We have just lived through, digested and accepted within an approximate one hundred and fifty year period,  such creative scientific and mechanical feats of mind and hand, that the average one of us is no longer astounded by new technology. We are interested, but no longer astounded.

During the same period of time humanity has been experiencing an equal resurgence of Basic Spiritual Awakening to Truth outpicturing as the Natural Spiritual Activities within the Universe in which we live....Truth that includes Knowledge of the Indwelling Christ Soul. For many as yet, the validity of these Ancient and Original Truths is still emerging.

And while twentieth century mechanical advances may indeed have been new technology never before brought forth on Earth, it is certain that the Spiritual Growth that is manifesting Itself within all of humanity, whether realized or otherwise...that Growth is the Natural Expansion of the Creative Force that holds the Universe together...the Creative Force that exists and is responsible for Life within each body. The immediate level of Creative Force with which the human being comes in contact is the Body's own Indwelling Spark of Life...

The Soul. 

The Christ Soul, to be exact.

It is logical to believe that 'Creative Force' has existed forever...

that 'Creative Force' is the Motive Power, the Mother Power behind all Form....

It is logical to believe that the Soul Itself is a Feminine Creative Force.

 Itself a Creative Cosmic Christ Power.

Today what we see 'taking place' at both human and Spiritual Levels is nothing less than the Continuation of a Creative Master Plan aimed at both Soul and Earth Evolution....that in our time is taking a very visible leap forward.

We saw one of those Leaps....a Leap of Faith.... two thousand years ago when One we know as Jesus was sent to bring in the next Wave of Information needed by humanity at that time in order for the Creative Master Plan for Souls to move forward....which It spite of everything or anybody. Many times in the past, the slate containing the records of Earth has had to be wiped in The Flood or Atlantis...

But history reveals that 'God' has never given up on the Plan that involves this Planet and the Souls Who matriculate here....even when it means starting over with a New Approach.

Two thousand years ago the Energy used by humanity  had been thrown out of balance on Planet Earth by the vast amount of killing and conquering and enslaving  that was then and had been the norm among the peoples of Earth for thousands of years. That had skewed the Original Energy  of Pure Love to the negative side of hate and destruction and desperation, leaving the people of the planet unprotected from the most barbaric of forces. 

To counter-act the negative force and implement the Divine Plan,  the Creative Force we know as, God, sent a 'powerful Jesus', a Messenger, a Savoir to Earth. This Savoir came enfolded in Powerful Cosmic Christ Energy. The Plan called for the individuals of that time, most of whom were self-destructing, to be given a chance to Save Themselves, Body and Soul. In addition, the Plan laid out New Teaching for the evolution of the Soul Itself. All This would be possible if  people could be taught the Fundamentals of Christness.... both as it exists in the Heart of God and as it exists, anchored in the heart of each physical being.

Now. The Idea of Christness, operating within the physical vehicle, was a new Idea to most of humanity at that time. Before that time, this Teaching of our  Christ Natures was given only to a few individuals as they became Spiritually ready. Now that Teaching was to be made available to everyone on the planet ....and everyone was expected to use it.

And over the intervening two thousand years many of humanity have internalized that Teaching of Christness....activating It  within themselves....and enough have been living their lives within the context of that Information that the Way has been prepared for the next Wave of Information.

Yes, a study of history shows that humanity has come a long way since those destructive times of two thousand years ago. Today the Christ Message is taught in thousands of churches all over the world. It still struggles for Its perfect Realization....Its Perfect Expression.... but It is alive and well and expanding in millions of hearts.

Today we speak casually of clairvoyance and clairaudience, of natural or 'faith' healing. We are discovering again, that such ancient and inherent Soul Faculties (God Faculties) lie waiting to be found and used within the physical vehicle....

Man is re-discovering Godness within himself .....

The physical self is activating the Soul Partner.

We are living in the time of that Next Wave....and mankind's understanding of Life has come a long way!  Consider how many of the religious ideas or superstitions of just the previous last century are now rejected. Or  have explanations.

Through the Efforts of those who have, during the last century, called forth the Cosmic Light to cover the Planet, the 'dirty' energy is being removed....that ancient energy soiled by humanity....that energy that has fueled dictators for thousands of years....that human creation of the Ages is being consumed and transmuted.... to be replaced by a New Christ Force that is flowing onto the Planet to take its place. The constructive people are being freed and protected.

 In times past every man, every nation had to live for himself/itself....survival was the priority. And hate and killing were considered legitimate to survival. There is still some of that occurring on the planet....but that is soon to change.

The Incoming Cosmic Christ Wave brings with It a New Understanding of Life that  many of us are able and are ready to implement. This New Understanding operates within an Energy  Dimension of Christ Love....the Love taught by the Savior,  the Love that extends Caring beyond ourselves.

What is happening is that we are opening ourselves, mentally and emotionally,

 Body and Soul

  to Ancient Original

 Spiritual Truth,

 We are coming face to face with the Knowledge and Reality of


We have come face to face with the Reasons to embrace


We have come to the time and the place in which we are expected to put into practice

 the Full Spiritual Meaning of


Many years ago there was an Essay in which I wrote...

 “Let us speak of Love....Divine Love....not so much the emotional human side of love, but rather the Love that gives us form and Life....that leads us and gives us purpose. It is that Love, that Greater than human Love that requires our understanding and self-discipline if we are to translate it into human action. What we do with our lives needs to contribute to the growth, both human and Spiritual, of ourselves as well as our Brothers and Sisters. What we call Divine Love involves extending ourselves....using our human and Spiritual Energy to “give” rather than to “get”....knowing that no effort on our part occurs in a vacuum....that when we give in a Spirit of Divine Love, we move Divine Energy in a positive Circle that benefits both the human and Spirit on Earth and God in His Many Mansions. 

As we aspire to activate the Greater Love in our daily lives, we do it in many ways. In its simpler human activities, it involves Compassion for our fellowman.

But as we progress Spiritually and begin to activate Love in Its Higher Aspect, both human and Soul require more Information and Training. Thus, we are taught to exercise constant self examination. We accept the dawning Realization of our Inherent Responsibility to the Highest Godness, of which We are a Part.

 This brings us to a place where Spiritual Discipline is the Path we walk to Higher Spiritual Ground. We learn through our experience that other Paths may bring momentary pleasure, but inevitably they will always be fleeting. And we do come to those forks in the road that give us the choice to do whatever we do within an Inner Heart Desire to serve and help. We do come to that time when we are ready to unconditionally give of ourselves. It is then that we begin to extend and expand the Love that is our Life, wherever we are. It is that simple. 

I believe extending Godness....expanding Godness, however we do it , demonstrates our Understanding and Appreciation of Life. We evolve humanly and Spiritually ....and in the process we do our part to raise all Life everywhere. 

I believe Divine Love is self-replenishing. The more we nurture others, the more we are is impossible to do for another, without doing for ourselves. Divine Love is our Power....the Power we use on Earth as we involve ourselves in the human arena.

 Love is the Essential Power Ingredient in the pursuit of a successful life whatever we doing....wherever we are doing it. And our God-Power increases exponentially as we proceed on our Life Journey extending and expanding Love as we go. 

I believe in Loving and Caring for our fellow men and women. Opening our Hearts to Care for God's People is the surest Way into His Heart.

 And all interactions among people offer us the opportunity to work at Loving. And  we can do it in a million ways. We do it by sharing ourselves....sharing our special interests and talents....time, energy and resources.

I  Love to share these Ideas with all of you.

 Eventually we all make Loving Life our Goal as we reach for Higher Goals.

 It is probably correct to say we have all fallen short of having loved enough in any life experience. That, perhaps, we have not realized the need to love enough to accomplish the great Goal of finishing our work on the Earth Plane. It is safe to say that most of us haven’t yet loved enough to achieve our Christhood. But perhaps, this is the time in which we will achieve our full God-potential. 

Love is a mystery to some....both human love and Divine Love. And particularly so in this period of time when so many live intellectually....always in their heads...identifying only with the mental processes....and with those things that can be seen or felt or used in a physical way.

Humanly there are dimensions of Love that are difficult to understand and explain. How do we explain or describe the feelings coming from our hearts, touching us and giving us inexplicable Spiritual sensations or longings or reactions....clearly there is more to Love than just our human actions and reactions.

 Eventually we find the Answers within our Selves, where we recognize the Cosmic Energy of Love. We know That Love when It fills us with Courage, Gratitude, Fortitude, Gentleness, Compassion and Joy ....and causes tears to fill our eyes at the sight of Nature’s beauty or humanity's goodness....and causes our hearts to overflow with the most exquisite feelings at the sight of loved ones. 

 Divine Love will not be hard to recognize or explain when we know



When we understand that the Divine Reason we are here on Earth is to









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