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OOctober 10, 2005 my friend, Judith Conrad sent an e-mail advising me that she was again on the radio....this time Internet Radio, and would I like to be interviewed on her next program. Although  'live radio' is new to me, I agreed.

 In the first program we had time to cover only a few

 of her 'questions' or my 'answers',



On October 13, 2005 

Judith Conrad could be found at that time at MOUNT SHASTA MAGIC

Internet-Radio Program focused on

 “Becoming and Being Conscious and Taking the Next Step.”


 I was her Guest that day:

Lois J. Crawford


Judith began by asking:

What is the old paradigm we are letting go of?

Most importantly....I would say we are letting go of the unconscionable idea inflicted on mankind that we are nothing but sinful human beings.....we are letting go of any garbage that mankind has been taught over the ages....most of  which has been lies about God and about who the immortal ‘I’ is.

Secondly: We are rescuing the Divine Feminine, the other half of the 'I AM'  Flame of Life who for thousands of years has a been a prisoner on Earth of dominant masculine energy of the human self.

 It is time for the  balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to again reassert and balance itself within the human scene. This immediately solves at least half of the relationship problems that currently exist as both men and women finally admit how important each one is to the unfolding of the Greater Plan.

 It's time that men and women begin to honor each other, Body and Soul.

'Within us all is the remembrance of Divine Wholeness ....

the Perfection of Soulness, Christness, as Divine Male and Divine Female.'


Judith, to answer your question, we are letting go of a lot of old 'negative stuff' and embracing a new  Spiritual paradigm. 


What really is the new Paradigm?

Humanly?  Most importantly the human mind is being taught, WHO WE REALLY ARE. for nothing good happens on Earth until it can happen through the human vehicle....


We are being taught that Who We Really Are,  now and in the Eternal Reality....we are learning that we are immortal ‘Bits of Godness’....and that at our Highest level of Godness we are a small Replica of Almighty God....a Cosmic 'I AM' Presence....


This is the Truth the world has been and is being denied by those who dispense 'religion'. The immortal ‘We or I’  is a Spark of Immortal Godness, which I call Soul, and which we could say is a  Representative of our 'I AM' Presence Who is giving service on Earth through this Small Soul Flame of Itself...working through It to expand Godness wherever that Service is required by the Higher Evolutions. We, the human being, the Vehicle for a Spark of Godness to matriculate on Earth is all about Service....may we soon Awaken and Realize that Truth.


Thus we see that finally this Truth is beginning to be taught....the Truth that the body, while important, is but a vehicle for a Soul.....a physical chalice into which Godness pours Itself and thus, can express Itself.

The new paradigm is this: The Soul (Godness) is finally breaking out of the box and beginning to experience Itself as the dominant partner in the human/Soul Partnership.



Why have most humans failed to understand how to be with God and to do his/her plan?

First of all the human mind has not been carefully or correctly academically

 or Spiritually educated.....overall, the necessary practical and Spiritual education isn’t happening for today’s children....and perhaps this lack of teaching children Who They Really Are has ever been the major problem. How many remember being taught as children WHO THEY ARE OR WHY THEY ARE HERE.


Then at the outset of the human/Soul Journey, once the human mind is awakened, it becomes the job of the Soul Partner to lay out the Plan It wants to pursue while embodied. This means that the human partner has to be taught and must be willing to

believe it has a direct connection to Greater Godness. The next step is the cultivation of a willingness to recognize this and with that recognition begins the Process of sharing authority with its indwelling Christness in the Form of the Soul Spark.

Eventually, our Christ Selves then use this Partnership in order to be given some say in the human/Soul process. It is in this way that the Divine Plan has a chance of being fulfilled, on Earth and in Heaven..


The human mind will not contain this basic Cosmic Information unless the individual has been taught that the Life Source that provides the fuel for the human self is an Immortal bit of Cosmic Christness. That information must be taught by some human family and or through some human educational process! None of this is rocket science....but it is a necessary and precise process.


A very important and overlooked fact that people need to know in order to appreciate the preciseness of the Process is that before anything can happen regarding this projected Soul Journey,  the Soul wishing to incarnate has to contact other Souls who are willing to  be Its ‘parents’....that’s an interesting thought isn’t it....the Soul process of reincarnating, doesn't just happen by chance. It is said we choose our parents...we choose our names. Today we can see the great damage being done by abortions. It is anyone's guess how many Souls are waiting on the other side because they are not being allowed to embody? Or have been unable to enter the physical plane because they were aborted.


Along that line of thinking....Good parenting is very important for the development of human vehicle....from family we get our first and often the only Spiritual Information. There are many who never get any information....and thus we see the chaotic conditions among some of the youth on Earth today.. What happened to teaching moral and Spiritual values....why has it been pushed aside even by church going people? Those are the same people who talk  constantly about wanting Peace but the question is why don't they know  WHO THEY REALLY ARE....and knowing that would there be people still blowing each other to pieces.....or doing any of the ungodly things people have done through centuries and continue to do to each other today.


If we knew from the outset that it was never intended that physical mankind would wander aimlessly over the Earth without Divine Direction, we would quickly see the importance of initial Spiritual Guidance and the further need of additional Teaching along the Way for the Soul’s Divine Plan is to have a chance.

With a little thought we can see the necessity of our ‘being taught’ all this and more that we are talking about here...the teaching that focuses our attention on Godness, looking there for the strength and courage we need....the teaching that would bring us into contact with our own Soul....A Spark of Christness.... Who has access to the Higher Consciousness and Power we need to run the race successfully.


What is being in partnership with God?

First of all it starts with accepting the Idea of a Supreme Being. Then expanding that Idea until we see that there is no way we couldn’t be in Partnership with God if we are Sons and Daughters of that Supreme Being....


 We Souls embody (by choice) to expand and spread the Word of that Relationship/Partnership with God...and whoever we are as a human being and wherever we happen to be or be doing, we, the Soul  never cease knocking and waiting for the human partner to open the Door that reveals our Presence....then we, the Soul can begin to expand through the human mind, the Ideas and Opportunities available for the human experience....all provided by Greater Godness.

Remember: .Greater Godness never intrudes in the Life of one of its Sons or Daughters.

Thus the Soul which is a Spark of Fiery Christ Energy that originates in the Heart of the Supreme Being also has great opportunity as well as great responsibility not only  to God but also to the human the human form that It has asked for and has helped to create.


What is the Mighty “I AM” Presence?

Our Mighty ‘I AM’ or God Presence is a small Replica or Individualization of the Supreme Being referred to as God.  It stands in the Heavens above the human us, pouring its Light into the human experience and simultaneously everywhere into the Universe.


When It wishes to work or expand Life on Earth It designs the kind of physical body it wishes to use....pours its Life force into the design and thus the human body such as we now live in is created..

To give Life to this body The 'I AM' Presence sends Rays of Light from Its Heart, lowered in Vibration into the Christ Body from where that Light can now flow into the physical body.

The 'I AM' Presence sends Its Golden Heart Rays in through the top of the head, energizing first the highest Energy Center, referred to as the Crown Chakra from where the Rays of Light flow downward into and through the Light Center in the forehead that is the home of the All Seeing Eye of the Creator....from there It flows into and through the Light Center in the throat  and finally anchors Itself within the Three fold Flame in the heart. From there that Light of God that Never fails is dispersed downward into all the Energy Centers and into all parts of the body, finally anchoring Itself into the Earth as some of that Energy flows out through the feet....and becoming the Head, Heart and Hands of God in action as some of that Light flows out through the hands. Thus, God Energy, Christ Energy, Soul Energy is the Source of all Life in a physical body....and It is this Light, this Substance, this  Intelligent and Active Energy, by which we, the human being, are enabled to move about.


What is important to know is that when we give our attention to our 'I AM' Presence, this Ray of Golden Light intensifies and expands until the Points of Light within every cell of our physical body respond to it. Acknowledging our God Presence is the human action that jumpstarts the process of throwing off the denser qualities of the material body....allowing us at the human level to become ‘lighted beings’...or perhaps, finally, hopefully, Enlightened Beings.  


What does it mean to allow ourselves to be led by the Soul?

Well, for me, to begin with, it was a process of gradually coming to believe all I have said above...And then it was humanly asking and then allowing my Soul to participate in the  human was the beginning of letting go and letting God...the beginning of  believing the Soul partnership was was the  beginning of more earnestly listening and to paying closer attention to what was happening in my life.... as well as to what seemed to be wanting to happen in my Life.


Then over time as that Christed Energy/Light was integrated with the energy of  the physical body, there came a 'sense' of the actuality of the human/Soul was at that time that the expression 'Body and Soul'  began to appear in my writing....and a 'sense' of active Christness' at work in my daily life....and most important of all it was the realization that the human-me had became willing to 'bend the knee' as we say, having now more understanding of the need to cooperate with its Soul Partner....with 'God'.


And the next part of that 'bending the knee' involved the Soul handing back Its ‘Free will’ to the Creator.... now wishing only to serve God-good through the Activity of the Christ Self and its 'I AM' Presence ....wishing only to fulfill its Divine Plan...remember we are always talking about the Divine Plan of the Soul, not of the physical self....for only the Immortal Soul can fulfill that Plan which is ultimately the re-uniting with Its 'I AM' Presence....this is referred to as Ascending.


For me this has been a protracted on-going learning process ...slowly realizing that there are two parts of us, one visible and the other invisible, two who are supposed to be working together on Earth....that is the Concept that is left out of most Spiritual teaching....humanity is never told, as far as I have observed, that, Body and Soul, we are supposed to be working together on Earth.


How does the human body view the Soul?

For the most part, religions have never given mankind the Truth of the Soul's existence....over thousands of years there have been a million descriptions and conjectures....none of which are complete....most make little sense....


For until the human mind knows about its 'I AM' Presence and sees the Christ Connection to the physical body, there is no way for an Idea of Soulness, as I view it, to come in.

And when the subject does come up in modern philosophy, it nearly always is describing the human ego/soul.

It is at the human 'ego' level that what we call karma is created....and karma is generally negative energy, consisting of all activity that was not done well by the human or Soul, past or also may be a past action that is unfinished...or one needed to be undertaken as part of the Journey so any rate all Energy used by the Soul must eventually be returned to Its Source as Pure as when it was given into the use of the Soul....Purity becomes the issue....and the Soul is always responsible for anything its human vehicle does because the Soul is always supposed to be in charge....


In this time the human/Soul Partnership has been taught the use the Violet Consuming Flame to use to dissolve and consume all that is not pure Christness in any Energy the Soul has ever used..


What we call ‘karma’ is work the Soul must take care of before it (the Soul) can ascend out of the dense material plane into the next more Lighted Plane. In our time, the Ascended Masters are teaching us how to do this.   


Why were the Ballards chosen to receive these important teachings?

Because they were strong evolved Souls who had served God through many lifetimes....and in this one, they had prepared themselves by focusing on the Teaching of the Christ, trying to understand It more fully and to express It more completely.

As well they were being directed and trained, intuitively and otherwise, in other mystical, metaphysical and Spiritual disciplines by several of the Ascended Masters, which included Beloved 'Jesus' and Saint Germain. So they were well prepared both at the Soul level as well as at the physical.



Is the song “Make me an instrument” similar to being a human fulfilling the Divine Plan of God?

Is this song the human desiring and crying out to the Soul for Direction for fulfilling a Divine Plan'....or is it the Soul accepting the opportunity and responsibility. Possibly this is how the human/Soul connection happens when we humanly ask for God to come into our lives.... 'Jesus' did tell us to  ‘ask’.

And now with that new Understanding, in order to be a help to the Soul in fulfilling the Divine Plan of God, we train and prepare our human selves to be an 'instrument' that can be used by the Soul. WE become a Partner of the Soul, and in that capacity, at the human level we could be said to also be striving to fulfill the Divine Plan of God....


Describe what it means to be in perfection as a human.  (God & Christness within)

My sense is that it is not possible for the human to be ‘perfect’ in the sense of God Perfect...which is why all attention and energy should be focused on the Christ Self where all Perfection does exist. Then as that Christness saturates the physical cells, to that degree the human experiences ‘perfection’.


What does it mean to be in a human body/a vehicle of God?

Until the human being does understand that the physical body is created to be a vehicle for Godness to embody on Earth may not mean much. But when that understanding becomes the ‘way of thinking’, a new perspective is achieved.... one’s whole way of looking at Life does a complete turn a round....finally putting the horse in front of the cart.....that is, now the human is in its proper place. The Soul is out in front leading the Way.  


If I am listening to this program, what is my role?

 If one is listening to this program....and agreeing...then it can be deduced that that one's 'belief system' is validated....or if the Information is new to the listener that one may be ready to integrate and begin to use any Information that resonates....

This a First Step toward more Understanding....and that always guarantees the Next Step....

My Sense is that those who are listening to a program like this have been directed to this Information. If and as it resonates, each one then asks their Holy Christ Self to purify all that is being said and then to integrate the Truth of it into the mind and emotions of the human self. From there will flow the Direction for using and expanding these Thoughts ....thoughts and Ideas that speak to the Soul sharing the driver’s seat.


How close are we to the culmination of the old?

If the current Idea of Cycles is accurate then it can be said that the Piscean cycle is in the process of ending even as we speak...a great 'cleanup' of the old is going on....a Cosmic Age is ending.....and another, the Age of Aquarius is commencing.


What will it be like in the new paradigm?

My sense is that the Aquarian Energy is faster...and as that Aquarian Radiation speeds up the vibration of the atoms in all things,  everything  that does not come  up to that vibration simply drops away...think about plugging a 120 volt appliance into a 220 wall socket....we are talking about Energy....about Powerful Cosmic Energy....the lower human vibration cannot stand against it.


And in that Higher Vibrational Energy, Life will move forward without the sense of struggle we now know....the human will be focused more and more on the 'Godness' factor.....and that is not about struggle....but it is about human and Soul constructive effort in order to be in the right place, at the right time. To achieve that we must focus our attention, like a blow torch, on the Source of our Power, which is our own 'I AM' Presence.

We must learn to remove our attention from any human appearance....we must 'know' we are always and only enfolded in the Christ Power of our own individual God Self....which will happen if we decide to live our lives that way.  Just holding to that thought alone, if held long enough, becomes the new paradigm for each individual.   


What is the significance of all of the storms, earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, etc?

It is, perhaps, a karmic cleansing process....certainly it ought to be viewed as a wake up call in view, of all the prophecy surrounding these times. If ever there was a time to step up our focus on Godness....if ever there was a time for those who know about the Violet Flame to step up their call their Holy Christ Selves and 'I AM' Presence into action, this is the time!


 It is said nothing happens by 'chance' where Souls are concerned...I believe that we go where we can grow....and this is a time of great Spiritual expansion....we Souls go where we can be of Service..


Reading and studying history, it can be seen that many times large numbers of Souls are removed from the Planet at one time....I recently read of the 1918 flu epidemic.... what I wondered does an event like that tell us.  The world didn't end....but many things changed for human beings all over the what changed and why.

 Again, nothing happens by chance where Souls are concerned....and Life spirals inexorably  forward. Nature does what Nature does naturally, except that when energy is out of balance, soiled with too much human negative thoughts, feelings and actions, such as war, that energy forms into large, dark swirling masses...and eventually cleanses itself by releasing that darkness in the form of what we call natural disasters. There are 'vortices of force, produced by the discordant and vicious activities of mankind' that have to handled one way or another. God doesn't want that dirty energy.


My thought about this goes like this: When we are affected by 'disasters' of one sort or another,. perhaps there is a growth process for us going on.

Does losing one's physical body in a natural or man made disaster constitute growth? Perhaps it does for it sets the Soul free to pursue its Path in another way....perhaps coming back to try again in an environment more conducive to Soul Growth.

Remember, what we call human life is really the Journey of the Soul and there are many factors involved....most of which we have as yet, no idea.


What does the expression “Let Go and Let God mean?

For me it has meant looking Godward before leaping into something....then waiting for the Inner Sense of 'right direction' which will come as surely as the sun comes up every morning.

It is also a 'process' of not making of Life such a struggle. All of us seem to go through certain experiences which seem (in retrospect and for everyone) to be 'learning experiences'....and most of it comes under the heading of 'this too shall pass' .

And pass easily and often quickly if we stop struggling....if we simply focus on doing what we can do to be at Peace in the moment...just letting our Christ Self sort out what we humanly often can do nothing about. In time one experience leads to the next....and all  assures our Growth, Body and Soul.    


How do Doubt & Fear figure in the picture of life as a human?

I keep in mind that my human vehicle is basically an animal form....albeit, a specially constructed one....but one with all the doubts and fears of the animal kingdom. It needs to be understood and cared for.

This is why it became clear to me that the human being was never supposed to walk this Path alone....and in fact, we never do....there is so much Protection and Direction around us all the time. But if in the past we have failed to recognize that fact....if we have been walking around feeling alone or abandoned, thinking God does not Love us or has forgotten about us....or Heaven forbid, if we do not Believe in or think we need God....if we are beginning to doubt that we can handle all our problems alone, all we have to do is reverse our thinking  and do it by tapping into our closest Source of God-Power....which is our Holy Christ Self waiting just above the human.


Are some of you saying, 'Oh' I can't believe that?'

Well, believe it or not our Holy Christ Self waits there....waits for us to give It ask It to expand Its Christ Power into, through and around us.

'Christness' is always at our fingertips....right there and It is meant to serve both Body and Soul on this Journey. If the human, somewhere in time, turned off the switch to that Power it can now reverse that action....just by flipping the activating the Christness without which there is no Life..


It is really so simple if we can teach the material mind what being a human being is all about....and then that mind, which is strong and capable takes it from there by tapping into the depths of its Soul’s Mind, which is the Christ Mind....and then in inviting the Soul to participate in what is after all, the Journey of the Soul. 

The Soul takes it from there.


Q and A

To be continued



Judith Conrad, A Coach for All Reasons


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