THE LONG AWAITED COSMIC SHIFT             

  Many have been called to witness and 

to participate in this long awaited time of Prophecy.

Many very talented and dedicated individuals have answered that Call

and are already Serving this Event.

Thousands of years of effort have been required by Cosmic Hierarchy

 to prepare humanity for this Shift from Piscean Energy to that of the Aquarian Cycle,

from dense third dimensional material vibration

to the Vibration of the next Higher Dimensions,

with this Work going on at both visible and Invisible levels.


Much history has been written in the Process of bringing mankind

and the Earth to the brink of this Great Victory of the Ages.

Over the years, there have been many Teachers....

the last and most Powerful of which is the  Great Soul we know as Jesus....

 Who, manifesting Christness on Earth,

showed us what each one of us can do, Body and Soul.


So, today we have that greatly Expanded Christic Teaching, coming forth again in our day,

teaching us how to prepare our Energy to 'flow'

with the enhanced and expanded Universal Christic Energy of Heavenly Planes

that is slowly being lowered onto the Earth Plane, raising the Vibration of all Life

on the Planet. That expanding Christ Consciousness has already had

a profound effect upon all Life here.


 The Purpose of this website is to share (to the best of my ability of the moment)

the updated Spiritual Information that has come forth during the past one hundred

 years. Many are aware of the Ascended and Angelic Information and Radiation being

poured out on Earth today through Ascended Teachers and Guides appointed for our

 time. Many of These are Great Evolved Souls Who have passed through  (as we are

 doing) the Lessons of Earth...evolving through Faith and through the Service given

to 'Life' as They  Journeyed on Earth.

They understand the 'lessons' to be mastered here for They have mastered them.

They  bring to humanity the correct Ways to Think about Life,

 giving us an expanded Understanding of the Universal Power and Beingness

that we call God, teaching us Body and Soul...

All Information we could possibly need is BEING GIVEN, allowing us to proceed

 peacefully and harmoniously through this unprecedented Shift of the Ages

into a New Spiritual Dimension.

Our Desire for Truth is 'opening Doors' into the Ascended Octaves

 through which this Master Direction flows.

Today each individual has the opportunity to choose....

Do we wish to stay bound and prisoners of the old 'thinking'

or do we choose to walk in Faith through those Open Doors, accepting the Direction

 lovingly offered, that can only lead us to both human and Soul Freedom.

Those who Identity with this Idea have, very likely,

already made their choice and are accepting the Responsibility to 'Go Forward

 With God', Body and Soul.

Today many participate in invoking  Oceans of Cosmic Christ Light onto the Planet

and into the hearts and minds of humanity.

Everyday thousands are invoking the Invincible Transmuting Power of the Violet Ray

 into and through all the Energy of the Planet....

Lightbearers everywhere are calling forth the Sacred Fire, with such intensity

that all Energy, that is less than the Purity of the Christ

is being transmuted and raised out of the density of the old Earth Vibration.

Everyday the Energy of this Planet is  becoming Lighter and Purer,

attracting  to it the Higher Vibratory Christ Energy

 pouring in from the Cosmic Planes that surround the Earth.


All who are accepting and serving Life in this Way at this time

 are engaged in changing the Vibration of Energy everywhere....

lifting It....shifting It into the Cosmic Christ Energy where-in exists nothing

 but Pure and Cosmic, Peace,  Freedom and  Love.

This is what The Shift of the Ages is to accomplish.

This is what must happen as a natural consequence of Christ Energy and Consciousness,

 reigning Supreme in every human form, returning the Control of the Planet

 to the Supreme Power of this Universe. 

To understand the enormity of this Shift is to understand It

 as a Major Shift in Consciousness, Body and Soul.

Humanity must be taught that any low-grade human, thought, feeling or action produces

 the denseness of Energy in which they live their  daily lives.

Cumulatively, people, we people, are responsible for much that has transpired on Earth in

 the past and for what is happening here on Earth at this moment!

 Perhaps, we aren't 'doing it' ourselves....

but perhaps, we are 'allowing it'....

or perhaps we are forgetting to call to God to Take Command.


My sense is that if we understand this rationale,  we have embodied with a Soul Desire

and/or a responsibility to help remedy the conditions of the Planet

even while being allowed to take our next Soul Steps forward.

We are here to help 'move Life on Earth through this 'Shift of the Ages'

 into a New Age and Better Age.


We have been given the Spiritual Tools to do both.

We have been taught the use the Violet Consuming Flame

and Archangel Michael's Sword of Blue Flame.

Those Powerful Activities of Light are capable of dissolving ancient impurity

that the human being cannot clean up alone. We are to use that

 Sword of Blue Flame to cut all Lifestreams  and the Planet, Itself,

 free from karmic entanglements....of the ancient past or present.  


It is with all that in the forefront of our minds that we approach and appreciate

the enormity of the Idea of a Planetary Shift in Energy and in Consciousness....

one that is raising/increasing/ forgiving, transmuting and purifying all Planetary Energy

 that here-to-for has been filled with darkness.


Whether or not we are yet awake to the Fullness  of this 'Shift',

surely we are aware of  a Real Change manifesting in the 'Quality of Energy' on Earth.

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Lois J. Crawford