Let There Be Light!

  Let the Individualized Christ Spark burst into Flame blazing the Cosmic Fire of

 the Father and Mother Love over the Earth

 Let all Life work together that that Cosmic Love, Wisdom and Power of God,

 may reveal Itself.

 Let the Light of God that Never Fails be fully  activated on Earth.

 May all of humanity know that there is a Flame within every human heart that is connected directly to 'Supreme Godness'....knowing that that Flame  is the Pure  Love of God.

 From the time of our first incarnation, until we finally progress into the Higher Levels of Service, the Christ Consciousness which is the Soul Consciousness within that Flame, that Christ Mind works to expand the fullness of God's Love from the Higher Realms into the Earth Life of the individual.

 We, an Immortal Being of Christ Consciousness, We embody here to magnetize and expand Christ Love to the Earth. We embody to become a human/Soul Partnership serving Life on this Planet.

This is Sacred Work. And We have volunteered to do it,

And sometimes we, the individual are overwhelmed by this Responsibility of expanding the Sacred Fire of Truth upon the Earth. But it is important that we know, if we accept this Mission to expand Truth, we are expanding Greater Godness within the Consciousness of all men who will accept It, and who will work to prove this God-Truth upon the Earth!

 It is our Sacred Service, our Cosmic Duty to work with and expand the Sacred Fire in any and all of Its many varied Manifestations and to bear witness to the Truth wherever our human/Soul Journey takes us.

Those individuals who call forth the Sacred Fire Purity of Cosmic Love with the desire to balance all Energy on  Earth will be enfolded in the Cosmic Truth of that Sacred Fire Love. This will start the Process of raising their Consciousness to help them receive the Truth of the Sacred Fire. Then in using the Transmuting Flame of the Violet Fire, to further 'prepare the way' further prepare them to achieve their desire to help with anchoring on Earth the New Cycle of Spiritual Freedom. The Violet Flame exists as part of our Three-fold Heart Flame,.And as we work with any aspect of the Sacred Fire, our efforts are more effective when Violet Flame Purification precedes our efforts.

In order to be able to expand the Gifts of  Spiritual Freedom on Earth, these Gifts must first be firmly anchored in the individuals own Lifestreams!

As we give recognition to It, The Threefold Flame in our hearts motivates us to serve unceasingly for the redemption of the Earth and all Life upon her! The balanced action of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power strengthens us, Body and Soul as we walk the Path of Mastery. The Love, Wisdom and Power of the Great White Brotherhood  enfolds all who seek for Truth as  each applies the Instructions of the Master Teachers in this Process of daily living. It is a process of learning to place all we are on the Sacred Altar of the Most High Living God, represented by the Three fold Flame in our hearts, and letting Sacred Truth reveal Itself to our Inner Vision and Hearing.

As we serve Life we learn to consciously affirm that

 'I AM', Body and Soul, One with the Christ, my own 'I AM' Presence' and that all that I require as I continue upon the Pathway in the Service of the Light is provided and if I keep on, keeping on in the Service of all that is Good and Right and True, I will be led to my Perfect Service on my Journey back into the Heart of Supreme Beingness, 'God'.                                    

If we doubt that we are ultimately responsible for everything that happens in our lives, it is at this point that we accept the Truth that our futures depend on our actions, past and present....that we are responsible for every thought, feeling, word, action, for everything we have ever experienced since we were nothing more than a tiny Spirit Spark.....that all we have ever done with the Energy given into our hands has and is creating the individual we now are.

Many of us have now begun a Spiritual Quest to find Freedom from human confusion, coupled with a desire for Spiritual Enlightenment. We are learning that the essential part of the Process is to 'become' One with our Inner Christ which exists within the human form as a Three fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power, which are the three Gifts given by the Magi to a tiny Babe lying in a manger two thousand years ago. If we awaken to 'who we really are' and activate these Great Gifts of God and use Them in the Wonderful Journey of Self Mastery, all then evolves according to the Divine Plan of every individual.

Our Divine Plan contains the Blueprint outlining our individual Sacred Service and our entire lives evolve as we learn to use these Blessings, Body and Soul, at the right time and in the Perfect Way, in the Process of expanding the Christ within us and then growing our Christhood to Its full stature.

 This is the Way that 'Jesus' taught and this will continue to be the Way through all eternity!  


Lois J Crawford



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