Searching for the Trees of Knowledge

Part Two

Further Suggestions for the New Student

It needs to be noted in all that is said here, it is assumed

that the student is aware that any Effort being made to master

the Knowledge of the Greater Levels of Self,

goes hand in hand with his or her effort to be the best possible kind of human


One does not preclude the is not more important than the

 other....for the integration of Body and Soul takes place only as the Energy of

 the human side of Life is balanced (mentally, emotionally, physically and

 Spiritually)  and is under the control of both Body and Soul.


When that occurs the One on the Path is naturally led to the Next Level of Life.

The Master Saint Germain makes a point of saying that knowledge in and of itself

 is useless unless put to work. That in fact, when one is granted Knowledge and

 does not 'use it', that one may create  problems for him or herself. Thus, the

 Evolved Teachers use great discretion in choosing Their Students. They do not

 'set them up to fail'! 

So to continue:

There are numerous 'Activities' upon the Planet, which are intended to raise the

 Consciousness of the Seeker in some way.

Their various Purposes may include many levels and avenues of both academic and

 Spiritual Teaching or artistic  endeavors that allow the Student to explore Ideas,

 or broaden Views of Life.

In some Way everything we do should expand the 'Light of God' within the

 individual and in the individual's locale.

For as has already been discussed, part of our Service to Life is that of

 expanding Christ Light on the Planet wherever we choose to live. 


Let's think about this:

If just once each day, everyone called for more Christ Light to come into and

 around themselves and into their locality,

think how that one small action alone, taking only moments of one's time,

 would, in short order, create a Paradise on Earth.


Desire for Truth

One of the first qualifications a Master Teacher looks for in anyone Searching for

 Truth is the sincere Desire for Truth....which will then be followed by a 'call'....a

 prayer.... for assistance....the student turning his or her attention to some Level of

 Greater Life as he or she understands it.  No sustainable Higher Progress can be

 made beyond the human endeavor without a Guide...without a Teacher Who has

 Mastered the Way..

 This is the Meaning (the Love)  behind the offer of 'Jesus' to always  be there

 for anyone who chooses to 'call' to Him for kind of Assistance that only One such

 as 'Jesus' could offer. Remember He told us, 'I AM with you always. I will never

 leave you'.


Now perhaps the Student does not know of or perhaps even believe in the

 existence of the  Spiritual Hierarchy (perhaps does not yet believe in the ever

 present Help of Those like Jesus)....still the Assistance and Aid is sent, must be

 sent, through some Higher Agency if the sincere and persistent 'call' goes

 forth....never the less the Student receives It without knowing where It came

  from, and without the benefit of being able to Consciously Experience the

 Radiation surrounding the 'Answer' that always comes enfolded in the Light

 and Personality of the more Evolved Sisters and Brothers Who have answered

 'the call'.

Now speaking directly to and answering the one whose questions prompted these


 Please understand that nothing is ever done by the Ascended or unascended

 Masters of Light or Their Brotherhoods which would interfere in the natural

 evolution of an individual or a group, for this would be an interference with 'free

 will and choice' and not in accordance with the Cosmic Law.

I would urge you to search for that Level of Truth that resonates for you

and will help you on your Pilgrimage, Body and Soul and suggest you not seek

 Knowledge just for the sake of satisfying the human

 curiosity for this is a waste of your Energy and it fills the mind with seldom, if

 ever, used facts and information which then obscures your true Focus.

Your personal progress, as well as that of any of mankind,  does not have to be

 complicated nor difficult. Remember the old adage,

'If thine Eye be single'....better said would be,

If thy focus be singly on the 'I AM'.

If one could keep that 'focus' all else would fall into place.


Thus, there is a Cosmic Purpose for the Evolved Teachers who maintain

 contact with the Earth Plane. Their Work is to take the serious Student

into the Higher Vibratory Planes. One cannot go There without an Ascended Guide.

So the first part of the Student's Spiritual Effort is to evolve to the point of

 attracting the Attention of one of Those Ascended Guides.

The ability to accept from One's Guides the simple, practical God-Gifts of Truth

 is of primary importance, for if one cannot receive, understand and then utilize

 the simple Levels of Higher Instruction, then that one is not only wasting his

 own time....but that of the Guide's as well....

and shortly, the Student will be on his own again until he or she comes to

 the point of Understanding that again allows Higher Instruction to be given.   

At the beginning of the Christian Dispensation, the Master Jesus said, 'You shall

 know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!

He is quoted as saying  'I AM ( God is) the Way, the Truth and the Life.

No man comes unto the Father (their own Mighty God Presence) but by Me',

(meaning, by the Truth).

There was nothing personal meant by the Master in that or in His many other

 Statements. He was simply offering His Ascended Consciousness that contains

 All Truth. He was offering His Illumined Consciousness to mankind for the

Freeing of their Souls....Neither Jesus nor any other Higher Being can free the

 Soul from human bondage. It is up to each one, Body and Soul to consciously and

 gratefully accept Their Help.

It is up to each one to work for his or her own Soul Freedom.

Personal application is the only Way to freedom for the Soul.

However, each individual (Body and Soul) has the choice to remain in the darkness

 of his or her own human consciousness until Life forces a change.


All mankind will eventually come to know the Truth. All will eventually accept the

 Truth. And that Truth will set them free, Body and Soul!

That Truth is that the 'I AM' Presence of each one is 'The Way'

of which 'Jesus' spoke .

'The Way' to the 'I AM' Presence is reached through acknowledging the Holy

 Christ Self. The Spark of Light within  every heart is a

Spark of that is the immortal connection to Almighty God.

This is 'the Christness' the Master 'Jesus' demonstrated.

He came to 'show and tell' mankind that this Christ Light is

 embodied in each one...that the Consciousness within that Holy Christ Light is the

Christed Soul which is generally dormant in most human forms.

 He was teaching mankind how to activate that Christness within the human self.

 And ever since mankind has been advised to 'put on the mind' that was the

 'Christed Mind of Jesus'....


Today every person, Body and Soul, is moving forward

toward this Light of Ultimate Victory of attaining Christhood.


This is the Truth of Our Time and it forms the Nucleus around which

The Immaculate Concept of Life for each Soul is formed.

It is the Ultimate Truth for each Lifestream.



Thus, dear student, our responsibility to Life today is two fold:

First, to hold the Immaculate Concept of Perfection for ourselves

and for all mankind at all times.

When faced with human activities that seem less than Perfect,

to stay in touch with our Christ Selves, always  going There for our Answers.


Secondly, we are to call for the Violet Consuming Flame ( not worrying whether

 we entirely understand this Activity or not)....just call forth that Consuming

 Flame of God

and Blaze It through ourselves and all outer appearances.

Thus we can restore Divine Order within ourselves and in the world without.


Finally: If you feel unable to penetrate the outer 'illusion',

go within the Silence of your Heart.

In that quiet, call to your  I AM Presence to  release

a wave of Christ Light through you .

As a Momentum of the Cosmic Christ Energy sweeps through you,

Divine Truth will  be perceived.

It is then up to you to accept It

and use It

and finally, to become It.



Lois J Crawford




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        These words were written to encourage

                           two new Students on the Path.