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Update on 'swine flu' ....September 2009

(LJC) I believe that everyone should give this subject of vaccines their full attention...for the quality of their lives....nay, their very lives may depend on understanding the concepts and practices of modern medicine in the field of it has been practiced for many years and what is now projected. Our lives may depend on our greater understanding of this subject. Our health certainly depends on our taking responsibility for our well-being

.Now excerpts from this article:

Shocking Warning About Swine Flu Vaccine

Posted by: Dr. Mercola
September 08 2009

The swine flu vaccine has been hit by new cancer fears after a German health expert gave a shocking warning about its safety. Lung specialist Wolfgang Wodarg has said that there are many risks associated with the vaccine for the H1N1 virus. The nutrient solution for the vaccine consists of cancerous cells from animals, and some fear that the risk of cancer could be increased by injecting the cells. The vaccine can also cause worse side effects than the actual swine flu virus.

New Potential Health Risks of the Swine Flu Vaccine Emerge

Just last week I reported on the confidential correspondence between the British Health Protection Agency and 600 neurologists, warning them to be on the lookout for cases of Guillain- Barré Syndrome once the swine flu vaccine campaign begins.

I’ve published earlier articles about some of the more dangerous ingredients in this vaccine, such as mercury, and squalene, which has been linked to the development of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Now, according to Lung specialist Wolfgang Wodarg, the swine flu vaccine contains animal cancer cells, and there’s no data indicating whether or not this may cause an allergic reaction when injected. It also raises questions about the risk of contracting cancer. He also told the German press that the widespread fear of the pandemic was an “orchestration,” stating,

It is great business for the pharmaceutical industry. Swine flu is not very different from normal flu. On the contrary, if you look at the number of cases it is nothing compared to a normal flu outbreak.”

More Documentation about Swine Flu Vaccine Safety

A recent article by Dr. Blaylock also highlights the many reasons why the vaccine may be far more dangerous than the virus. He states that the Baxter swine flu vaccine, called Celvapan, uses cultured cells from the African green monkey, which has previously been implicated as having transmitted a number of vaccine-contaminating viruses, including the HIV virus. Likewise, Johannes Löwer, president of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, believes the side effects of the vaccine can be far worse than the actual swine flu virus, which typically causes only mild symptoms, requiring just a few days in bed. Based on a rational view of the numbers involved, the widespread fear over the swine flu certainly appears completely unwarranted. Without laboratory verification, it’s quite likely that a very large number of these so-called swine flu cases are in fact cases of seasonal flu.

Industry Versus Independent Research Findings --

Who are You Going to Believe?

Dr. Blaylock claims to have reviewed a number of studies on the immune adjuvant squalene, and found that several of the human test studies found it to be very safe. However, upon further investigation, they were all done by the pharmaceutical companies using the adjuvant. However, a great number of the studies done by independent research facilities all found a strong link between squalene or MF-59 (which contains squalene) and autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Blaylock warns,

Studies of other immune adjuvants using careful tracer techniques have shown that they routinely enter your brain following vaccination. What most people do not know, even the doctors who recommend the vaccines, is that most such studies by pharmaceutical companies observe the patients for only one to two weeks following vaccination—these types of reactions may take months or even years to manifest.”

If you were to develop an autoimmune disease years down the line, how would you ever be able to prove that your disease originated in a needle?

And worse, even if you could prove it, it wouldn’t do you any good, because vaccine manufacturers have cleverly manipulated government into granting them immunity against lawsuits, should any harm be caused by this experimental vaccine.

Why You Should Avoid Other Anti-Virals as Well

British researchers recently warned that the antiviral medication Tamiflu is “inappropriate for healthy adults.”

"Recommending the use of antiviral drugs for the treatment of people presenting with [flu] symptoms is unlikely to be the most appropriate course of action," they concluded.

Seriously… Are the potentially serious side effects really worth the risk, to gain maybe half a day? You’ll STILL spend five or six days in bed, with or without the shot, as it does not necessarily PREVENT the flu, it just reduces the length of your illness by a few hours if you do get it!

All truth passes through 3 stages:

First it is ridiculed
Second, it is violently opposed
Third, it is accepted as self evident

This famous quote by Arthur Schopenhauer is one of my favorites, and is, I believe, how history will in the end view the issue of vaccines.

Right now, we are in the second stage, and you can see that by statements such as the one made by the chief medical editor at NBC News who is quoted as saying that “people should reject conspiracy theories about the vaccine’s safety, trust the government, and get your damn vaccine.” 

Don’t fall for such irrational attempts to emotionally manipulate you away from the facts.

Free Book on Vaccine Dangers

 For a great review of why mandatory vaccinations are unconstitutional and illegal, I recommend the book “Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated; Petition to the President to Abolish Compulsory Vaccination in the Army and Navy,” by Charles M. Higgins. Written in 1920, the book is now in the public domain and can be read and downloaded for free by clicking this link. It discusses the dangers of vaccinations, the cover-ups of vaccine deaths, and explains your constitutional rights and the medical trends that are stripping those rights away, and is every bit as relevant today as it was when it was first written.

If you prefer a hardcopy version, you can also purchase the book, as it has recently been republished.

Dr. Mercola

In the hopes of Blazing more 'Light of the New Day' into the Field of Health, I offer the following information on the subject of vaccines sent to me some years ago by my good friend, Dr. Gayle Fuqua writing about the important information that was revealed during the 12-14-02  Congressional Meetings on Environment & Health Issues (C-Span replay)

Hello, Lois!

I wanted to share some good news with you. I watched the program above and this is a summary of what I observed.

STAGE: Rep. Dan Burton from Indiana seems to Chair this Committee. Main player,
Rep. Felton ( I think was his name....... seems to be an M.D.) from Florida were
the Congressional members that I heard ask the 'tough question'.

SUBJECT: increasing incidence of autism from 1/10,000 to 1/250 in the past 15 yrs; increasing incidence of Attention Span problems, Hyperactivity, and other
learning related issues.

QUESTION: Why is 'Thimerasol' {derivative of MERCURY as a preservative} still being used in vaccines? And, why is it the drug companies have been unwilling to switch from multi- dose vials to single dose (this apparently eliminates the need for the preservative).

People being questioned:

 There were three MD's - all seem to be affiliated in one way or the other with
the National Institute of Health....... being asked why has the 'drug/research', etc., industry been unwilling to investigate the connection, or lack of connection being proposed. "They've been saying........ 'we don't have enough information to answer this question, or 'the data is inconclusive' ".

Rep. Dan Burton in summary said,.. I'm tired of hearing this answer year after year and I won't accept this any longer as an answer.

Rep. Dan Burton tried to pin down the NIH representative to a dollar amount or time frame that would answer the question and he continued to be evasive, and so forth.

Rep. Dan Burton (Indiana) and Rep. Felton (Florida) named two MD's who've been doing research in this area and apparently have collected 'slides' from autistic individuals to investigate to see if, indeed, there are SIGNS of Mercury/Thimerasol deposits in the lymphatic systems of these afflicted individuals.... Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Mar 1998 & Dr. Brent Taylor,
July 1999 published in 'The Lanset' {both MD's work in the Royal Free Hospital in London......and
My mouth was gapping open and I was clapping very LOUDLY...... seeing the NIH and drug industry on the HOT SEAT for a change  and seeing someone calling the medical profession to task on these issues..... they can't get ANY hospital pathologist (any hospital) who will analyze these slides to make this determination.

As Rep. Dan Burton seems that they're afraid they might find something. Why is that? Why is it that these medical facilities haven't been willing to cooperate to the point of assisting the public on these safety issues?

Of course, these three NIH individuals ...... hemmed and hawed....... gave an answer of some kind, basically saying, "It's not the policy of the NIH to get involved in the politics of individual hospitals or private institutions."

Rep. Dan Burton came back with,'so, you'd let some board of directors and their
politics stand in the way of the health and safety of the public, and in particular, the health of our children? '

Of course, they stammered, and their faces turned red and they sat looking down at the table they were sitting at. They didn't have much to say at all, at that point. Rep. Dan Burton concluded with saying, 'Gentlemen (even though one of the
three people from NIH or the drug company representatives was a lady MD), this
isn't the last you've heard from me or my constituents. I'm going to keep at this
until this issue is resolved and the two doctors (he names) who've done the research to show there is damage from Thimerasol in vaccinations, have had their slides analyzed by the labs in a conclusive manner. I won't rest until this is done.'

One of the NIH members piped up,' we'll be happy to work w/ Dr'......... (Idon't
remember his name)......... 'we spoke three times, and I encouraged his work, etc.'

Rep. Dan Burton said, "That's not enough. He'll be calling you again, next week
and I will be on the line to hear the conversation and I will not rest until this
matter of Thimerasol being removed from vaccinations is resolved
. After all,
some of the research done by two doctors shows a connection with Alzheimer's disease. And if you think we, as Senators and Congressmen are going to submit to vaccinations (the flu vaccine was discussed) knowing the increased risk of Alzheimer's, you've just begun to see resistance to taking the vaccines. I can guarantee you. And if it's not safe for them (in their eyes), is it safe for anyone?" He also stated, 'you'd hate to see a dozen or more Dan Burtons up here asking you questions, wouldn't you?"
Then the meeting was adjourned.

(Gayle)To recount some of the background: One of the MD's who obviously worked
for the drug companies giving information as to why it would be so difficult to
eliminate Thimerasol from the vaccines (multi dose) and go to single dose
vaccines......... stating there would be a shortage of vaccines as there were
4 manufacturers of vaccines in 1999, I think; then it went down to 3 companies
after that and for some reason, now it's down to 2, as one bowed out ( I don't
recall the drug co. names for obvious reasons ), so that these 2 alone can't
gear up to take up the slack for the missing 3rd one and also increase output
to making single dose vaccines (that don't require a preservative as they are
sealed and sterile) vs. continuing to use the multi dose vials which, of course,
do require a preservative.

Of course, as you can conclude, Rep. Dan Burton and the Rep. Felton (FL)
weren't buying it. Neither am I !

Gayle H. Fuqua, O.D., B.S. Chemistry & Biology
Fellow of American Academy of Optometry
M.A. School Psychology, A.P., A.S. Graphic Design
Diplomate of NBHE Homeopathy
Fellow of Gesell Institute of Child Development, specialty-
Children's Learning Problems" in the interest of TRUTH
and improved health of everyone on the planet.

My gratitude

to my friend, Dr. Gayle Fuqua for following up on this subject for me. The American public has long been the guinea pigs and victims of the medical and pharmaceutical companies whose purpose is mainly MONEY. There is nothing wrong with MONEY except when it imperils our lives....which, in my opinion, vaccines definitely do.  And this has  been known for a very long time....and there is no legitimate excuse for it.

 May we people wake up and take back our lives before it is too late.

Now here is another 'wake up' call....this comes to me as part of

a 'financial newsletter'....

Sent: Monday, December 16, 2002 11:30 AM


 Health Sciences Institute e-Alert

 Dear Reader,

 "Critical info for all - especially those who get eczema - and are vulnerable to fatal cases after exposure to smallpox."

 This comment was posted on the HSI Forum more than a week ago by a member named Robert. And I have to assume Robert knew how timely his message would be. Last week, President Bush  formally announced his plans for administering the smallpox vaccination.

 By now I'm sure you're aware of the basic details:

Immunizations will begin for half a million military  personnel immediately, followed soon by another half million health care and emergency workers.

 Vaccines will then be offered to the public on a voluntary basis beginning in 2004.
 But there's a good chance that long before the general population starts receiving inoculations, a

 serious health crisis will have already begun for many millions who are in groups considered

to be at high risk of serious and permanent adverse side effects.

 As I've mentioned in previous e-Alerts, the smallpox vaccine  campaign is a concern for me personally because I have  eczema, a condition that will disqualify me and approximately  15 million others from receiving the vaccination, due to the high risk of side effects.

 There are several other high risk  groups: more than 4 million with lupus and rheumatoid  arthritis; half a million with HIV and AIDS; and around
 200,000 organ transplant patients. People receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and anyone suffering from  lymphoma, leukemia, and any other cancer that affects the
 immune system will also be at risk.

 Pregnant women won't get the vaccine. Nor will children under the age of one.

 In total, as many as 50 million people will not be able to receive the vaccination. But that's only the beginning of a situation that will become more and more complicated as
 greater numbers of people are inoculated.

 For those of us at high risk, there's the added concern of coming into contact with someone who's received the vaccination.

 The smallpox vaccine contains a live virus  called vaccinia, which can cause permanent injury -- and even  death -- in people who are vulnerable to exposure. And this living virus can be easily transmitted to others from someone  who's been vaccinated.

 My own situation offers a perfect example of how being at  high risk will become an unusual health issue. As I've  mentioned before, my husband is a police officer, and as one  of the potential "first responders" to a public emergency  (such as a bioterrorist attack using smallpox), he may  eventually be required to receive the vaccine.

 And it's easy  to imagine all the variations of my situation: the inoculated healthcare worker with a pregnant wife or a new born child;  the inoculated soldier whose mother is undergoing  chemotherapy or whose sister has rheumatoid arthritis.

 I don't mean to sound a panic. And I'm not saying the vaccine program is going to be a disaster. But the potential for disaster is there. It's well known that the government estimates that approximately 15 people out of every one million will suffer life-threatening complications, and of  those 15, perhaps 2 will die. So if only half our population  receives the vaccine, we're looking at the possibility of hundreds of people becoming seriously ill, some of them permanently, with many of their cases resulting in death.
 That sounds like a disaster to me.

 The HSI member named Robert, whom I mentioned above, has  started two threads on the Forum. One is titled "Smallpox  Vaccinations / Eczema - ANSWER," and one is titled "Jenny  Thompson - Read 11/29/02 Smallpox Thread!"

 As you might expect, that second one especially caught my eye.

 Robert makes an impassioned plea to me, and anyone else in  our group of 50 million high-risk cases. He offers several  different sources that provide information on how high doses  of vitamin C may be able to protect us from the side effects of the smallpox vaccine. One of those sources - the writing  and work of Fredrick R. Klenner, M.D. - is not a stranger to  e-Alert readers.

 In October I sent you an e-Alert ("Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid - Part II" 10/17/02) in which HSI Panelist, Allan  Spreen, M.D., had this to say about Dr. Klenner:

 "Fred  Klenner, MD, was using intravenous ascorbic acid (vitamin C)  against viruses, serious bacteria and even toxins such as snakebites as early as the 1930's. His patient records showed  amazing successes, witnessed by hospital personnel. Those who did, such as Drs. Jungeblut and Zwerner, Otani, Ormerod, and others, all came away impressed that his work was both accurate and therapeutic. He treated diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus, and in the middle of  a polio epidemic in North Carolina he was considered to  have 'cured' 60 out of 60 cases of infantile polio."

 I'm grateful to Robert for his concern about me personally, and for the millions of others for whom this vaccination campaign will be at the very least a health hazard, and in some cases, unfortunately, a health nightmare.

Can mega-doses of vitamin C, taken intravenously, protect us from the side effects of the smallpox vaccine? It's likely that we're about to see that claim tested.
 And if anyone has first-hand experience with this sort of vitamin C treatment, or if you know of someone who has, I would very much like to hear from you with details.

 Meanwhile, I don't believe we'll be getting much information about side effects that might occur from this first round of inoculations. I can't imagine that the defense department will be entirely candid about delivering any unsettling news that might arise. But soon enough, as the program progresses, we'll begin to see if this is a plan that does more harm than good.

 I agree that it's wise to sacrifice a few to protect many. But in the end, if the sacrifice turns out to be harsh and the smallpox threat turns out to be nothing more than just
 that - a threat - we may look back and ask,

 "What in the  world were we thinking?"

 On the subject of another vaccine, I noticed these two items recently posted on the HSI Forum, the first from J.W.: "You  need to check your facts...No study has said thimerosal  causes autism. New studies say it does not...don't follow statement by trial lawyers who wish to cash in on civil suits."

 Of course, J.W. is commenting on the recent controversy about the item included in the Homeland Security Bill that will  protect Eli Lilly & Company from litigation accusing their product thimerosal (a mercury based preservative used in vaccines for children for many years) for causing autism.

 In response to J.W., an HSI member named Lance posted these comments:
  "Perhaps no study 'has said thimerosol causes autism.' But, in many, many reports, studies, doctors have connected/tied thimerosol to autism.

 I think this truth was about to come
out in the courts, when the senate snuck their midnight
  protection clause into the Homeland security bill, last
  month. Thanks to this new, federal intervention, Americans
  may never know the truth!
But, that doesn't change the  facts,

which include these facts:

  By age two, American children have received 237 micrograms  of mercury through vaccines alone, which far exceeds current   EPA 'safe' levels of .1 mcg/kg. per day. That's one-tenth of  a microgram, not one microgram.

  Four days in particular may be singled out as spectacularly toxic for infants:

  Day of birth: hepatitis B -12 mcg mercury 30 x safe level   At 4 months: DTaP and HiB on same day - 50 mcg mercury 60 x   safe level

  At 6 months: Hep B, Polio - 62.5 mcg mercury 78 x safe level

  At 15 months the child receives another 50 mcg 41 x safe level

  Injected mercury is far more toxic than ingested mercury. There's no blood-brain barrier in infants. Mercury accumulates in brain cells and nerves. Infants don't produce
  bile, which is necessary to excrete mercury.

  Recently, the FDA and AAP have revealed that the amount of mercury given to infants from vaccinations has exceeded safety levels.

Autism did not exist until shortly after thimerosol started being used!

  Sometimes lawyers get paid to represent the truth. Other times they get paid to cover it up!"

 Well put, Lance. I'm sure that the fact that thimerosal is no longer being used in vaccines currently in production is only as a result of watchdog groups and angry parents of autistic  children raising their voices diligently. We may not yet be able to say with certainty that thimerosal causes autism, but it's clear that we're better off not injecting mercury into children throughout their infancy.

 To Your Good Health,

 Jenny Thompson
 Health Sciences Institute

Food for thought. Wake up and live!

Lois J Crawford



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