Beloved Paul the Venetian
"Let us proclaim then once and for all, that for the geometry and the mathematics

 of the building of the intricacies of the patterns of the soul and the consciousness,

 there is nothing that can replace classical art and classical music of the highest order."

What follows  Celebrates  Music.

And it is a celebration also of the Musicians, composers and performers

 who have given us the Mystical Gift of Constructive Sound in the form

of musical compositions that follow a Cosmic Pattern.

How do we express our appreciation for the efforts of Great Musicians who compose

as well as for those who beautifully perform those compositions.


Let's digress for a moment.

We live in a time when humanity is being taught to find its Way back to God.

The first 'Spiritual rule'

has always been 'discipline of mind, emotion, actions, and spoken words'.

Following that comes information that alerts the 'awakening human/Soul'

to the existence of 'a force of negative energy' that has been working

overtime on this Planet,  for a very long time trying in every way possible

 to turn the human being away, not only from its Inner 'Soul Voice'  but depriving

mankind of the true Concept of the Greater Universal Force (called by some),


So how do these thoughts fit in with the subject of Music?

One of the most flagrant examples of this 'negative force' at work in our time has been

 the introduction of the modern or so-called 'new music' which is based

on the 'idea' that there should be no ideals

and on the rule that there should be no rules.

Thus, over the past one hundred and fifty years, most music, classical

and 'popular', composed without underlying 'Spiritual Ideals'

and ceasing to follow 'classical rules of composition' has become

devoid of the moral and Spiritual principles of the past.

And thus, discordant (musical) sound has been added to the current chaotic

 social, scientific and artistic climate that proclaims 'anything goes'.   


The Secret Power of Music

The Transformation of Self and Society through Musical Energy

by David Tame


 David Tame, in his book 'The Secret Power of Music' analyzes the effects on the

 listener of the 'sound and rhythm ' of the so-called 'new music' of

the nineteenth and  twentieth centuries. He describes how composers have

ignored or changed or adopted new rules of 'key and harmony'....thus, 

'turning away' from the previous forms and structural approach of music,

 often for no more reason than to be order to be noticed.


  A study of the 'new music', of the nineteenth and twentieth century

shows a total disregard for beauty with many compositions conveying

nothing but negative and sad or angry and even evil, ugly emotions.


 Along these lines of thinking David Tame critiqued a particular piece of music....

 Night on Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky.

His comments are worth repeating here. And can be found on the following  page.


Daily, we maneuver our way through an ugliness that has invaded our lives....

in many areas of our lives. We seem to be pressed down by what feels

like 'negativity' from every side.

 Where is the happiness, the optimism, the joy of living, the beauty being

expressed within society in general in our modern lives?

 Oh yes, gratefully, there are 'pockets' of beauty....

Thankfully,  Spiritual thought and experience is expanding.


But what is still seen, more often than not, is unpleasantness, (to put it politely)

 in many areas of life, and it is being foisted on people the world over....

accelerated and amplified a million times over, day in and day out, made possible

by means of modern communication?

But the question we have to ask

 is how do we explain why human beings want to indulge in ugliness in any of its forms?

We can only conclude that the answer is Spiritual blindness....

 deliberate disobedience to God-Laws...

and finally, just plain old, garden variety human ignorance.


For those who care about the Sanctity and Higher Purpose of Life as it is lived on Earth,

the 'ugliness'  that has gradually been engulfing us becomes an issue....

one to be understood and resisted.

Ugliness springs only from the lower minds of men....generated from 'humanized energy'

 that has become 'less than Spiritual'.... from soiled energy that magnetizes to itself

 more of the same kind of godlessness. When we ask why and where cometh 'ugliness'

 onto the Planet and into the lives  of mankind, we have to start by examining how

the actions of mankind affect the Energy of the Planet. We  need to know what

raises the vibration and what lowers the vibration of the Energy of the Planet.....

and again ask, what are the consequences of both.

It is important as we set out on this Journey of Understanding to be aware that if we are

 to rescue ourselves and the Planet from 'energy lowered in vibration', we need to know

 that there are Souls connected to this Planet (Sparks of Godness)  whose Light has almost

 gone out, and now exist, here or in 'dark places' having fallen so low that they cannot even

 imagine the Idea of 'Godness'....and all that term encompasses. They may spend eons of

 time in those 'dark places' awaiting their chance to reincarnate.


And when these Souls must be given the chance to incarnate and try again, because their

 energy is so low and their old hatreds so great, they often fall prey,  Body and Soul, to

 what I only know to call, 'a  planetary negative force' that seizes upon any energy

 basically devoid of 'Godness'.


 And the unfortunate human becomes the vehicle for a 'rogue Soul' or a struggling Soul

 through which evil comes onto the Planet or is expanded on the Planet. We have all heard

 the phrase, 'selling one's Soul to the devil'.


There are those Souls who, in the past....perhaps, ages past....lost control of their

 Soulness....having engaged in activities contrary to what is allowed by The Father....and

 thus sank into low astral planes of dense, dark energy. Many of these hated God. Their

 hatred built a wall between themselves and The Creating God....between The Father Who

 didn't desert them....but was instead deserted by the Beloved.


And thus, 'evilness', which is the absence of 'Godliness' has become

 a part of the energy of our world.

 It affects us all.

It has affected our music, our art,

 our whole lives, socially and politically and Spiritually  in ways we can

 only  imagine. World-wide, we breathe in 'evilness' with every breath.

 We live with it. It is our constant companion.


Which is why we ask, we pray, we decree to be sealed within a

 Wall of Pure White be always enfolded in a

 Powerful Ray of Cosmic Christ Love....

 to be protected against all 'evil' everywhere forever.  


Those who understand this, also decree constantly and fervently

for the Violet Flame and Blue Lightning Purification of all Energy

 until all Life expresses God Perfection.

We Pray for the Awakening and Deliverance of all Souls from 'dark places'.

For all Souls began Life as Sparks of pure Cosmic Godliness.

And eventually all ascend back into that Godliness....

back to The Father from whence all originated.

Please continue to  David Tame's critique of

 Night on Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky.


Lois J Crawford

 2004 -2016

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