T H E   L O V E,  W I S D O M

A N D   P O W E R   O F  G O D

An Essay

'Love is still the way'

Recently a friend wrote those philosophical words to me....and reading them caused me to examine again my Understanding of the Ultimate Meaning of that statement....wondering if when we admit that Love is the Way, we really  Comprehend the Fullness of this Love, this Love-in-Action  about which we speak  so familiarly.

There are many facets to this Equation of God and Love

and Love and God.....

beginning with our Ideas of God and  how we think we Access or Activate the Power of God through Love in our lives.

Or the Power of Love through God in our lives.

 Within much religious dogma, 'Love' in this context....Spiritual Love, we're speaking of now....seems to expect or demand from us a kind of human passivity.....a withdrawing from the physical world of action....a standing back and waiting for some supernatural action to fulfill a need through an Invisible Hand....a Hand of Love. ...without the individual getting involved other than as the recipient of the Gift of Love, however it happens to manifest.

 And sometimes Love,  the Invisible Hand of God, brings about Miracle Results. Other times this same Pure Love requires the addition of human faith and action, which then acts as the catalysts, to coalesce enough Love Energy into the Form required to fulfill the Desires or needs being addressed.


Love needs Action, Faith needs Action, physically, mentally or emotionally ....these two are the first Building Blocks of Universal Creation and the Answer to individual Prayers. Think of all the prayers that individuals believe have not been answered. Could this  reflect a passive attitude of waiting for the 'things of life' to drop into our laps after we pray....

What happens if our Love and Faith and God's Love and Wisdom  have not been invoked to enfold the prayer....What produces the Power needed to manifest our needs or desires?

 Do we believe we can wait upon Life to be more perfect without our active participation to help it become 'more Perfect. Do we pray and leave all in the Hands of God.... forgetting that through and within  the Level of Godness we already are,  we are the Hands of God through which the Answers flow. 

These passive ideas, more than any other misconceptions we may have about Godness and about Love, may act to hold back the much needed  Action of Love Energy that increases within us and around our desires as  we invoke It from Its Highest Source.

 What we want to think about here is that we do not allow a 'quiet and reverential attitude toward Love to become passivity.

And as we are enfolded in more Love to realize our responsibility to to keep It flowing and to expand It doing some of those 'Greater Things'. 

For  example, if we pray for a job....to put food on the table....we are more likely to have a job if, after we describe the situation to our Christ Selves, we get up in faith and go out and actively look for one. Physical Action expands the Power of Prayer as 'Love goes into action'  to bring us to the Perfect Solution on the physical plane.

So thinking about all of this,

I thought perhaps those of you who like to read my 'Spiritual rationales' might enjoy some additional thoughts that come up around the Origin and thus, the inherent Quality of this Spiritual Energy we call Love....

 In quiet States while in Meditation on various occasions,  I have experienced a Greater Appreciation and Understanding of the  Mind and Heart Energy of the Supreme Being...that Power  we so casually call 'God'.

I perceived  how  this 'Love' we talk of is nothing less than the Most Powerful, Personal Essence and Energy of the  Master Builder of our Universe....ie, 'God'.

As my understanding of WHO WE REALLY ARE grew, I liked comparing the Quantity and Quality of that Solar Greatness to the smaller 'Earth Energy Package' that describes each of us. This gives my human thinking some perspective.

   Contemplating the Vast Power of Love evolved

an Understanding of the Limitless Power of 'God'....and vice versa.... for I came to see....'God Energy  and Love Energy' as one and the same Cosmic Activity.

And taking those thoughts farther out,  and reasoning that within what we call 'Love',  must of necessity  be the Limitless Intelligence- in-Action  constantly at Work, further Perfecting and Evolving All that has developed from Universal God Essence and Energy....

which, by its very definition,

 must be the Highest Vibration in our Universe....

Sometimes we call it 'God', the Essence of Love....

Sometimes we call it 'Love', the Active Presence of God.

And when we declare 'Love is the Way',

and step out in that Faith, our human will works in partnership with the Will of our Indwelling Godness and we are declaring that the Energy of Love is the only Energy acting within our human affairs....

and we, the human being are opening  up to the Perfect Way for the Perfecting of all human and Soul Activity on Earth.....

Cosmic Love-in-action is the way that Godness works Its Will and Way within and through the Earth Body,  the Vehicle for the Soul Who is the Channel for Christ-in-action to manifest  on Earth.

If Body and Soul are Spiritually attuned, the Highest Activity of Love-in-Action or God-in-Action is possible.  

And reaching that stage of 'Spiritual Attunement' has always been the Challenge and the Goal of both Body and Soul. 

From Volume One...'Unveiled Mysteries'

are several paragraphs I wish to include in this Essay.....this is Beloved Saint Germain instructing Godfrey (Guy Ballard) about Love.

"Love is Harmony

and without it in the beginning of a form,

that form could not come into existence at all.

 Love is the cohesive Power of the Universe

 and without it,  a Universe could not be.

"In your scientific world, Love expresses itself, as the attractive force

between the electrons.  It is the Directive Intelligence which Wills them into form, the Power which keeps them whirling around a central core,

 and the Breath within the core that draws them to it.

 The same thing is true of each 'vortex of force' everywhere in Creation".

Here Saint Germain speaks of the atom as follows:

"The atom is an entity—a living, breathing thing—created or brought into existence by the Breath, the Love of God, through the Will of Self-Conscious Intelligence. In this way, the 'Word is made flesh.'

The machinery that Self-Conscious Intelligence uses to accomplish this manifestation of its Being is thought and feeling.

"Destructive thought and discordant feeling so rearrange the ratio and rate of speed of the electrons within the atom, that the duration of the Breath God within the pole is changed.

The duration of the Breath is decreed by the Will of the Consciousness using that particular kind of atom. If that Conscious Directing Will is withdrawn, the electrons lose their polarity and fly apart seeking their way back intelligently mind you to the `Great Central Sun,' re-polarizing themselves.

There, they receive Love only.

The Breath of God is never-ending,

and Order— the First Law, is eternally maintained.

"The constructive thought and harmonious feeling within a human mind and body are the activities of Love and Order.

These permit the Perfect Ratio and Speed of the electrons within the atom to remain permanent, and thus, they stay polarized at their particular point in the Universe,

as long as the duration of the Breath of God within their core is held steady by the Will of the Directing, Self-Conscious Intelligence using the body in which they exist.

In this way, the quality of Perfection and the maintenance of Life in a human body is always under the conscious control of the Will of the individual occupying it.

"To understand the above explanation concerning the electron and the conscious control the individual has, through his thought and feeling, to govern the atomic structure of his own body, is to understand the One Principle governing form throughout Infinity.

 When man will make the effort to prove this to himself, or within his own atomic flesh-body, he will then proceed to master himself.

When he has done that all else in the Universe is a willing co-worker to accomplish whatsoever he wills

 through Love.

Whoever makes himself willingly obedient unto the `Law of Love,'

has Perfection in his mind and world permanently maintained.

 Unto him and him alone does All Authority and Mastery belong.

He only has the right to rule because he has first learned to obey.

When he has obtained obedience from atomic structure

within his own mind and body,

 all atomic structure outside of his mind and body will obey him also".

(Saint Germain from 'Unveiled Mysteries')

The simplicity of the Idea that states that 'God is Love' and 'Love is God' leads the human mind into thinking or believing that human-heart level love equates equally with the

 'Law of Love which  is Pure God'. 

 It is true that the first part of the Idea requires  the human being to accept  and begin to learn to live the Values that  express the Attitude of  'Loving God and  Loving all others.'

But the Spiritual part is the individual internalizing and accessing the Mind of his personal Indwelling Christ Soul. With this Understanding it becomes possible for human Love to flow out enfolded in Christ Light....

 possible for the individual to express the Power of that more Transcendent Pure Love.

An individual lacking  the Knowledge of his or her Indwelling Soul has limited Understanding of the important part he is to play.

For it is through physical life that Christ Love enters the human arena....

for it takes a Body and a Soul,  consciously working together, simultaneously  calling to the 'I AM'  Presence   and Christ Nature of that Lifestream,  invoking the Love Wisdom and Power to fulfill the individual's  Goals and Desires.

On Earth the human and Soul hearts and minds must always work together to call forth from the

 'I AM' Presence and Holy Christ Self

the Highest Activity of Pure Love,

within which is the Cosmic Power that activates Christ Wisdom

And God's Pure Love always flows back when invoked.

The Call compels the Answer.

And if the Partnership of Body and Soul, human and Christ Heart and Mind invoke God Love often enough, in time that Love becomes the 'only Energy acting' in that life....

the only Power strong enough to be the Answer to either today's

 world-wide human problems, as well as the Wisdom needed to

 resolve all issues around the individual's personal ambitions and

 Spiritual Aspirations. 

Therefore, let us become the Fulfillment of  the Words of this Affirmation:

'I AM'....GOD IS ....LOVE IS

The only Energy acting in my entire Being and World.

Lois J Crawford




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