I want to speak now about what we call 'terrorism'.

It is my opinion that what we call terrorism is, first of all, not new phenomenon ....there seems always to have been a certain lack of Godness at work within the human consciousness and that 'lack'  to have long existed.... we learn of it during historical times and see it continuously insinuating itself into the Life of human Beings today.... into the lives of those who have not understood or accepted the Idea of Brotherhood or have not... have the Spiritual Power to resist or prevent its coming into their lives or the life of their countries. It can be seen in modern times as the pure evilness that fueled the Hitler culture in Germany and the Communist culture in takes the form, past or present, of all that denigrates the Individual Rights of man....that denies the Divine Source of all Life.  

Most of us are aware that inexcusable terrorism and cruelty thrives today within communities of many countries and in various guises, and today it works under various of the 'guises' being religion. And we see the world experiencing  religious terrorism form of terrorism that has worn many faces over countless centuries. Within the Western cultures, who can forget the brutal Catholic Inquisition and foul witch hunts of many 'religions' that have murdered millions of innocent women over the many past centuries. Only recently have we learned of the equally brutal human sacrifice that arose out of religious fervor within societies such as the Mayans and Incas.

Thus, 'Terrorism', brutal treatment of one's fellow man, in the name of religion is not new to this Planet.

It is is Peace that is new. Both as an Idea and as a that is meant for all.


I believe the 'Reason for a 'Jesus' to come forth on Earth' was

 because it was time to open a Door to Peace.....

a Door to that 'Peace that passeth understanding'.

It needed someone of His Quality and Spiritual Power to come

 to Earth to initiate the kind of Peace that many are today

praying and  decreeing for....the Christ Peace that is even now

 being  'lowered onto the Planet' in response to our prayers for

 Peace....bringing in the New Way to live on Earth.....not just for

 the few but for all.

Barbarism is out.

 But still, there are human issues to deal with.

We see this as day after day, newspaper reporting gives the world a glimpse of  an insane mind-set that propels some people into mercilessly killing....killing not only their brothers and sisters, but themselves. What is less reported are the circumstances that produce this hatred....this contempt for God's Creation. Why would one imperil one's own Soul by such cruelty as in suicide bombings?

What causes a happy baby to grow up and want to kill his or her fellow man....why become a terrorist? At what point in an innocent child's life does hatred begin to grow? What and who is responsible for guiding the mind and actions of an impressionable child who ultimately acts out inhuman, barbaric ideas and habits? What social or religious belief systems are responsible for the actions of a child who grows up to become 'evil let loose' upon the Planet? What is the basic psychology that produces  so much pain in an individual, that pain is all that one has to give back to the world.

What human philosophy...or lack of....shuts people off from the Concepts of Brotherly Love as taught by 'Jesus' and meant for all people....I wonder that humanity does not see that 'Love' protects people from becoming either the pawns or the victims of evil.....or that terrorism, in any form, anywhere, any time, does the work of evil.

'Godness' plays no part in barbaric human schemes....ever. 

My immediate concern focuses on preserving Freedom in the United States of America....freedom of the individual in America....but it goes beyond concern includes encouraging Freedom for humanity through out the world. Therefore I ask all who may read these words to call to the Angelic Legions of Almighty God asking Them to come forth and quickly put an end to terrorist activities...asking Them to descend onto the Earth and rescue innocent people all over the world....asking Them to rescue all who continue to be trapped in seemingly unending cruelty. May their ordeal end soon!

My Hope for the future comes from knowing that the darkest hours of night arrive just before dawn's early Light....and surely, Earth is facing a tremendous crisis, one long foretold....many are experiencing  the painful “dark night of the Soul”....even unto the near catastrophic destruction of both Soul and the Planet itself.

Let us stand together and ask God to Help Us Resolve the Problems of the People and the Planet!



Remembering....All evolves within the 'Plan of God', where-in Cycles move and Planetary Energy Shifts into ever progressive Higher Spiritual Gears and we have 'Evolution of Body and Soul'....making both the scientists and the religionists right. 

 Today as humanity is being taught to call directly to Almighty God and to their own 'I AM' Christ Presence for Direction and Help, unprecedented Cosmic Energies are pouring out from the Great Central Source of All Life ....tremendous Light is coming to the rescue of constructive mankind and the Earth.  Powerful Essence is being absorbed into Earth’s electro-magnetic fields, simultaneously awakening the consciousness of humanity and men, women and children everywhere are awakening and responding to the Christed Soul Within..

If humanity has been, for ages, involved in a Cosmic Pattern of 'dark and light', perhaps that time the Bible refers to as  'Armageddon' is here. And perhaps, we are now entered into the 'time' when human error that warps the mind and emotion of both Body and Soul, perhaps this is the time when all that darkness is finally 'left behind'....

And perhaps this is the 'time' when all ancient anger and hatred, if freely given up, is finally dissolved and consumed by a Mighty Cosmic Force of Violet Fire.

And...perhaps, all who will finally accept the Piscean

 Dispensation of Brotherhood and Peace, as brought to Earth by

 'Jesus', are now to be enveloped in  Cosmic Christ Love,

 Forgiveness, Mercy, and Peace....all to be enfolded in God's

 Holy Grace. The Golden Age of Peace and Freedom

is opening up before us....

The 'time' in which we finally recognize ourselves to be

Brothers and Sisters, one and all,


 Please join me in saying

To the Christ in us and in the World,

 Be The Glory.

To the Christed Jesus we send our Heart's

Gratitude and Praise for Forgiveness and

 Grace given by Him and received by us.

Lois J Crawford


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