'Hold the Picture of the Violet Flame

 BLAZING through the brain structure,


the Ascended Masters' Purifying Memory

 INTO ACTION to hold that Violet Flame within the brain

 structure,  until it clears away everything which prevents

 the Higher Mental Body (the HOLY Christ Self) from coming

 into the outer self in its Fullest Capacity in order to release

 the Fulfillment of Its Divine Plan.



Beloved Quan Yin:

 Here are some of Her Thoughts and Instruction

 regarding the Power and Use of the Violet Fire:


Beloved Student, I come once again to discuss with you One of the most important Aspects of the Seventh Ray. To describe for you Its Power to transmute....Its Power to change and raise Energy that has a slow vibration into Energy of a Higher Vibration.

This is the magical, alchemical Power of this most Sacred Violet Fire. And at this time in the Earth's Evolution, the Knowledge and Use of this Sacred Fire Activity is the most important and most powerful God-Tool given to man. This great Cosmic Activity of the Conscious Use of the Flame of Mercy, Compassion and Love is the only Activity of Life that dissolves the cause, effect, record and memory of all distress ever perpetrated upon this Planet.

The Cycles move and now this Knowledge of the Violet Consuming Flame can be taught. And those of you who have been taught and who had vowed at Inner Levels to bring this Knowledge to humanity are now free to give forth this Information to all mankind. All who seek to grow Spiritually may now be shown the use of this Flame and begin to experience the Freedom that It brings to all Life, as It transmutes and purifies all Energy previously qualified with negativity, as it cleanses and raises the vibration of all Energy, and recharges It with the Cosmic Christ Love of each one's Holy Christ Self.


Now again I offer you (and through you) the following exercises to help you as you continue on using the Violet Fire in the cleansing, transmuting, purifying Process of all your Energy.

Always as you begin these exercises take a few minutes to still yourself. Then when you are in a state of ‘quiet’ ask your Christ Self to begin to slowly magnetize back to you Energy you have used in one or more previous embodiments....any Energy that is not now serving a needed or constructive purpose elsewhere....ask your Christ Self to gather It up and gradually place it within your aura to be cleansed and then recharged with Christ Light. This is not only the Way to purify and increase the Vibration of the Energy you are currently using but it the only Way to bring to the surface for the purpose of Purification past accumulations of what is often stagnant Energy that waits to be reclaimed and purified....waits to be raised into a Higher Vibration....waits to serve you again with greater Purpose..

 We begin by working with your Emotional Body.

First, you should be aware that your Emotional Body is the largest of your Energy 'bodies’ and that is where you begin to ‘feel’ the Process of "going within" toward your Heart Center. The emotional body uses the five senses to gather information,’ feeling' what is going on in every situation, critiquing all with which you come in contact. So I suggest these affirmations to you:

'I AM' THAT 'I AM' blazing the Violet Consuming Flame in Its most Powerful Purifying Power of Divine Love, In Its most Dynamic Activity into, through and around all feelings I may hold about any situation ....especially into any negative feelings I may have about any person, place, condition or thing. 

 'I AM' THAT 'I AM' commanding that any Energy I have ever used that is charged with negative human feelings be transmuted and purified, cause, effect, record and memory by the Power and Love of the Violet Consuming Flame, and that It be recharged with the Love, Wisdom and Power of Cosmic Christ Love from the Heart Flame of ‘Beloved Jesus'

In the Name of my Mighty ‘I AM’ Presence, I command my entire Being and world be Purified and then filled with the Ascended Master Consciousness of Immortal Peace, Purity and Harmony as I strive to develop emotional stability.

Now the mental body:

The Mental Body is recording whatever is experienced within your minds.... both Body and Soul minds...and contains many 'human concepts'.... as well as, hopefully some of the Divine Ideas that should be there.

 You may wish to use this Affirmation:  

‘I AM’ THAT ‘I AM’ blazing the Violet Consuming Flame into, through and around all Mental Energy especially that which contains negative thoughts concerning any person, place, condition or thing.... today or from any time in my entire Life Process.

‘I AM’ THAT ‘I AM’ by the Power and Love of the Violet Fire, consuming and transmuting, cause, effect, record and memory, EVERYTHING that darkens my Energy ....everything in my entire Being and world that contains negative human thoughts.

I AM’ THAT ‘I AM’ commanding all the Energy of my mental bodies be filled only with the Perfection of my own Beloved ‘I AM’ Presence and with the Ascended Masters' Love, Wisdom and Power and Their Divine Christ Consciousness, which is the Essence of Peace, Purity and Harmony.

 ‘I AM’ from this moment forward expressing

only Ascended Mental Clarity and Purity.  

  Now, let's consider the physical body.

In working to understand the outer self, try to be conscious of the fact that that physical form is a composite of four 'earth bodies' and that all four 'bodies of Energy' need to be carefully and constantly cared for. It is important to sweep them clean of debris on a regular basis in order to function perfectly, both Body and Soul. Where this cleansing and a recharging activity are routinely done, distress can never intrude.

Therefore I offer the following Affirmation you may wish to use as part of a daily routine in caring for the physical body:

I AM’ THAT ‘I AM’ blazing the Violet Consuming Flame, in Its most powerful, dynamic Activity, from the feet up, through and around and into every cell of my physical body, removing and consuming all human debris... cause, effect, record and memory.

‘I AM’ THAT ‘I AM’ commanding that all my Energy be recharged and filled with the Perfection of my Christ Self.

I decree that from this day forward,



From this day forward


From this day forward,


 Taking care of the Etheric body.

The Etheric body contains the Pattern of Light upon which the physical body is formed. It is a storehouse for life experiences. Generally the individual will not  have any outward awareness of the information contained within the Energy of the Etheric Body until the final Process of Awakening to the Christ Consciousness begins.

What is little understood is that the Etheric body is damaged by negative thoughts, feelings and actions which cause tears or rents in the Etheric Sheath. When this occurs the individual ‘s  Light escapes causing ill health and accidents and finally death because there is not enough pure Light left within and around the Earth bodies.

Thus, it is necessary to repair any holes or tears in the Etheric Sheath.....asking your Angels to assist you in this Work....asking the Violet Flame to dissolve and consume any discordant thoughts, feelings and actions that may be causing damage to this Garment of Light. The following Affirmations will do wonders to repair the Etheric Sheath

‘I AM’ THAT ‘I AM’ Blazing the Violet Consuming Flame, in Its most powerful Activity, into, through and around the Etheric Body, dissolving and consuming all negative etheric records of the past and present....dissolving and consuming all discordant energy-connections to any person, place, condition or thing anywhere in the Universe.

I Am asking the Holy Angels of Light to assist me in repairing any holes, tears or rents in my Etheric Sheath.

‘I AM’ THAT ‘I AM’ cutting myself free, Body and Soul, of all completed or discordant actions of the past..

‘I AM’ THAT ‘I AM’   freeing my entire Lifestream from the mistakes of the past by cleansing and purifying and raising the Vibration of all my Energy, of re-qualifying It with the Pure Love, Wisdom and Power of My Presence and with the Ascended  Master's Consciousness of Peace, Purity and Harmony.

‘I AM’ THAT ‘I AM’ providing my Christed Soul with a Perfect Etheric Vehicle for the ‘Journey of the Soul’.


Taking time everyday to give these powerful Commands to Life will soon produce AT ALL LEVELS OF YOUR BEING Perfect Peace, Ease and Comfort in all situations. You will soon begin to feel those more powerful Vibrations filling your Life.  :

 Now let Me take you one step further into the Process

 of connecting with your Holy Christ Self

 Begin by centering in your Brow chakra.....command the expansion of the Energy in that ‘all knowing Mind of God Center’....then see yourself there seated on a beautiful Lotus blossom....peaceful and calm. Observe your Energy flowing in from your Christ Self just above you...watch It flow...then allow that Energy to continue flowing downward, expanding Itself through all the Energy Centers (chakras) below....finally, you are ‘grounding’ yourself as some of your Christ Energy flows into the Earth. Feel that the Christ Energy flowing out through both your hands. In this simple exercise you Bless the Earth with the Christ Energy from above while connecting powerfully with the Mother Energy of the Earth.

Now, being completely centered and grounded, you can begin the Process of becoming One with your Holy Christ Self.

I suggest this visualization:

In this State of Peace, feel yourself....you, the Soul Spark of Divinity, feel yourself slowly rising upward. As you are entering the Radiation of the Christ Body you will feel yourself (within the Etheric Body) being enfolded in the indescribable Love of the Christ. There will be a Sparkling Golden-white Light enfolding your entire Earth Being which you will feel as a warm cloak, as a Miracle Mantle of Love's Mastery enfolding you in Its Power, in Its Illumination and Love....you will feel a Comfort that always comes from 'ascending' into this Level of Consciousness. You are touching and being touched by the Energy of the Cosmic Christ...you, the Spark of Cosmic Christness are perfecting the Earth Journey....you are beginning the final step of the Journey home. You are following the Pathway of All Who have Ascended.

Now again, I ask those of you who read this and understand these Words and who regularly use the Violet Consuming Flame as part of your Ascending Ritual. I ask you now to assist others in Awakening to this ‘Consciousness of Christness’ that is now so much a part of your Lives.

Assisting others is the Sacred Work of all those who are being taught by the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy. As you contemplate My words, I Am assisting you to enter into your own Full and Perfect Peace....the Cosmic Process that guarantees your Ascension in the Light. 

Go forward always enfolded in My Love.


'I AM'

Quan Yin



Now Beloved Nada

offers a further explanation:

'You have learned that the Sacred Violet Consuming

Flame is the most Powerful Aspect of Love, embodying

 Forgiveness, Transmutation, and Freedom for All Life.

 I wish you to know that when you call for Love or

Healing, or Illumination, these qualities come to you

 clothed in Violet Fire and thus They are never

 contaminated by human thoughts and feelings.

 Ascended Energy is never wasted....and by Its very

Nature cannot fuel a lesser vibration.


We ask you to train yourself to Consciously enfold any

 Energy you release in thought, word, or deed in

 Ascended Master Consciousness which is the Fullness

 of all Understanding of the Activities of Life.


 Before you begin any action send the Violet Fire

 before you,

Ask Violet Flame Angels to accompany you, and the

 Way will be cleared for you. You will be protected and

 Cosmically Directed.

Thus you will achieve the greatest possible results from

 your efforts.

'I AM'




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