no constructive thing individuals can ask of Life that cannot come with enough Love poured out to the Violet Consuming Flame.

Love g, the responsibility is yours...there is going to be a forced  cleansing if  

Mankind has been on a Roman holiday for a long while.  


What more can I add....

May God forgive us and show us the Way forward!





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