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Excerpts from a Conversation in November 2005


Judith Conrad, A Coach for All Reasons
 Radio Broadcast Coach on Cumulus 1320am



At the time of this conversation much was spoken of....

included here is information about the work of 

Guy and Edna Ballard

and importantly of The Violet Consuming Flame....

what is It and how one uses It.



Judith....I would like to continue our Conversation where we left off talking about Guy and Edna Ballard...

Lois....  I'm not sure how much I told you about them.....but just let me make a few more comments regarding their tremendous Spiritual Service that began in the 1920s and was spectacular in the 1930s. Now 70 to 80 years later still not too many people know about them.....although the Spiritual Information that was brought forth through them changed forever the Way individuals think about God and about their relationship to that 'God'.

 These two very important individuals will figure into much that you and I will talk about, now or later on .    

The Ballards came on the Spiritual Scene in the 1920s and 30s  bringing with them New Age Instruction that came directly from their Ascended Master Teachers.  I think they were able to access the level of Cosmic Instruction that naturally followed, as the next chapter, the Teaching given to the world by the One we know as 'Jesus'. Through the Ballards the term, Ascended Master, became a generally recognized description of those Highly Evolved Lifestreams Who have completed their Soul's Earthly Journey. Some of whom then remain in the Earth's Sphere to be unascended mankind's Spiritual Teachers.

At that time, Ascended Master was just beginning to be used to describe those Souls who had conquered the Earth Plane and Who now matriculate in Higher Vibrational Octaves of Light. 

The Ballards were Modern Mystics in the truest sense....having spent their entire lives looking for and studying all the mystical or Mystery School Teaching available. They were students of the Master Teaching as it was coming through Theosophy at that time....and more importantly, they became Students and finally Disciples of the One we know as Saint Germain... 

We have already talked about why the Ballards were chosen to bring forth some new Spiritual Information....we've talked about how well informed, Spiritually speaking, Guy and Edna were....and how after their experiences that are recorded in 'Unveiled Mysteries' and 'The Magic Presence', how ready they were to begin to share what they themselves had been taught. 

And the story is now well known, about how the Master Saint Germain came to them and asked them to go out and explain to people everywhere,  those Spiritual Concepts that were introduced in those two books....

Concepts for Inspired Living whose time had come....

Their role in the unfolding of the Ascended Teaching for this New Age was in explaining 'Godness' in a New was expanding on the 'Jesus Message' of 'It is the Father within that doeth the works'..... 

They brought into the Spiritual Language of our time, the term, 'Mighty I AM Presence'.... describing each one's  own 'I AM Presence'.

A picture or chart showing the close relationship between the God Self and the individual was created making it easier for students to visualize their God Self above them.... someday I would like to talk to you about that 'chart' .   

And they began the now accepted Spiritual Dialogue about how to both acknowledge, as well as expand that 'I AM Flame' of the Universal 'I AM' Presence....the Christ Flame that lives in each heart....teaching the individual a new way to think about and Focus on Universal Godness, and on the individuated Guiding Spark of the Mighty 'I AM' Christ Presence active within every heart....describing the use of this Knowledge as the only Constructive Way to live Life.... the only Way to evolve, Body and Soul.  

And in the process of teaching about living Life more constructively....they opened the door to the subject of and to the Transcendent Teaching about the Violet Consuming Flame....which is what I would like to talk about.  

Judith: What is so important about the Violet Flame?

(L) Aside from knowing that we are Eternal Bits of Immortal Christness....which Knowledge certainly has to change our perspective about our fellow men and women...the next most important aspect of evolving our human/Soul Life is knowing how to view our mistakes, past and present in order to clean up and expand Christness within our Energy.

We are energy forms...we are always dealing with energy from the Highest God Form to whatever the lowest form is. We are using God Energy in everything we do...think, say or feel....and we are leaving patterns of good or evil in Universal Energy....we are Creators in the truest sense. 

And if some of what we may have thought, said, felt or done through our lives has caused Energy to be lowered in vibration, it becomes our responsibility to bring it back to its original Power and Purity. .We are at all times totally responsible for what we do to God's Energy.

And our Soul Mission, if we care to accept it, is to further raise that Energy until it is Powerful enough to be compatible with the Energy of the Ascended Planes of Life.

And though much of mankind will not admit it, the fact is that any impure energy  we may have about us, whether created by us or imposed upon us because we haven't protected ourselves from any godlessness around us....this is the cause of all unhappiness we experience. Think of all the many ways we experience lack of it health, wealth, turmoil in our lives, planetary disasters, wars, hate....all the many ways. And we are taught that all negatively charged energy in our Lifestream has to be brought back to its original Purity. It is the first step to stopping all wars on this Planet and the first step to our own Ascending Process. The Ballard's Cosmic Job had several could say there are many reasons why they embodied when they did....why they taught what they did.....but in order for humanity to begin to progress beyond the 'humanness' of the past centuries, we can assume they came to teach the use of the Violet Consuming Flame....for that was the initial Focus of their Instruction.

 Judith: What is the first step in using the Violet Flame?

Lois: ......Let me share with your listeners a part of what I have written about the Violet Flame on my follows....

'One of the most important Aspects of the Seventh Ray...the Violet Ray.... is Its Power to transmute....Its Power to change  and raise Energy that has a slow vibration raise it into Energy of a Higher Vibration.

This is the magical, alchemical Power of this most Sacred Violet Fire.

And at this time in the Earth's Evolution  the Knowledge and Use of this Sacred Fire Activity is the most important and most powerful God-Tool given to man to use to dig himself out of the pits of despair and degradation into which he has propelled himself by his unthinking actions of the past and present.

This great Cosmic Activity of the Conscious Use of the Flame of Mercy, Compassion and Love is the only Activity of Life that dissolves the cause, effect, record and memory of all distress ever perpetrated upon this Planet by mankind.

Judith: So then knowing that, what do we do?

Lois: We put that Knowledge to use in our daily lives. Here is the Violet Flame decree  I was taught to use.

In addressing our own God Presence, we can say:

My own Beloved Mighty 'I AM' Presence.

Blaze up through me now your Mighty Violet Consuming Flame, the Purifying Power of Divine Love in Its most powerful, dynamic Activity.   Consume cause, effect, record and memory of all human concepts, desires and feeling in my being and world and every mistake for which my outer (human) self is responsible.

 Replace all that with the Ascended Masters' Electronic Substance of Light, Love, Purity and Perfection and hold Your Dominion within me forever.

And I thank is done. Accept my Gratitude and Praise!



Today there are many decrees given by many Spiritual Organizations that invoke the Violet Fire into the individual and onto the Planet. And it is really so simple and so practical and so necessary. As we address the cyclical period the Planet has entered, it is the Cosmic Tool given mankind to deal with both the possible Planetary well to use to finally put out the 'fires of hate' that cause personal catastrophes.


And as I suggested in our previous Conversations, it involves nothing more than teaching the human mind the real purpose for the existence of a human form ....and then from that level of strong and capable mind, of establishing contact with the 'I AM' Mind, which exists as the Mind of Christ already at work within the physical form....waiting to be recognized, activated, used and expanded.


 Then, we matriculate on Earth as a Partnership of Body and Soul, inviting our Highest Level of Godness....which is our Mighty 'I AM' Presence....a Body of Powerful Energy which exists above participate in  the Journey. What we have done at some point is to ask God in the form of our 'I AM' Presence to take command of guide and direct the Soul It has placed in a physical form. In this way 'God' experiences, participates  and gives Direction to  Life on Earth.


Until next time, Judith.

God Bless you,


Lois Crawford





Judith Conrad, A Coach for All Reasons


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  Lois J. Crawford