Lois Crawford recording thoughts coming to her from
Beloved Saint Germain,
regarding Service
Oct. 17, 2006
 California USA   
when I asked you to go to Chile in 2006, to go not once but twice within a few months,
it was to use you to expand my Cosmic Consciousness around My Students there
who are Awakened and who would  recognize, accept and pay their respects to Our Ascended Energy.
Do I need to say again  how much the whole world depends on the Our being able to connect with Lifestreams
embodied now....with those who are capable of being Carriers of the Greater Activities of Light of which we are the
Custodians and Directors.
You have long been aware of how much We must depend on each individual Who knows about Us....
on each one Who connects with Us through the Belief and Faith that We do exist and understands our Purpose
and what We can and must do on this Planet and for this Planet at this time.
 Our Ways may seem to be extraordinary and even doubtful to those who must see with their physical eyes
before they can believe and accept our Help of offer their services. But there are those who Intuitively know Us...
who Believe in Us and understand the Necessity for our being here....there are those who understand the need to participate with Us, not only in raising  and expanding the Consciousness of themselves
but of participating in raising the Consciousness of humanity in general.,
 Those who know about their  'I AM' Presence and about the Ascended Hierarchy...
It is to those We turn.... to those of our Students
who are working to purify and raise their own Energy....
it is those We depend upon....We must depend upon....
 and it is to those We come, visibly and invisibly, 
when there is certain Work to be done.
Thus, in the case of Our ongoing effort to Expand the Christ Light
 in South America, We have come to those who know Us or about Us.
And so it was no accident that a number of years ago We put you in touch with several
 of our Students in Santiago, Chile. It was no accident that they invited you to come to Santiago to be their
honored guest at a Conference they were planning for the Purpose of celebrating My  May 1st. Ascension Day.
It was no accident that you were asked to create a book to bring the book 'Unveiled Mysteries'
to the attention of the Chilean students,
Many students in South America still know very little about the Efforts of My Beloved Lotus and Godfre,
my Beloved Guy  and Edna Ballard, without whose efforts there would be no 'I AM Activity' in any of its variations .
Few know how Guy and Edna Ballard agreed to be My Messengers to bring into the Light of Day
the Information about the 'I AM' Presence and about the Violet Flame to mankind.
Fewer yet know that Beloved Edna Ballard offered her Services to record, preserve and publish 
the Information imparted to the Ballards by the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy.
It was not without Herculean Effort on her part that the books and the magazine, pictures and pamphlets
were written and published for the use of the Students.
 After Beloved Guy Ballard's Ascension,
 she dedicated the remainder of her physical embodiment to the Service of keeping
our Words and Instruction available for the people. It was not a small undertaking.
When you said ' yes' to the invitation to participate in this Project of reintroducing 'Unveiled Mysteries'
to the South American Students, you opened yet another door from the physical plane, 
allowing Us to walk through into your world. We came with a Plan to allow you to become known to the South American 
 'I AM' Students in Santiago. None of this happened by accident.
You have been trained in Our Service your whole Life. You are aware that We must depend
on individuals like you to accomplish certain physical activities on this Planet.
Thus, We have asked you to make known to Students everywhere that they must keep their 'doors' open
from their side to enable Us to assist any of them personally....or to work with them if they  wish to offer their Services to Us.
 Thus the very important aspect of life style....of meditation, of prayers and decrees..
It is Students like yourself, those who have chosen to be in close contact with the Greater Worlds
that Powerful Channels are formed, allowing Information and Radiation to flow between Dimensions.
Through our Students We develop Cosmic Rainbows over which We send the Light of
 Wonderful Activities of Love from Heavenly Planes where Great Beings are constantly pouring out
 Their Cosmic Essence. Many Great Cosmic Beings constantly expand the Light of Love on Earth....
ever more so if those on Earth will ask for It.    
Thus, through the Ages, many evolved Souls....Greater and Lesser....
have embodied to carry the Messages and the Greater Radiation that has to be delivered, not only to
sustain Life  on Earth but to give additional Assistance to Life here through increased Cosmic Energy Activity
 whatever Life Force is developing and evolving on the Earth during a given time.
Two thousand years ago, the Ones you know as Beloved Jesus and Mary came with Others
to deliver not only a Powerful Message but to cover the Earth with their Cosmic Love which continues today
to be one of the Greatest Blessings available to mankind, particularly for those who do not yet know
about their own Mighty 'I AM' Presence.
I send these 'thoughts' to you for your personal, and Allan also, have wondered
 if your efforts in Chile have been of any significant value. Let Us assure you that through the two of you,
 We were able to strengthen the resolve and the dedication to the Work of the Hierarchy within
the Spiritual Community of Chile and ultimately it will spread throughout South America.....
indeed throughout the world, for the Light of God, given an opening
continues to expand and spread out,  covering everything in Its  Path. 
I told you when I asked you to go to Chile this year
that I would be by your side every step of the way.....every moment....
that you, and Allan, also would be entirely enfolded in my Miracle Mantle of
Violet Flame Love....and so you were....and so you are...
And every time you hugged an individual, they were also hugged by Me....
and you enfolded them not only in your Love....
but in My Miracle Mantle of Ascended Love....
every time you kissed one of those Blessed Ones, I kissed them....
and thus, 'two or more of Us acting in His Name', have greatly expanded what is already
a Powerful Focus of Ascended Energy there. This could only happen by the joining together of
 'embodied man and God' to bring about Christ Miracles of Perfection on Earth.
 You on Earth Who love God and We, in Other Realms,
 We Who are joined in a Holy Partnership
were and are engaged in bringing about Christ Miracles of Perfection on Earth.
Ascended Life can not do it alone....the Law does not allow it,
and as yet, embodied Souls on Earth do not have the Power to do it alone....
We must be joined in Cosmic Action if God's Divine Plan is to be realized here.
Yes, your journey was successful and will have far reaching consequences....
We on our Side, can hardly find Words to thank you and Allan enough.
We Bless you both with all We are....We thank you for listening.
'I AM' always by your side and as close as your thoughts of Me
'I AM' always by the side of Those who turn their faces to Me...
Please tell any who will listen to you that
 communicating with Me or any of the Ascended Host is as simple
 as 'listening' for Our Thoughts.
'I AM' Saint Germain ....
speaking also for Others Who are involved
with the expanding of God's Light on this Planet.
Lois J. Crawford