‘Perfection’ is possible

for every Soul on the Earth. 

 ‘Soul Perfection’ is the attainment of the Ascension



Soul Freedom from human limitation is ours if we will dare, (Body and Soul), to use the Violet Consuming Flame.

This will free us, the embodied Soul, from old human concepts, free us from our karmic accumulations of centuries, free us from old race beliefs of ages.

We, Body and Soul, can be free from anything human that has ever disturbed us. By using the Violet Flame we can blast ourselves free from all human negativity. We do not have to yield one atom of our Christ Power to any ungodly human suggestion.


How do we do this?


To paraphrase Edna Ballard: As heat melts wax until it drops away by its own weight, and as the heat increases, the wax ignites, being consumed by the Fire, so does the Violet Consuming Flame melt away the impure substance in the physical, emotional and mental bodies. It can be visualized pouring through the earth bodies and through the aura for a distance of about three feet in every direction.

The action which takes place in the Use of the Violet Consuming Flame is that It increases the vibratory action of the substance in the earth bodies to a rate in which no discord nor imperfection can exist....for these conditions can only exist in the lower rates of vibration.


Therefore in the Use of the Violet Consuming Flame, which is the Cleansing, Harmonizing, Uplifting and Illumining Activity of the Sacred Fire, the individual has the Ascended Masters’ Power to bring everything in his being and world into Divine Order, Harmoniously and Permanently.



Thus, we are told that aside from the Explanation of what and where our God Self is....our Mighty 'I AM' Presence is....the greatest possible Assistance and Blessing to mankind on this Earth is the Ascended Master Instruction concerning the Use of the Violet Consuming Flame.

Through Its use, we Souls are enabled to burn off the undesirable substance that has gathered around the points of light of our physical bodies, the mental, emotional and etheric bodies, gradually increasing the Light of God around and within all those levels of ‘self, thus creating a vehicle suitable for the Divine Work of the Godness, the Soul, that lives within that vehicle.


We must remember that it is our Soul, not our physical self

that is striving for Perfect Action within the material plane.

But in order to do this the Soul must strive to increase the Light within its vehicle, its human partner, in order that the Energy of the physical Body is in harmony with the Embodied Christness, the Soul....that together as one unit they may walk the Path of Greater Enlightenment...that is, they may ‘matriculate' within the higher Levels of Consciousness....moving one by one into Dimensions of Greater and Greater Light and Purity....until finally the Soul is prepared to move out of the physical body and ascend alone into those Rarified Planes where It is reunited with Its 'I AM' Presence....


All this ‘Lightening Up’ is a gradual process....Body and Soul gradually evolving into and through the various Planes or Octaves of Greater Vibration until the Souls fulfills all Its obligations and responsibilities on Earth.


The Soul therefore is always trying to inspire its human partner to focus on Godness....particularly on it’s own 'I AM' Presence.

So that through striving together for Greater Understanding, Body and Soul....striving for those Greater Levels of Enlightenment/Perfection, eventually the Partnership does arrive at that time and place that allows the Soul to be free forever from further incarnations...unless the Soul chooses to serve mankind and the Earth again using a human did the Beloved Jesus....and that’s another story.


  So in addition to all else we do to be Enlightened human beings, we must also dissolve and have consumed all our discontent and mistakes that have registered through the physical vehicle....any discordant creation of any life experience....all negativity must be burned away and replaced with the Sacred Christ Fire....with Purity of the Christ....with Soul Enlightenment....which is what those who have ascended have done.


 Every human/Soul Partnership must do the same thing, sometime, somewhere in order to come out from under the heavy burden of past mistakes....and be free forever from the chains of the past and present that bind the Soul to Earth.


Now back to the Violet Flame


As we come to have an understanding of these very important issues,

we then have to know how to proceed in our Lightening Up Process.


We begin by asking for the purifying action of the Violet Flame

 ....that It be activated within and around us.....remember we have to 'ask'...because then the Holy Christ Self (Higher Mental Body) goes into action by reaching up to the 'I AM' Presence to draw forth the 'asked for' Quality of Sacred this case the Violet Consuming Flame and that begins the projecting and sustaining of the Violet Consuming Flame in, through and around the physical body and all Energy connected with that body.


The Violet Flame is one of the Seven Mighty Rays....

It is a Flame of Pure Divine Love coming directly from the Heart of God.

We, Body and Soul can call It into dynamic action to produce the dissolving and consuming action of this Mighty Flame within and around us. Our 'I AM' Presence draws this Energy and Substance of Divine Love from the Great Central Sun, and concentrates It into a Flame, which It then blazes into, through and around our bodies and auras.


Our part is always to hold the picture of It passing through our minds, bodies and auras....seeing It burn up and consume all that is less than God Good.


Beloved Arcturus tells us:

'When you use the Violet Consuming Flame from the feet up, rushing up through the body and the atmosphere about you, It is the Purifying Love and Power to sweep out the substance which has been discordantly qualified. It is the vibratory action in the atmosphere about you to sweep out the discordant conditions in your own feeling world. It consumes the substance thrown off by discordant feelings of others around you.

When this Flash of the Violet Consuming Flame goes through, It purifies the substance and stills the Energy in the emotional body. Then when the Unfed Flame (in the heart)  expands and goes forth through the brain structure, It unites with the Seven-Fold Flame in the forehead which controls the intellectual faculties of the mind. In that added Power or ONENESS of the Sacred Fire within the Life Stream, discord cannot enter.'


So then...the Presence goes into action, blazes that Flame into through and around us, and the Violet Consuming Flame dissolves and purifies all unnecessary and all discordantly qualified substance. It purifies all the Energy we, the Soul, have used in any of our Earth Journeys....and since we may have embodied thousands of times....we may have left a long trail of Energy containing substance that needs to be cleansed and raised into a Higher Vibration. The Violet Consuming Flame does this by increasing the vibration of the Energy of the four earth bodies.


Again, I repeat Edna Ballard’s words, ‘The Violet Consuming Flame is a Raising, Transforming, Purifying, Vivifying Activity of Pure Divine Love from the Heart of God...the Great Central Sun....

which is the Mighty 'I AM' Presence of Infinity.’


So we have called to God, our 'I AM' Presence, asking that the Violet Flame be blazed through every cell of our minds, bodies, beings and worlds.....knowing that That Action of Powerful Cosmic Light will burn out of our Lives all that does not serve God....and the vacuum created is then filled with the Pure Christed Energy, Light and Perfection of our 'I AM' Presence...and that is Energy that can never be requalified with any future negative thought, feeling or action.     


The Eternal Law of Life is that each one of us must purify the Energy of our own Lifestreams by our own Conscious Application....and we do that by using the Violet Consuming Flame....

being aware that no one can do this for us.

If we have ever created ‘imperfections’, we are responsible for ‘uncreating’ them, using the purifying Power of Divine Love, which is the Violet Flame.

As we purify the substance and energy within and around our earth bodies....mental, emotional, physical and etheric...we quiet ‘the whirls of vibratory action in our emotional body, dissolve the impurities in the flesh and consume any wrong thought patterns in our mental body. This last allows us to establish habits of constructive thinking, feeling and speaking.


We are encouraged to USE, USE, USE the Violet Consuming blaze It into all our personal blaze It throughout the world to burn up all human consciousness and in its  place, flood the world with Christ Consciousness...which will awaken mankind to each one’s own God Potential.


The Violet Flame is a Cosmic Activity of Purification that had to be released to mankind from the Ascended Masters' Octave of Life before Divine Justice could come to Earth....and before the Cosmic Balance demanded by Life/God could take place to free mankind from destructive human activities. 


So again how do we use it? 


We call to our Presence and 'ask' for the release of the Ascended Master Outpouring of this Violet Flame in, through and around all we do.

We ask that Its Action be Self-sustained in such an Onrush of Christ Perfection that nothing withstands its Presence and Power.

We then hold the picture of the Violet Consuming Flame in and about our minds, bodies, homes, business, our country and around the people of the world....doing this as many times a day as the idea comes to us. We will in this way, in time, become aware of this Flame, blazing in and around us and all we contact.


Our responsibility is always to stay be conscious of being surrounded by a great Pillar of Violet Consuming Flame....(described as the shade of the violet neon signs)....visualizing the Flame flowing from our feet upward through our bodies to the top of our heads, continuing upward to our own 'I AM' Presence.


We can acknowledge and say often,


‘I AM’ always a Gigantic Pillar of the Violet Consuming Flame of Pure Divine Love, that transcends all human concepts and that forever pours out through me all the Ascended Master Victory and Christ Perfection from within Its Heart.’


Finally we remember to give Praise and Thanks to our own God Presence, Who through our Holy Christ Self, projects the Flame and always answers our every Call.



Now Words of Wisdom from a Great Cosmic Being....

from 'Unveiled Mysteries'


'Beloved Children of the One Mighty God.

Knowest thou not the Life thou art using is from the 'One Supreme Presence' ....Eternally Pure, Holy and Perfect?

If thou doest aught to mar the Beauty and Perfection of that One Life, thou cuttest thyself off from the Gifts of thy God.

Thy Life is the Sacred Jewel of thy God's Love...the 'Source' of the Secrets of the Universe.

Thy God doth trust thee with His Own Heart's Light.

 Cherish It! Adore It!

Let It ever expand unto greater Light and greater Glory!

Thy Life is the 'Pearl of Great Price'  

Thou art the keeper of God's Wealth.

See thou use It for Him only and know thou hast received the 'Light of Life' for whose use thou shalt give an accounting.

Life is a continuous Circle.....If thou dost create That which is like unto thy 'Source' and knoweth His Love and Peace within thee, if thou useth thy Powers of Creation to bless only, then as thou dost move around thy Circle of Existence, thou wilt know the Joy of Life and unto It shall be added Greater Joy.

If thou dost NOT create like thy  'Source',

 thine evil shall return unto thee with more of it kind.

Thou alone chooseth thy destiny and thou alone answereth to thy God for thy use of  'Life', thy Being. The Great Law no one can escape. Long have I proclaimed this Law of Life.

The Law of 'Thyself' thou art unto thyself, because thou canst always come unto thy God if thou desireth the Perfection of Life.'



Lois J. Crawford

October 27, 2005

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