The time is long overdue to implement everything we know

about being our Brother's  Keeper.

It really doesn't matter what else we know about Life...

it will never compute Spiritually,

 as long as we continue to mistreat our fellows...

 men, women and children in any way.


There is no social, religious nor governmental excuse

 that will 'cut it with God' abuse of humanity

that will not now  be quickly addressed

 by the Spiritual Hierarchy guiding this Planet,

when it comes to ending all human negativity

that abuses God's Children in any way.

 Whoever they may be in the human scheme of Life.


Those who will not give it up murder and mayhem,

 individuals or nations, will

as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow,

be wiped off the face of the Earth by one method or another.


For the Incoming Energy of the New Age will not support negativity in any way.

At the top of the list of what will 'cease to be' is cruelty to one another. 

"The Love of God in me shall always enfold you,

and I ask God's Eternal Light to raise you into His Divine Perfection."

The Blessing of an Incan King

from 'Unveiled Mysteries'