About Eternity

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be

 and how destructive we can be....

how cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? And how so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

There comes a time in the life of every individual when we ask,

 'who am I and why am I here?'

For many it is the ďunanswerable question.

 And will continue to be, until we accept the Idea of the Spark of God Light/Mind that glows in every heart....

until we begin to work with this Spark that Connects us to all Godness here, above and beyond.

That Spark is a small Part of the Eternal-us.

I have chosen to call that Spark, Soul....

an Immortal 'Bit of Godness' embodied on Earth

and not to be confused with the mortal human ego.

It is my Belief that we Souls are intended to matriculate here

as a human/Soul Partnership.

And the purpose of these programs is to describe simple, practical Ways for the Partnership to evolve on Earth, within the Eternal Schemes of God.

 ďAsk and it shall be given unto you:

Seek and ye shall findĒ.

We are all capable of Awakening....

of discovering WHO WE REALLY ARE...

of discovering THAT WE EMBODY HERE,





So here we are today...

and the desire of many is to live peacefully. There is not much we can do to

 solve the unpeacefulness of others, but we can achieve Peace for ourselves,

 very simply, by expanding our inherent KNOWLEDGE OF WHO WE ARE.

And by focusing our Energy into peaceful pursuits....

keeping our attention  on Ideas of Peace while visualizing

and invoking Peace and Freedom for every man, woman

and child on this Planet. Right now, every human/Soul Partnership

 can stand up and say,


Today my thoughts turn to our Eternal Nature....thinking of how we

come out of Eternity as fully Conscious Beings and continue on FOREVER

growing and serving within the ever expanding Cosmic Christ Consciousness

within the  Greater Universe.

I was thinking of how as Soul Sparks we function here as a Partner to a  human being we work to absorb and surround ourselves, Body and Soul, with the magnificent Energies our Greater I AM God the Partnership becomes a Channel for that Cosmic Energy to flow to Earth to Bless all who come in contact with It.

I was thinking of how much help we can give to Godís people as we learn to focus our attention on the Source of that Cosmic Energy.... and as we understand that it is our human and Soul responsibility to Provide that Energy to the Earth.

 In these programs I have been describing the Ways we can do this, knowing full well that it takes determined personal effort to keep our focus on our Eternal Spiritual Nature and on our Divine Purpose as we embody on Earth.

As I go about my daily routines, Iím constantly challenged to remember WHO I REALLY AM ... and work to to see that all I do, hour by hour and day by day, furthers the work of the human/Soul Partnership. Iím challenged to put all that I do in the Perspective of advancing some Grand Cosmic Scheme. The repetitive, ordinary chores and activities of our average day seem to belie Our Importance in that Scheme. We see ourselves as not being very important except in our own little worlds and sometimes, not even then.

 However, if we can remember that Evolution is a slow process....and keep in mind that we are, Body and Soul, evolving....that humanity as a whole, along with the Earth, itself, is evolving. And try to understand that what is taking place is always an Evolution into a more advanced State of Being.

 Today we are experiencing an tremendous Evolution of that upgrades human consciousness, making it compatible for the increased Soul Energy that is waiting to flow into our lives.

 As we understand this, we can walk our personal paths with greater patience and with hopeful expectation....for small Miracles are happening all the time...and Greater Ones will happen as we learn how to let Them happen. We are learning to open the doors of our hearts and minds to let in the Consciousness of Miracles.

Many of these thoughts I share come from personal experiences. And Iím so eager to have everyone realize that there is a new Spiritual level of Consciousness springing up all over the Planet. There is a Process of Spiritual Development being offered and itís for the entire human race.

 And as we accept and use this advanced level of Spiritual Perception, we will experience the permanent solution to destructive human behavior of all kinds.

This means so much to all of us...

it means Peace and Prosperity....happiness....the end of distress of all kinds....personal and planetary. And it all revolves around the human Awakening and Acceptance of the New Spiritual Approach to Life. And today there is no lack of Information and Instruction.....itís all out there, available for self-directed growth, Body and Soul. 

It begins with each individual, personally determining to change thoughtless, careless, often egotistical human behavior. Immediately this will upgrade the personal Energy and that alone will begin to raise Planetary Consciousness. There is a transmutation and transformation of Energy taking place that is the key to both personal and world peace. And it happens so easily when the Human Being allows the God of his Being to play a Role in the direction and evolution of his Life.

 Letís take a moment to think about ourselves as Sparks of Eternal Beingness

 and what our work is here as human partners of a Soul. Itís fun to imagine where we go from here after we finish the work to be done on Earth. Many times now Iíve described my Beliefs and Intuition about Life, Body and Soul. In seventy seven previous programs I laid before you parts of my Belief System as One that encompasses Ideas of personal Spirituality as well as the social-political and economic aspects of our human/Soul Journey.

Iíve suggested that a Cosmic Energy Revolution is underway, one that is  is sweeping all before it....that it is raising all Life here and beyond, to Higher Levels of Consciousness....and that it is having a positive affect on all who are willing to participate...sweeping aside all that won't.

 When I talk about the human/Soul relationship, Iíve drawn upon experiences that gave me Faith in WHO WE REALLY ARE, Body and Soul.

 And described Information I have personally used to initiate and implement practical Spiritual Activity, mental, emotional and physical into my daily life. I truly believe we can all raise our human consciousness to one of higher Christ Activity within the daily experience.

I believe it is not that difficult for the human mind to begin to merge with the Mind of the Soul. It starts with a 'yearning' and then becomes a matter of Spiritual Focus and Concentration. 'Desire' jump starts the Process of accessing our Holy Christ Consciousness. Eventually the two levels of Consciousness, of Body and Soul, meet and are joined, and the two Levels of Energy are integrated. Christ Consciousness descends to join with the Ascending human/Soul Consciousness.

 Now This is the place where man and God cooperate to do the work to be done on earth. Jesus was our Example.


This Spiritual Revolution I speak of began in the mid-1800s with Blavatsky's Theosophy....and took another big step forward in the 1930s with the Teaching of Guy and Edna Ballard. Then in 1952 Information was received from the Hierarchy that guides our Earth. The Message transmitted through Enlightened Channels that the 'time had come for the Planets in our galaxy to advance to a Higher Sphere of Cosmic Evolution....that all Planets and Souls that were ready to evolve would move from this third dimensional Earth Energy to a Dimension of more Enlightened Consciousness. And with the Message came the warning that any Soul not ready, would be ďleft behindĒ.....and suggesting the possibility of the dissolution of the Planet itself.  

Apparently this Process of Galaxy Evolution is not new....but it's not exactly common either, as every million or so years the whole Universe expands and grows and Energy-wise, moves forward into a Higher (more God-like) Consciousness. It was said in 1952 that of the forty nine Planets involved in our particular Universe, only the Earth was unprepared and might not be able to take advantage of this Opportunity.

 So the Spiritual Hierarchy responsible for this part of the Universe, has spent the past fifty years greatly expanding the Teaching for Souls who are ready for this Energy Expansion, including those already embodied and those waiting to embody....expanding the Cosmic Light here and in Spiritual Realms.....helping all of us ready ourselves for some coming event.

 We are told that the One we know as 'Jesus' along with other great Beings sent out a call to other Solar Systems asking for help. And many great Cosmic Beings have responded....offering their Light and Love and Consciousness....and thus one of the Greatest Spiritual Movements ever attempted on any Planet was begun and is ongoing today.

 All known Spiritual Teaching was expanded and new Information was added....with the result that many new Teaching groups were formed integrating the New Concepts into existing information.

 Instruction on Cosmic Activities was taught on a much wider scale. The Hierarchy knew that mankind had to have a more complete understanding of the various Properties of Cosmic Light, their meaning and use.

 The Teaching of the first Seven Sacred Rays was expanded, Their Colors and Activities more fully described. If you remember I shared my Seven Ray Creed in several earlier programs. You might want to refer to It again. The use of the Violet Flame had to be taught to help individuals clean-up and raise tired, dirty old energy into a higher vibrational State of Spiritual Intent and Use.

        Most of humanity is as yet unaware of the Ascended State of Being....unaware of Souls who have raised Their Consciousness, and learned how to access the Power of their Christ Selves and have Ascended....or that many Souls have ascended over eons of time.

 Jesus is One Who demonstrated the Ascension Process in relatively modern times.

Little is known of Cosmic Beings of Unimaginable Power through whom the Creativity or Work of Supreme Beingness is accomplished. In trying to bring the human race up to a higher level of Spiritual Consciousness, this Hierarchy of Cosmic and Ascended Beings has mandated that additional much as made available to humanity as a whole. Iíve told you how this expansion of Information had started about 1850....but now had to be stepped up in intensity in order to meet a deadline.

 Information that had been withheld for thousands of years because humanity was not yet ready for it, has had to be released ....with the fervent hope is that mankind will use it and be ready for whatever is to come. 

When Mr. and Mrs. Ballard began teaching these expanded Principles of Life, in 1932, many people responded and that opened the door, so to speak, allowing the Cosmic Teaching to be expanded beyond the Ballard group...and so other Voices began to be heard....each expanding the Teaching that was coming directly from Ascended and Cosmic Beings.

 Since then there has been an ever widening group of people who are awakening to their Inner Godness and Purpose. Humanity is being given authentic Cosmic Knowledge....finally we are being told  WHO WE ARE AND WHERE WE CAME FROM AND WHAT OUR PURPOSE IS HERE AND WHAT OUR EVENTUAL DESTINY IS.

 Today, more information exists, in print, on tapes and videos, than any human/Soul Partnership could ever need to Spiritually progress and move forward with the Cosmic Energy flowing onto the planet....more than  enough to eventually carry any of us into the Ascended Realms of Consciousness.

 So today it is not surprising to we hear our Souls calling...calling to us to listen, asking us to humanly cooperate, helping us integrate our human and Soul intellect and energy.

We are welcoming a new Spiritual Reality onto the Planet and into our lives. Souls have been waiting and evolving for a long time toward this moment.  

Now I want to give you a powerful visualization:

Begin with seeing the Presence of  Almighty God as a Brilliant Sphere of Light, surrounded with seven individual Spheres of Consciousness, each sphere having a particular color and vibration.

These seven circles or spheres of colored energy are the Aura of God. And from them comes the Evolutionary Activity of the Seven Rays as They move each individuated Spark....each I AM Presence... along to Its appointed place in the Greater Scheme of Life.  

 The Divine Plan of God unfolds as each small I AM Spark passes through the school room of each  of the seven Rays. My Seven Ray Creed  is one way in which the human/Soul partnership grows itself Spiritually through the vibration of each of the Seven Rays times seven...........

 Moving from one Sphere to the next, allows us to study and evolve within the first seven primary divisions of unique energy. This allows us to develop the different areas of our human/Soul selves.... mental, emotional, Spiritual and physical....allowing us to enlarge our knowledge and expand our capabilities as each Ray brings with It a different Energy Influence....a different level of the Consciousness of the Supreme Being.

 In a study of history we can see in these last periods of two thousand year cycles, the  influence the different Ray Energy has had on religions of which we still have records.

Going back four thousand years, we see Judaism evolving under the influence of the fifth Ray and two thousand years later, Christianity showing the influence of the sixth Ray. Now in our time, we see with the incoming Spiritual Awareness the influence of the Seventh of whose basic aspects is Freedom ...especially Spiritual Freedom.

We will for a time now, experience the Christian energy of Devotion, being combined with the energy of the Seventh Ray Age of Spiritual Freedom. The sixth Ray energy was under the direction of the Great Jesus.

 And with the end of the Piscean cycle the Christian dispensation, as it is currently being presented, has ended. A new Mystical Understanding of the Christ is now unfolding. As we come under the Energy and Help of Great Beings connected with the Seventh Ray, we advance the principles of Spiritual Freedom  As we do, we experience our human/Soul lives coming into balance.

 We will be working and serving with angels and elementals and God working together again, to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. All organized religions as we now know them will undergo major changes of attitude and content as they are enfolded in the seventh Ray Energy of Freedom and Truth.

 This one aspect alone will put an end to what has been an endless round of religious bigotry and hate and killing for thousands of years. The energy charged with human hate that allows mankind to kill others or to kill themselves in the name of God is being removed from the planet and transmuted. Killing on this planet is coming to an end in the present time.   

So we are in a period of transition.

 And many of us are seeing changes in our personal lives and in the turmoil and upheaval going on within society....and among nations and peoples.

We are turning the page to a new Cosmic Chapter of Life on earth. And this period of cyclic change can be likened to the last thrashing of the dragons tail....and as we get our lives in order, we have no reason to fear the unrest.

Old energy is being cleaned up and religious and political situations of long standing are being sorted out....and this is being done by the Heavenly Hosts who are helping the faithful transit this dimension into the next.  

Let me see what I can say to allay fears anyone might have about these evolving times.

 We have been told that Cosmic Law shows that itís time for our Galaxy to move into a higher dimension....or we might say consciousness....or vibration. Great Beings have said that the humanity of earth have so degraded the energy here, that without some mighty effort too expand higher vibrational energy here, by individuals with the assistance of Heaven, the earth will fail to make that transition.

Therefore it is important for enough of us to wake up to need of the moment and learn how to clean up our energy even as we call to God for the cleansing of the entire earth. For should this fail, our earth would be abandoned by her Solar system....meaning eventual dissolution.

 This has a number of ramifications....but at the outset, this would leave a certain portion of  humanity without a place to finish their evolution. We are told that another Planet has been prepared for any who canít or wonít clean up their energy. 

Does this all sound like a science fiction story? I agree it does....but those who understand the Wisdom Teaching of our time, say we are involved in an evolving process thatís going on with the whole of the Solar system. And if this sounds very complicated....perhaps inhuman....we have but to remember that humanity has pushed Truth into the background for ages and gotten away with it. In our time, that ends.

Today we can no longer stand still and allow ourselves to be deceived.

 We must ask for Help and ask for Truth....and open our Minds to our Soul Partner. At that level of Mind we go to Great Beings for Information. They will pour out their Truth and speak of the Love of God towards all He Creates....the Truth that each one of us is an individualized Spark of Godness embodied in man.

They will affirm the Truth that We Sparks are directed by the Magnificent Beings of the System....that we originally stood before One of those Beings....we ourselves a Being of White Fire, who felt and thought I AM....a Being who knew himself or herself to be a son or daughter of the Great I AM....a Being with Power to create. 

Thus, the Purpose of our Creation was to expand Godness throughout the Universe ...this expansion is happening through the efforts of each individuated I AM Presence.

 We, through eons of time, have developed and expanded our I AM God Nature, doing it while engaging in the human adventure whose underlying purpose is to expand Godness. We were able to do this through our conscious control of our combined human and Soul Creative Faculties of thought and feeling.

Today our minds are awakening again to the reality that we truly are Sons and Daughters of God....and that itís time to get back to  creating the Beauty of the Father through positive and loving, creative thoughts, feelings and actions.  

So from the tiny Soul Spark in our hearts from which our human sense of Self comes, that we experience the Soul Self that says I AM. As the Holy Christ Self and as the I AM Presence, we exist to embody all the Light, Love, Wisdom and Power of Supreme Beingness....all the  Beauty, all the Purity and Perfection....all the qualities of our what some call our Father/Mother Source.

And we have at our command at any moment, the cumulative total of all these Qualities....all we have accessed in the past and any we wish to draw into the human arena during our present embodiment.

We are always free to go to the Well for more God Qualities when we wish to add more Godness to our lives. Thus, we are ever evolving our human and Soul lives, ever using our own free will....ever evolving according to our Spiritual attitudes and actions and desires....always LIVING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT ..OUR LIVES ALWAYS REFLECTING THE THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, ACTIONS OF THE NOW AND THE PAST. 

And so here we are....and we are being told the time we live in is to be a turning point in the history of the evolution of the human race....the human race that can be so destructive and yet has the capacity to be so sublime.

 And which quality will the human race choose? Will the destructive energy finish the job of killing itself off.  

And the rest of us....have we learned that Peace begins with us.

 If so then every day we are taking a few minutes to quiet our Energy....t

o slow the work of our hands and minds ...

to turn our thoughts to our I AM Presence...

.and ask for help in re-enforcing the Wall of Powerful, Peaceful, Loving Light around ourselves,

asking that Presence of God to bless every man, woman and child on earth.

As we throw open the door to our Holy Christ Self, waiting just above us, we are asking for Christed Energy to flood into us....

.and that Christ Energy will flow in to any place we have prepared for It. It is always waiting to be an active Presence in our human lives.  

Now shall we take this moment to visualize the Christ Light flowing into our minds, into our emotions, into our physical bodies,

and see it expand out into the world around us....

knowing It is always there....

Knowing it always protects and nurtures us...

knowing Its Love Blesses all It touches.

Let us again wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of our Holy Christ Self....

Seeing that opalescent Light spiraling around and within us.

Let us open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

And invite the Consciousness of Supreme Beingness to stream into our Hearts and Minds

And into the Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child on earth

That all may become channels for Christ Light, Illumination and Peace to descend to Earth

So in all these programs Iíve been talking about sublime Life....

not as a horizontal process....but as an Eternal, ever Ascending Spiral.....sharing my assessment of what it takes for us to start spiraling away from the destructive human here to the Spiritual Sublime There.

 Iíve been describing the change in Consciousness that bridges the distance between man and God, describing the working Partnership of Body and Soul., man and God working together, constantly spiraling into Higher Dimensions of Sublime Consciousness. 

The Process always incorporates the Help of the Heaven Planes. There is so much more than we can dream of incorporated into this Process called earth life....but in simple terms, today it involves raising both the human and Soul in a slow Ascending Process that involves the speeding up of the vibration of our Energy, Body and Soul.

 And we do this simply by getting the human us under control, mind and emotions ....and awakening to WHO WE REALLY ARE,

learning to use Godís energy constructively...

and then asking for Godís help....

We do this by recognizing our I AM God Presence and Christ Self as the immediate Source of that Help. 

Thus, many of the preceding programs have been focused on gaining an understanding of how our human thoughts, feelings and actions relate to and affect both our human and Spiritual Progress.

And emphasizing that there is no Spiritual Progress beyond a certain point, without Understanding the use of Cosmic Energy....

and how as individuals or as groups of people or Nations we pour Cosmic Energy into both constructive and destructive activities. We send that Energy out with intent and motive, directed to or at some person, place or situation....and as it finds its target, we have either Blessed or caused someone harm.

It is that simple.

And so Iíve been stressing the great necessity to live our lives within a Wall of Blazing White Light and filling it with the Power and Consciousness of our Holy Christ Selves...

oh, I cannot stress this too much.

Then we must be responsible for protecting our own Light....our own Life.

 Nobody does this for us.

We are expected to be fully conscious Beings....

the human mind that has been asleep to its Soul Presence must wake up and give the Souls use of these physical vehicles. The Ascended and Angelic Beings, who guide this Planet, must have our help to put a stop to all the terrible happenings on this planet....

from simple little indiscretions that hurt the feelings of another,

to the horrendous cruelty human beings inflict on each other.

There is a book called, MAN: WHENCE, HOW AND WHITHER. It is co-authored by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, written in the early part of the 1900s. It comes out of Theosophical literature ...and is a book every man, woman and child should read because it gives a priceless perspective on the Eternal Ages through which the Soul-us has evolved.

 The authors start the book by asking, ďwhence comes man  and whither goes he?Ē And answers the question by saying Ēwe can only say that the Spiritual Being called man, in one stage of his unfolding....came forth from God eons ago and will return to God eons from now....and in the journey will have passed through countless levels of evolving consciousness.Ē

This is a complicated text....

it canít be read in one sitting....

it takes some thinking about from several standpoints, giving us a perspective about the enormity of Universal and Eternal Life. The authors leave no doubt as to WHO THEY THINK WE REALLY ARE AND WHERE WE CAME FROM AND WHERE WE ARE GOING.  


I believe it was Saint Theresa who said, that Christ had no hands on Earth to bless but hers, no eyes through whom to see, no lips through whom to speak, no feet through whom to carry the message of God but hers.

I leave you with the thought that OUR ETERNAL HUMAN/SOUL PURPOSE