APRIL 2003


Today the planet throbs with varying emotions,

with the diverse opinions of the multitude of Lifestreams

who inhabit this place in God's Greater Universe.


 All of this pours minute by minute from newspapers, TV and radio.

Every human idea is being expressed today regarding War and Peace. 

The idea of 'freedom of the individual' is being lost in the tumult.


In this section  I wish to share  opinions of some of the world's wise individuals , speaking on various

 subjects, but particularly at this time, as they address the recent Gulf War situation and the efforts

 of a Coalition of many countries, who continue in their efforts to stabilize the Gulf Region,

especially as it speaks to a desire for Peace on Earth and Freedom of the individual.

 These are opinions which  make sense to me within my understanding of what is occurring at

 the present time. My personal comments are placed at the end of this page.


First read the words of

Mr. Thomas Sowell

Mr. Sowell is a well known commentator on affairs of the modern world.

In the HUMAN EVENTS newspaper of March 31st, 2003 he writes on the subject of


He says: "We have heard a lot about anti-war demonstrators. Indeed, we have heard a lot from anti-war spokesmen, as the media continue their corrupt practice of providing free airtime to those whose antics provide them with footage for their news broadcasts. But what about those who are pro-war?

He asks, "Who said, 'At last the war has begun'? Certainly no one in the Bush administration, nor in the military, nor anyone among the conservative or neo-conservative publications supporting the President's military actions. That headline appeared in bold letters across the front page of a newspaper in Kuwait.

He tells us that " Kuwaitis are not the only victims of Saddam who have been wanting this war to get underway, so that they can be rid of that murderous threat hanging over their heads. Arnaud de Borchgrave of United Press International reports that a group of American anti-war demonstrators who had gone to Iraq were shocked to encounter Iraqi civilians who were pro-war. A young American clergyman with an anti-war group in Iraq said that some things Iraqis said to me 'had shocked me back to reality.'

The clergyman said, " some of these Iraqis told me that 'they would commit suicide if American bombing didn't start.' They told him of sadistic tortures that "made me ill just to hear about them".

Mr. Sowell writes that 'Too many have been too sheltered for too long to have any conception of what it is like to live under horrifying threats. The bargain-basement martyrs of the 'peace' movement' who disrupt their fellow Americans' lives with their moral exhibitionism in the streets know that the worst that will happen to them is wrist-slap punishment....and most will not get even that.

He tells us that 'The Blessings we have in this country have been so taken for granted for so long by such people--and by many in the media and academia--that they have no sense of what past sacrifices created these Blessings, what present-day sacrifices are necessary to sustain them, much less what are the pre-requisites for continuing to live as a free people.


Mr. Sowell: 'More than ingratitude is involved. Those who do not understand what an on-going price has to be paid continuously to remain free are not only quick to balk at any costs that they have to pay or any restrictions they have to endure, they are also quick to attribute cheap motives to those who have the responsibility to make the hard decisions required to protect us from the dangers that the blind refuse to acknowledge.

'Some of those who blindly lash out at America say that the real reason American troops are going into Iraq is to get control of that country's oil. Do they realize that we had control of Kuwait's oil during the previous Gulf war and gave it back to the Kuwaitis". Do facts matter at all to those who are on a binge of self-righteousness?

'Does it matter to them that we live in an age where 'giving peace a chance' means giving people like Saddam Hussein time to develop nuclear weapons? Does it matter to them that the doctrine of 'pre-emption' is not just an abstract issue, but in a nuclear age, can be the difference between life and death for millions of Americans?

'Surely the time is long overdue to understand that Israel did an enormous favor to the world when its bombers made a pre-emptive strike against Saddam Hussein's nuclear facility----built by France, by the way. Can you imagine where we would be today if Saddam Hussein had been given two decades in which to develop nuclear weapons?

He concludes: 'Sheltered people with no sense of the enormous new dangers that the proliferation of nuclear weapons have created still talk in terms of old shibboleths and discuss issues in the abstract, instead of in terms of the concrete and bitter realities confronted by those with responsibility for the fate of this country.

'Since we have nuclear weapons, those who think in the abstract ask, 'why don't others have a right to have them'?

 'It never seems to occur to them that, in the real world as it exists, we are not worried because Britain or Israel have nuclear weapons, But anyone with a brain in his head should be worried that North Korea has them and that Saddam has been trying to get them.'

Dr. Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution 


'One would think that even the Iraqi military would have some soldierly code of conduct that would lead them to surrender for the sake of their nation and their nation's people. But the Special Republican Guards are a paramilitary security force made up of fanatics especially chosen by Saddam. '

'While ordinary Iraqi citizens are greeting American ground forces on the way through Basra with joy and gratitude, two large Iraqi divisions named Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar are still at large south and west of Baghdad.'

'There is tragic irony here. It was King Hammurabi who wrote the great Babylonian code of laws.  And  it was Nebuchadnezzar,  king of the Babylonian Empire, who reportedly saw the handwriting on the wall foretelling the fall of his empire.

Lawrence Kudlow is CEO of Kudlow & Co.




 It is at this point that I wish to lend some of my mystical Insight

to this whole situation of War and Peace as we are having to face it today.

Over and over as you have read or heard my thoughts in the many pages of this website and in the recorded Essays, you have heard me say, "We live in a time of massive change". There is nothing we can do about that....for what we deal with is a Cosmic Fact of Life.

We have all embodied to take advantage of the 'times' and for many reasons, personal and Spiritual, Body and Soul. Many Souls are here now for purposes of offering Service to the Cosmic and Ascended and Angelic Beings whose Work it is to bring these 'changes' in on schedule. And that Service takes many forms.

 The Cause we serve is Freedom.

Let no one doubt that cruelty and slavery and oppression is not part of the Order of the Aquarian Age. And let no one doubt that Soul Service is being given in countless ways, Body and Soul....

There are the Mystics who gather to pray and decree in order to draw Higher Energy here.

There is now a Man in the White House (George W. Bush) in Washington D C. who respects God and who has drawn about him many people also dedicated to the High Purpose of working for Freedom.

 Let us not doubt that when the time is come', God always raises up Those Who come prepared to serve the Cause of Freedom....even as was done at the inception of the American Union....even as has been done in many times past, in many places when there was a need to be met.

Or that there are the God-Warriors serving on the Battlefield....men and women who embodied specifically to aid in the physical fight for Freedom. Never doubt that sometimes we come to use our physical bodies to fight....even as sometimes we come to engage our hearts and minds in  prayer. Both have been needed many times in the past.

I believe that many Souls have come from all over the Universe to serve here at this time, in order that the old human ways can finally be finished. Humanity  (embodied Souls) began the process of misalignment with Heaven ages ago....and over the ages has created the layers of filth and degradations that exist on the Planet at this time. Now many of the same Souls have embodied again....many have come to clean up old messes and do it in the Name of God.  Once that is done, mankind  can move forward into a new mind-set of man and God, Body and Soul, working together, cooperating....making this a Planet  a much brighter place.  

Once we can accept that Idea, the reasons for much of what we see going on in various parts of the world today...ie., the  destruction that is occurring in many places on
Earth....thinking back on the destructive history of those  places, history that has created 'Etheric/energy' records which must be reversed...with some understanding of the past, 'reasons' fall into place.

In the past, many Souls embodied to serve human power and became part of the problems humanity has faced over the ages. In this time those Souls....and all Souls... are being given the chance to choose between serving man or serving God. No one can serve both. This is the separating of the Ways. And we clearly see that many still do not want to give up the human way which they do not yet perceive is no longer allowed.

The 'future' does not require and will not support, discordant activities of any kind. No use of Creative Energy will be permissible such as those that now create the scenarios in which warfare is necessary to insure Law and Order on this Planet....and certainly the brutality playing out in ancient lands will soon cease. Though it is not generally discernable yet. believe me when I say that Harmony is becoming the Law of the Land and all those who cannot be harmonious soon will not be here.

We must not fool ourselves. Everyone on the Planet is choosing whom and what they will serve

. Everyone is completely responsible for his or her own future.

 The Higher Powers are watching....and waiting....and hoping ensouled humanity gets it right. 


“If we will not fight for right when we can easily win without bloodshed;

if we will not fight when our victory is sure and not too costly; we may come to the moment when we will have to fight with

all the odds against us and only a precarious chance of survival.

There may even be a worse case. We may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because

it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” —Winston Churchill

Lois J Crawford



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