Commanding Life


Every Command to Life that issues forth from us becomes a

positive or negative Force.

This is perhaps the first, and most powerful Spiritual Idea

we must understand. And is also the first Law of Life we must adhere to. 


Have we ever thought about how we are Commanding Life

 with our every thought, feeling, action and spoken word.  

And that we are constantly doing this.


Then thinking about our general approach to Life,

let's examine our thinking, feeling, acting and speaking

in our everyday approach to home, in our business and in our communities...

for daily life is where we learn our lessons and give our Service


Are we pleased with what we discover?

If we are not pleased, if we suddenly see ourselves as often 'falling short'

of just plain old fashioned courtesy, truth, justice and humanity,

 do we then realize that not only does there exist on this Planet

a powerful accumulation of negatively charged energy

....but do we get a sense of how this 'force' has gradually developed.


 Without too much effort we can see how pure, peaceful and loving Energy,

flowing into each human form from Above  has over time, taken on our less than peaceful

and loving thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words....

Thus muddying the Stream of Pure  God Light that came into us Sparkling and Clean.

But sadly, usually leaves us discolored with our human consciousness of impurity

 in the many forms in which it exists.


And unclean Energy of human consciousness has become, over the ages, 

an overpowering 'force' that drives people to unconscionable acts and activities. 

Clearly showing us  why the world is the way the world is.


Can we then in this moment,  take time to  fully comprehend the reason for all the

 hatred and warring that is the regular diet of the people of this Planet. 

And understand that it never had to be this way. 

And with some dedicated effort on the part of each one of us

 who understand this Concept, things can change.

Life on Planet Earth doesn't have to be this way much longer.

It's always our choice. 


Each one of us can so change the way we, individually approach

Life on a daily basis, that our actions alone can put an end to

the heavy boot of obscene human consciousness that is trying to take control

of our lives. It is our duty to Bless all Life wherever we encounter it and to remember:

One with God is a Majority!


"The Love of God in me shall always enfold you,

and I ask God's Eternal Light to raise you into His Divine Perfection."

The Blessing of an Incan King

from 'Unveiled Mysteries'