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We have copies of Barry's new book "Vision of Albion: The Key to the Holy Grail. Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Christ Family in the Holy Land of Britain", which has generated a lot of interest. It is the outcome of 15 years research into the hidden history surrounding the origins of Christianity and its founder, Jesus the Christ.

 The English visionary mystic and poet,William Blake, believed that Albion, the most ancient name for the British Isles, was the original and true Holy Land of Christ. This revealing and extensively documented book shows that there is some substance to such an intriguing notion. This book also has an important message for these times of transition, as the British Isles have a vital part to play in the evolution of humanity on this planet as we move towards 2012 and beyond.

The 21st century may herald the Third Age of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, when ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.  It is hoped that the publication of this book will contribute towards this era of conscious awakening.


(Now an excerpt from "Vision of Albion: The Key to the Holy Grail")



A 19th century French researcher, Édouard Schuré, in his work The Great Initiates: A Study of the Secret History of Religions, first published in 1889, writes: "Women have a special place among Jesus' followers….Christ is the restorer and liberator of women, whatever Saint Paul and the Church Fathers may have said….Christ elevates her by restoring her mission of love and divination.

 The woman initiate represents the soul in mankind….that is, the power of Intuition, the loving and seeing faculty.

The turbulent Mary Magdalene….became his most ardent disciple. It was she, according to Saint John, who first saw the divine teacher, the spiritual Christ, risen from his tomb. Legend has insisted in seeing in this ardent and believing woman Jesus' greatest worshipper, the initiate of the heart, and legend is not mistaken, for her story represents the entire regeneration of woman as desired by the Christ."

The spiritual role of women was also recognised in the pre-Christian Druid tradition. According to the Welsh bard, Edward Jones:

"Beside the Druids, the Britons had Druidesses, who assisted in the offices of religion, and shared in the honours and emoluments of the priesthood. The Druidesses of Gaul and Britain are said to have been divided into three ranks, or classes."

(The Bardic Museum of Primitive British Literature, 1802). The Rev. Richard Smiddy also writes:

 "It appears that females were, at one time, admitted to the order or fraternity of the Druids, and that they were appointed to fill certain offices in connexion with the oracles or suil-bheil. Hence, the name of sibyl or sibylla, of the Latins. A female of this class was called a bean-draoi, that is, 'a woman Druid'; and by the name was meant a priestess, prophetess, or enchantress….We have already seen that the suil-beal, that is, the sibyl, or oracle, was an institution of the Druids….It is stated that some of these oracles, or sibyls, uttered matters in connexion with the life of the future Redeemer."

(An Essay on the Druids, the Ancient Churches and the Round Towers of Ireland, 1871).

 Interestingly, Dr. John A. Goodchild notes:

 "I have been working hard….at various old puzzles relating to the Mother-Church at Glaston….I am pretty clear of this, that from the establishment of that Church before the middle of the 1st century, a woman, always a Princess of the Royal Blood, was its Supreme Head and Nursing Mother, until she laid down her authority about the middle of the 6th century at an Irish Church Congress held under the presidency of Comgal of Bangor."

(Ref. The Avalonians by Patrick Benham, 1993)

The canonical gospels of the New Testament record the presence of a number of women disciples around Jesus, especially Mary Magdalene.

Could there have been a female apostolic succession which ostensibly has gone unrecorded in the official history books?  

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Cross and earth

About  Barry Dunford:

Barry is a former bookseller and historical researcher investigating

the hidden history of ancient Britain (Albion) 

and its links with the Grail mythos.

He is the author of “The Holy Land of Scotland:

Jesus in Scotland and the Gospel of the Grail”.




that are historically important and pertinent to today's issues.

His focus is on the history concerning the Life and times of the

 Ascended Jesus. This is history that appears to many to have been partially concealed

or rewritten. Those of us who have studied this history wonder why this would have

happened....and how did it happen? Today many think embryo Christianity

was an emperors answer to strengthening his weakening Roman empire in the

third and fourth centuries....others think there were also various religious

 factions threatened by the growing Christ mind-set.

 So, was the 'Jesus Story' of organized Christianity the 'true story' or was

 it actually developed to manipulate and control a group of people who had

been then and are now, drawn to His Teaching. Well, much has been

written on this subject....but none have done it any better than

Barry Dunford.  

Here now is a link to Barry's Essay:

  The Spiritual Role of the Sacred Isles of Britain in World History

This is a very comprehensive and important overview of the role the unfolding of

 Christianity played in the British Isles and of the part the British Isles have

played in expanding the Teaching of Jesus.

And here is a link to his very informative book

"The Holy Land of Scotland: Jesus in Scotland and the Gospel of the Grail.

This is an in depth historical research work which reveals the hidden roots of Jesus and

 the Holy Family, including the Jesus and Mary Magdalene Holy Grail Bloodline; the Holy

 Land in the British Isles and the long term role and strategy of the anti-Christ forces.

'It is a must read for anyone who is searching for Historical Truth'....

Lois Crawford

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January 2013



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