Aug. 27, 2003

I write this as I watch the monument commemorating the Ten Commandments being dragged out of an Alabama Court house. And these are thoughts that flow across my mind.

We are in 'that time' when mankind has to decide whether to be 'ruled' by the whims and wants of the strongest of 'mankind'....or whether, it is saner and safer for all to decide to abide by some simple, basic, shall we call Them,  'Laws of Life'....

in this case, the Ten Commandments.

These Ideas/Laws of Life came to us thousands of years ago, through a 'person' of 'quality'  and were given to mankind as a Way that would allow us to live together in some kind of basic sanity and equality.

I put that in my list of Ideas that I call 'God is Good'!

The first of these simple Laws suggests that we look to where the Real Power obviously isn't within the human creature....

and that we give our  allegiance to



than the puny, often cruel human ego.

 What is sad about this whole situation of man vs. God is that most of mankind do not understand that when we willingly 'bow down....gratefully bend the knee to 'God' out of Love and Respect, we 'open a door' into that Level of Mind or as we say, into 'Heaven' and we make contact with both the Source and with the Radiation/Higher Energy that is there.

Thus paying Tribute to God, within whatever religious

or philosophical format we do it, is not, as some think,

only to acknowledge 'The Supreme Power'





When will we wake up and understand this!


The Supreme Power of the Universe doesn't need us...the human-us.

We, the human being, need the Radiation of The Supreme Power.

And that comes to us

when we raise our thoughts and pay attention to that Level of Life.! 


This seems so elegantly simple, kind and practical to me.

Is there any better way

to discourage and hopefully prevent the 'power trips' of unscrupulous,

low level human beings, some of whom delight in making

the lives of others miserable?

When will we realize that the human ego will always be operating alone,

sometimes for good and sometimes for 'evil' purposes,

 until we contact the Source and then with that Help,

allow a Higher Mind-Level of ourselves to get 'into the act'.

And from that combined Mind-Level of Body and Christ Soul


 that all men and women can learn and can live by some simple

 Spiritual Code of Behavior?


And what could be more simple than the Ten Commandments?

Which isn't to say there are not other Enlightened Codes.

I would say 'bring them all on!"


In this case I suggest that it is very thoughtful of our Creator

 to have codified only ten simple laws on which to base a

humane, law abiding life.

Adding to that two thousand years later, another Suggestion

 that we try to learn to 'love each other'.


The 'Powers that Be' know that adherence to simple basic

 'Laws of Life'

 will allow 'ensouled humanity' to progress, Body and Soul,

 according to each one's preference for evolving.

Now today, the Value of these Ten Basic Commandments

to create a more law abiding society is being challenged.

 Which Spiritual Laws will be challenged tomorrow?


So it is clear to see that the following questions are being put to the test.

First of all:

'Whom are we choosing to direct our or some Heavenly Power? '


 The next question.

'Does it matter by what name we call that Power?'


Finally, can we all agree that there is only

 Cosmic 'Oneness' at work in the Universe or in all Universes

 One Source of all Power,

only One Creative, Cosmic Energy at work in the whole Universe?

 Then can we see how

the Mind That directs that Power

can choose to use

 Many Forms to expand that Oneness.

But that It is always the One and Only Same, Single Power

or Energy at work, regardless of the Form it takes.


So perhaps the most Basic Question of our day boils down to this:


Will human beings choose to remain only  'basic animals,

 Spiritually dumb and blind'?

Or will the physical organism choose to absorb into its life the Lighted

 Energy/Radiation  of The Supreme Being....however it chooses to do it ?

And will it, the human man, woman and child,  agree to become

an Enlightened Vehicle or Temple, serving Supreme Beingness

through expanding and using the Christ Spark anchored in the heart?

(Every man, woman and child has a Body of Christ Energy directly

above and flowing into the physical Self....

we're not talking about any one man-made religious idea)


One can only wonder when mankind will wake up

 and gratefully recognize and pledge allegiance

to that Life-giving Soul Spark of Light within each physical body.

Or recognize that when it understands and pays homage

 to the Godness of Supreme Beingness within itself,

it is recognizing and paying homage to Supreme Godness within

every man, woman and child everywhere.


That is the Real Question being posed in this human legal issue of

whether 'to allow or not to allow' the Ten Commandments

to be openly displayed in that Court House in Alabama.


 The real issue is:

Whom do we want for a Master?

Man or God? 

Our individual lives and the lives of the Nations

rise and fall on our decision. 



F R O M  T H E   V I S I O N   F O R U M ,  I N C .

E X C E R P T S:

Subject: Order to remove the Ten Commandments

Justice Moore contemplates the battle ahead during lunch with Bob Renaud and Vision Forum staff.

August 5, 2003
By Douglas W. Phillips, Esq.

Earlier today, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals lifted the "stay" on the "order to remove" the Ten Commandments from the Alabama State Judicial Building. Now that the stay is lifted and the order to remove is in place, Chief Justice Roy Moore has been given fifteen days to remove the Ten Commandment, or else.

But he will not obey this order. To do so would be (a) to violate his oath of office to the Alabama Constitution which specifically declares the state laws to be under God; (b) to grant jurisdiction to a federal court which is acting beyond the scope of its lawful jurisdiction; (c) to ratify an unlawful and usurpations application of the First Amendment; and most importantly (d) to concede that the God of Scripture is not supreme over the laws of the United States.

Because the Chief Justice will not obey this order, he may well be found in contempt of court and jailed or fined. (In the order handed down today, the Eleventh Circuit Court anticipates Moore's refusal to comply and threatens a $5,000 per day fine to be levied against the Chief Justice in his official capacity.) Alternatively, federal marshals could be sent to remove the Ten Commandments, although the recent movement of Congress to de-fund such an activity may put the brakes on this approach. There are other possibilities as well, but whatever the tactic of enforcement adopted by the 11th Circuit Court,

 one thing is certain:

the stage will be set for one of the greatest Constitutional crises in American history

In this case, a "constitutional crisis" means a showdown between competing governmental jurisdictions.

There are many Ten Commandment cases surfacing around the country.

This one is different from most of the others for two reasons:

First, the defendant in the case is not a school official or a lower judge, but the highest judicial officer of a state, the Chief Justice of a Supreme Court.

Justice Moore has staked his case, his career, his very life on a simple proposition:

The Lord God of the Bible Who gave us the Ten Commandments is the only Source of Law and Authority under which our Nation and its judges may govern.

It is this very God of Scripture to whom our Framers appealed when they drafted the charter documents for our Nation.

These same Framers gave us a Bill of Rights.

 To be precise, the First Amendment reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

 As Moore has pointed out:  He is not Congress, and no law has been passed.

He is simply acknowledging the source of law, God Almighty.

This is the type of argument that makes the judges of the land quake with indignation.

The judges who ruled against Moore have forgotten God's warning to them:

Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. (Psalm

The true mettle and faith of many professing Christians may soon be tested. Where will they stand? If the Governor of Alabama stands with the Chief Justice, God's Law will remain publicly displayed in the gates of that state.

 As the Chief Executive over the federal government, President Bush may also be presented with making a decision of far-reaching implications.

The United States Supreme Court has discretion as to whether or not to hear a case. But where a significant conflict exists between jurisdictions, it is virtually obligatory that the Court help to resolve the matter. If the Court grants a writ of certiorari to hear the case, you and I will be living spectators to an unprecedented event.

Picture this: For the first time since the Founding era, a state Chief Justice, with faith in God Almighty, will stand before the Supreme Court and exhort them of their duty to God, to man, and to the Constitution. Whatever happens, it will be a defining moment in our nation's history.

Once again, America will be tested. Where will we stand?

One thing is clear: God has raised up Chief Justice Moore as a Moses to the children of these United States. He stands immovable because his confidence is in the Lord. He knows that the Lord of hosts will do battle for us. The same God who opened the sea with the blast of His nostrils to free the children of Israel is the same God who will defend all those who diligently seek him.

Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!

Douglas W. Phillips, Esq.

Mr. Phillips is president of Vision Forum, founder of the Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy, and a constitutional attorney. To read more about Justice Moore's appearance last week at the Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy and the "Stonewall Jackson Freedom Award" he received there, visit Doug's Blog.

There is no doubt in my mind that we live in the 'time' of testing'.

Each one of us, not only in America, but the world over are being given a


 What life style do we prefer.

The future of our lives will rise and fall, individually, on that choice.

The Information has been given to  us. No one will ever again be able to say.

'But I didn't know that!'


The Energy of God Freedom and Peace

 is moving across the face of the Earth

and all humanness will be resolved under that Banner.

Never doubt that 'Ascended Godness' is now  directing

The Affairs of This Planet.


Be not fooled by any other appearances.





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