In 2002 I wrote this: To date, much prophecy

telling of major planetary destruction directed to our time, is prophecy coming from both old and modern 'prophets', prophecy that has failed to materialize. For which we are eternally Grateful!

This encourages me to believe that the Spiritual Efforts of the many thousands of Lightbearers, over the past one hundred years is bearing fruit.

We've been told of the old, low Vibrational energies, that have been coming in, wave after wave for the past two thousand years, ( witness all the wars and human hatred expressed in so many ways in the past two thousand years)

and that the return of the negativity that is the accumulated 'soiled human consciousness' will intensify from the year 2000 to the year 2012.

 And that it will take everything we can give....every bit of 

Cosmic Christ Energy and Violet Light

we can 'call forth' to handle powerful ancient energies....energies so filled with the many negative attitudes of the human being...the human consciousness that continues to be expressed, almost everywhere we look, in small and large ways, within the embodied mankind of our time....we see it as hate, anger, resentment, jealousy, greed, political and economic chicanery at every level, incredible perversions of the Energy of Reproduction.... and endless name just a few deviations from Basic Godness.....basic goodness.

Here is how the Master Saint Germain describes it;

"If human beings could see their own thoughts, feelings and words go out into the atmosphere upon the ethers, gather and gather more of their kind and return, they would not only be amazed at what they give birth to, but would scream for deliverance. And if for no other reason than to blot such creation out of mind, they would with full determination face their own Divinity and enter into It. Thoughts and feelings are living, pulsating things. The individual who knows that will use his wisdom and control himself accordingly." 

(Unveiled Mysteries p. 138)


It is now the year 2013....and much that we Spiritually minded individuals have sought to avoid is outpicturing upon the planet...Does this mean that we haven't given enough Violet Flame decrees for the dissolving and consuming of all energy that does not serve God....Have we not called forth enough Love, Forgiveness and Mercy....what must we yet do?

Let us review again those predictions and dire descriptions of 'things to come' spoken of by Phylos, the Tibetan. And get our minds clear about what we have yet to accomplish.

Phylos speaking:

"Man is his own judge and executioner. Man is the type and the universe is the print; Nature patterns after Man,

not Man after Nature. He, being of free-will, hath brought all coming woes of judgment to be inevitable; he must endure,

 as he hath sown; so must he reap.

 O Man! Forgetter of Love, of Mercy, of Right; breeder of Hate, of Cruelty, and of the inhumanity that hath and still doth make countless millions mourn, is it possible that thou hast been blind to the handwriting on the wall? Alas, yes, thou hast! Rampant is the Spirit of selfishness, of greed, of merciless gain; its hand guides the trains and steamers, clicks the telegraph keys, operates the telephone and cables, makes a mockery of free speech, shackles the press so that it dares to utter only that which cannot offend its master; every human enterprise, all national policies and international comities, all things, even the churches, are willing vassals to this fiend, SELF. ..."

"This inhuman picture is the rule, not the exception. Thou knowest this full well.

I state nothing new in this regard, and the awful facts are underdrawn instead of exaggerated. All of this, although in far, far less degree, has been so at the ending of every age, was so in Poseid and is therefore now repeated.

But it can never be so again after this for HERE THE WAY DIVIDES. Poseid survived; so also shall they of the Sixth Age.

 In the full time by fire the Reaper shall reap, and no place be found for physical safety by the unchanged of heart.

But the time of it shall be foreshortened, else no flesh could remain alive. Satan from under! The roar of armed hosts must succeed the thunderous mutterings of the times. No more is there any chance to prevent the coming retribution (albeit it may seem unduly deferred), for the causes have had their way.

Too late is it to even modify the result of the misguidance of that Spirit whose hand sways the helm.

A short but sharp conflict, sanguinary past belief, even now reddens on the horizon.

The trained armies, millions of men active or in reserve, that are now engaged in conquest, fevered with war, will but little longer, comparatively, submit to having themselves and loved ones ground under the heel and strangled by the hand of that organized thing,

Capital, which, itself merely the natural fruit of selfishness, none the less is a riotous animal principle, compelling the few to be masters of the many, denying the God-born declaration that all men are created free and equal, and warping it to seem a giant lie.

Soon millions of trained soldiers will turn upon the visible representatives, the wealthy and worldly prosperous, who in reality are not more responsible than will be their assailants, of that Relentless Force behind all human enterprise. Later they will break up into lawless bands bent on satisfying Ishmaelitish [Ishmael was the son of Abraham who was sent away and later became the progenitor of the Arab race] tendencies, each self-server's hand weaponed against his fellow creatures.

Then will the pent-up hate, the savagery and selfishness begotten by ages of selfishness ruled by unbridled animalism break in a storm such as the world hath never yet seen, no, not during all the ages I scan, ages forgotten for untold thousands of years. That loveless conflict will initiate that which, Nature completing, will leave living one where now are many.

 Hard and fast after the human conflict will come pestilence unparalleled, sweeping the wide earth over, for in that day none will pause to bury the slain until the evil is wrought, nor then, for the dead of the plagues will be as thousands for every one by violence.

And all this because the love that should grace and soften men's hearts, each for all and all for each, dried up and became a mockery in the close of the ended cycle, leaving by scattered oases, few and far between.

Nature follows Man. Wherefore the waters of Earth will dry out, rains be withheld, cyclones sweep, and an earthquake come such as was not since man was on the earth; aye, I am mindful of Poseid. But all of this will occur only through natural causes, and in consonance with the selfishness, lust, greed, anger and general depravity of the Type. As these blaze in the human breast, so shall the air, dry and vaporless under brazen skies, develop solar heats more fierce than history ever knew. A parched earth, furnace-like, piling all flesh mountains high; pestilences stalking unchecked

. O ye! Blind to the Handwriting on the wall, which flickers still, though writ for a spent cycle.

 Turn now and read, while yet the last midnight stroke reverberate'....

(from the book, 'Dweller on Two Planets' published in 1953)



So, from many sources we are being told that all that lack of goodness/Godness....

all that misuse of God's Pure Energy.... is returning to the places from which it originated.... now to be

 redeemed.... yes, Energy, soiled and defiled by human beings is expressing itself in life all around us

as on-going pain and destruction, all over the planet.


And we are told that the Solution to all this pain and destruction is simple... we are to overcome it and to

 overwhelm it with Christ Light and Sacred Fire Love and with enough Violet Consuming Flame Power to

 return that Energy to its originally Pure State of Godness... the state that again serves both man and God.



The Internet has thousands of websites dedicated to spreading the Word about this Miracle

 Consuming Flame that was first introduced to the world starting in 1932  through the Teaching of Guy and

 Edna Ballard  who explained the need for the daily Use of the  Violet Flame to purify the energy of both

 the physical Bodies and Soul as well as the atmosphere in which we live.

There are a number of good practical reasons....but today, perhaps safety of  Body and Soul should be of

primary concern to all people on the planet to invoke The  Cosmic  Christ  Flame and The Violet

 Consuming Flame into, through and around their physical selves and lives creating a Blanket of Security,

 the only safety in this time in which Souls have chosen to live on Earth. 


 Additionally, those of us who understand this can number ourselves among the many Souls

who have been assigned to Earth at this time,  with the responsibility for Invoking that

Christ Light and Violet Ray onto the physical plane....calling it forth  with enough intensity to transmute the

 hate that has been inflicted upon God's Pure Light....returning It to that of the Highest Energy of Peace

 and  Love.

 For that is what it will take to save this planet from a certain amount of destructive activity. The One we

 know as 'Jesus' and Those Who serve with Him, came to Earth two thousand years ago to, again, give us

 the Instruction of Brotherly Love. They came to again teach humanity how to access the  Energy of the

 Holy Christ Self.  Beloved Jesus  warned of the need to raise our Energy in order to save ourselves and the


 So in this year of 2003 I am cautious about passing off 'Prophecy' as unimportant. And I consider it dangerous to ignore Ideas about the 'saving aspect' of embracing the Christed  Life and Energy.

 We are at a pivotal period of planetary change. We have only to turn on the TV  or open up the newspaper to see see the recoil of 'human consciousness' within  planetary energy' .... to see the results of godlessness occurring all over the Planet... experiencing energy recoiling in strange ways.....fires, winds, pestilence, violence, economic problems, religious disagreements ....and now,  in March of 2003,  war, seemingly made necessary since the 9-11-01 an attack on America, fueled by fear....fear of world wide nuclear war....fear of weapons  that may be in the hands of the authors of that 9-11 attack, particularly nuclear and biological weapons....frightful fear that these will be used to blackmail and/or take control of people and governments all over the world....fear of an 'evilness' that has been at work for a long time....often not realized for what it is....until it is too late.

  There are ancient situations, ancient disagreements and hatreds, long festering, within various groups of people on this Planet....and these groups have fought and destroyed or conquered each other, back and forth, countless times throughout history. In our time attitudes have not changed. And now there is nuclear power available in the continuance of the ancient battle for control of the people of the Planet.

The causes may seem modern, but they are not.  Ancient hate continues to fuel current destructive activities that are gathering strength. Energy is recoiling and in our time, is returning the hate and destruction to its authors. Yet today daily Life goes on as usual for many. Today many people are thumbing their noses at Prophecy. There is a sense of complacency about where mankind goes from here, despite the various desperate scenarios currently playing themselves out on the world stage.

I would like to suggest that if daily life is going on 'as usual' for you who are reading these words, please pour your boundless Gratitude to  'God' the Ascended and unascended Beings  and to the Angelic Legions, and to all the Lightbearers everywhere, Who never cease in Blazing Their Light and Love to all of those Who never cease to Teach and Work for Ways to bring more Light into the Energy of our lives as they serve the Higher Life. Ever there are dedicated Life streams who make it their responsibility to change the Course of Events on this Planet by cleaning and transmuting the negativity out of all Energy, returning It to Its original pure and positive Christness. Today we have been offered the way out of the old dramas by using the tools to purify and  bring balance again into that once pure Energy,


Invoke the Cosmic Laws of Love, Purity, Peace, Forgiveness and Mercy for all Life

In the 1930s when Guy and Edna Ballard began Their Spiritual Teaching, a major part of that Teaching was Instruction to minimize the impact of the accumulation of negative 'karma' (dirty energy) that is returning at this time for redemption and clean up.

Thus the first instruction the Students of the Ballards received was learning to

invoke the Violet Flame into, through and around all Life everywhere.The Ascended Masters, Who

worked through and with the Ballards, stressed the necessity of our Knowing about the

 Violet Flame   and how to use it. understand that It's Use  ever has been, and ever will be,  

the only 'Way of Salvation' for all mankind....

'the only Way or means by which we can save ourselves' and the planet from the total  destruction  as seen

 by Prophets of both ancient and modern times.'


The Teaching of the Violet Flame has spread throughout  the world.

 And dedicated People, all over the world, unceasingly give  'Violet Flame Decrees'

 for the Purpose of Invoking the Consuming and Transmuting and Forgiving Activity

 and 'Power of God' into all  Planetary and personal Energy....

Energy in which the horrors and abuses of life will indeed manifest, if something isn't done to stop it.

For those new to these ideas....The Violet Flame is a  transmuting/cleansing Activity,  

a  'Powerful Activity of High Vibrational Sacred Fire Energy of 'God',

that raises (ie. increases the frequency) of physical Energy,  allowing each one's Energy to become pure

 enough (to vibrate fast enough) to overcome evil and become able to receive the Energy of the

 Holy Christ Self always waiting to descend and enfold the Awakening Individual....

This purified Christ Energy from the Heart of God then flows out from the human form,

spreading out into the Energy of the planet, gradually improving the quality of all Life....

until all Earthly Energy is as Pure as the day it came from Its God Source

Blessing all Souls embodied on Earth.



Thus, the Hope is that enough individuals, Body and Soul,

man, woman and child will work together with 'God'.... will call to their

'I AM' Presence and Holy Christ Self and as a cohesive Divine Unit, call for and invoke

 the Love, Wisdom and Power of the Cosmic Violet Flame into, through and around their Energy

 and into all the Energy of the Planet and thus, into, through and around all Life on the Planet,

changing the Course of Prophecy permanently from one of death and destruction to one of

 PEACE AND BROTHERHOOD. For until we awaken to the dangers we are facing and are willing to do this,

 all that Phylos describes  is the inevitable outcome of all the hate, cruelty and selfishness

engaged in by some of mankind over the ages.

 Here now are  Violet Flame Decrees one can use every day:

Start by visualizing the Violet Fire spiraling within and around the body and spreading out beyond

the physical self to enfold all Life everywhere, declare with passion:

In the Name and Authority

of my 'Holy Christed  'I AM'  Presence'

I, ....(here insert name) 'Body and Soul', invoke into,

 through and around my entire Lifestream....

into, through and around all Life on this Planet....

into, through and around the Planet itself....

 Oceans of the Invincible Violet Consuming Flame, (which is) the Cosmic Purifying

 Power of Divine Love in Its most Powerful Activity....

  See that It Consumes cause, effect, record and memory of all

 negative human concepts, desires and feelings and

 every mistake for which I, or any other part of

 Life, is  responsible.

Mighty God Self and all Great Beings of Light and

 Perfection, And Great Angelic Host.

 Constantly, blaze this  Mighty Violet Flame through me and through all  mankind

To Purify all Energy that has ever come into use on this Planet.

Mighty God Presence and Christed Self

 Enfold all I AM and all I ever do in the Ascended Masters'  

Cosmic  Light, Love,  Purity and Perfection that can never be

 requalified by human thoughts, feelings, actions or spoken words.

Mighty God Presence

Keep me forever enfolded in your Mighty Violet Flame Love.

Hold Your Full Dominion within me forever.

I pledge, Body and Soul. 'Eternal Obedience to Your

 Cosmic Christ Direction for which I am Eternally Grateful!



  Lois J Crawford




  Pathways      Part Three