Speaking now to those of you who walk the Pathway of Light

 and who know or wish to know more about Who We Really Are,

 Body and Soul, and wish to know the Purpose for our Being,

 let us now speak of Service:

For Service is not only a Victory of Love

but is always the Natural Law of Being.

From the moment an Individualization of the Eternal Flame takes place and that unique Spark of Pure Godness, a small but powerful 'I AM' Presence, comes into existence, Its God Personality is Eternal and It becomes an outpost of God-in Action expressing that Personality wherever It is.

Thus each one of us, each individual is an Extension of the Universal 'I AM' Presence and we exist, wherever we are in the Universe, as Rays of Cosmic Christness, Expressions of Almighty God-Love with the Cosmic Responsibility for expanding that Immortal Three-fold Flame of Cosmic Love, Wisdom and Power that lives within the heart of our physical being.

  'Love' describes the Essence of the individuated Flames of God. That Love creates 'God-balance' wherever The 'I AM' Flames are expressing Themselves anywhere in the Universe. Those Flames exude nothing but Gratitude for the Privilege of using Life in whatever manner and place They choose to manifest Their Free Will. Many have chosen to embody a Bit of Themselves, placing a Christed Soul in a physical form, thus creating and accepting the responsibility for sustaining a human existence on Earth. This is done  in order that The Love, Wisdom and Power of the God-head may be  further expanded within the Galaxy....within the Universe. This expanding God-Understanding and Illumination  raises  the Consciousness of both physical Body and God-Soul and moves all Life forward within Its Divine Plan.

Humanly, the law of one's Life, Body and Soul is Obedience to The Christ and Service before Self to man and his God.

Thus the embodied Soul is offered the appropriate opportunities to serve the Life of this Planet in all its varied forms. If the human being understands this Concept of Service, then the Life Activity of the embodied Soul becomes a Constructive Expression of the Will of God. All  human activity becomes an ever expanding outpouring of Love, Wisdom and Power.

In this way there is created on Earth an increasing  Reservoir of Christ Energy through the expansion of the Light of the individuated Flame, the 'I AM' Presence. That 'Presence' sends a Ray of Itself wherever it wishes to give Service. In the case of serving the needs of the Planet. it creates the Body of Christ Light which then becomes the Life Energy of the Immortal Christ Soul embodied within the physical body.

The immediate challenge of the human being is to keep its focus on its Christness. There in lie the answers to all that the human mind seeks to understand. If the human is properly focused, there is no sense of struggle. Human struggle comes from the individual being out of sync with its Christed Soul. The human looks at the physical world and thinks it must cope with all the annoyances....with all the evil that is there. The responsibility of the human is to stay focused within its Christness....it is then the responsibility of the Soul to stay focused on Greater Godness for that is where the Answers lie....that is where the Desires of God can be accessed. The Desires of God are all that matter. The small human mind rarely ever gives a thought to the Desires of God.  

The human being/mind seeks to conquer anything that bothers it....seeks to understand what does not need to be understood for it is of the physical and not of God. When the focus is only on the Mighty 'I AM' Presence of the individual....when the Soul is allowed to give its unique Service as the extension on Earth of that 'I AM' Presence, all else ceases to matter.  Then there is only God-in Action in the world of the individual human/Soul Partnership....now man and Christ are in sync with Greater Godness, serving the Purposes and Desires of the Greater 'I AM' Presence of the Universe. 

Lois J. Crawford