About Mystical Fundamentals

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be

and how destructive we can be....

how cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Welcome to this program about Spiritual Ideas.....specifically, Ideas about WHO WE REALLY ARE, Body and Soul....

 specifically, Ideas about our Purpose, BODY AND SOUL.

 As we enter the Age of Aquarius,

many of us are searching for the Mystical Meaning of Life.

 We look for the Mystical 'one on one' Relationship

with the Guiding Power of the Universe....

wanting to know how we fit into Godís Plan.

I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and Beliefs about

 our Mystical past, present and future.

Weíve come a long way up the evolutionary ladder, Body and Soul.

 My Dream for us is that we see ourselves as Divine Souls....

rather than as animals clawing and scratching at each other.    

To that end, I continuously study both the positive

 and negative aspects of humanity, world wide.

 Itís easy to see thereís much that could be easily improved....

especially if enough people wanted improvement.

 In these programs I have spoken of Peace as being

the Simple Way out of Chaos....

and about our need to work first for that Peace in our own lives.

We become Peaceful by cooperating with the Great Creative Principles,

 learning about Them

and using Them to bring about the social and

 Spiritual Improvements in human relations.

 Some of us Dream of Peace on Earth....

wonít you join me today in that Dream as we say


So we Dream.

We dream of many things....

humanly we usually dream of material things we want to possess....or physical things we want to do. How many of us dream of Peace? Or realize that without peace, our human dreams have less chance of ever happening.... perhaps none. Letís ask ourselves why the human us doesnít dream of peace.....answer ourselves by rationalizing that on the whole,  animal nature, left alone, isnít programmed for peace....think about it....the animal nature has one straightforward live....animals will do what it takes to stay alive. It is true that the human organism is programmed with a more sophisticated mental process than other animal forms....but all that does, is to allow it to take its animal desires the next step.

The human wants to live higher up on the food chain and it wants to live well....and looking out over the broad spectrum of human endeavor, it is clear to see that unspiritualized animal nature will do what it takes to get what it wants, when it wants it, regardless of the dead bodies left in its wake...pure, undisciplined animal nature moves straight forward to it target.  

And this is where KNOWING WE ARE MORE THAN OUR ANIMAL NATURES, COMES IN. For not all human beings are focused entirely on self....what is the difference between those who will do whatever it takes to succeed and those who wonít? What is the difference between people who dream of a day when human beings no longer attack each other, mentally, emotionally and physically and those who donít? There is a difference.

And the big difference is in the amount of Christ Intelligence thatís been allowed to flow into the human mind. At a certain point the lower vibration of the cells of the physical mind and body, is raised to a Spiritual frequency. With that Spiritual Vibration comes kinder and more peaceful Ideas and the Spiritualized man or woman begins to emerge. Where did the Christ Intelligence come from? It came from the Spark of Christ Light that comes as part of the equipment of every heart.

 That is what makes the human being different from the lower animal forms. The human being has always had a Spark of God anchored in the heart. The Consciousness within that Spark we feel and experience as the Soul-us....thatĎs where our intuition comes from....and that Spark is connected by a stream of Light to all Greater levels of Godness and flows directly from the Great Eternal Source of All That Is.

The human mind has been programmed from the beginning to give recognition to the Greater Power that runs the Universe. When it understands that some of that Power beats in the heart of the physical body, and within the Spark is the a bit of the Mind of God, the Soul begins talking to the human being, making Itself known....we call it Intuition...and that quickly begins to grow the Spark, and the Light of God begins to expand through the Heart Chakra.

 Now that expanding Light makes Its way through the entire chakra system, through the whole body electrical system, into the mental and emotional and etheric bodies, gradually quickening and lightening the thick, dense energy that ordinarily drives our human thinking and believing. At a certain point of Lightening up, we hear people tell of suddenly getting religion....or hear them say theyíve been ďborn againĒ....and that is what has happened as the Light eliminates the dark energy and the Truth is revealed. 

And with that happening, comes a sudden Awareness of some unexplainable Inner, Mystical Inner Awareness of God and Self that hasnít been there before. What is happening is the Awakening of the human mind to the bigger picture, leading the human being to want to work with its Soul and now we have the beginning of a human/Soul partnership.

At Soul level of Consciousness, Peace is a number one priority. Now Peace becomes the priority for the human being as well....Now Brotherhood is understood....and the Light of God that is now flowing more vigorously through the whole body system is putting out the physical fires of human self-centeredness. In time all negative human consciousness simply ceases to exist. The human being is set free without a struggle.    

This series of programs has been about awakening the human mind and releasing the human being from what have become daily struggles resulting from lack of knowledge and application of Spiritual Truths. Over the weeks Iíve suggested Ideas that help us get  to the point where our human thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words can be brought under our human and Soul control without a struggle. Today I want to add more information about Mystical Fundamentals that will aid us as we reach for the stars. 

We really donít have to sit down and feel that we must accept the chaotic conditions that exist on earth. We donít have to take the word of other people or organizations in our search for Understanding about Life. We can by our own effort find the Truth of the Universal Kingdom and of our own personal Kingdom.

 We were given the Key to accessing those Kingdoms as recently as two thousand years ago when One we know as Jesus came and taught us many things, prefacing many His statements with the words ďI AMĒ. Jesus knew about the God-Self of each one....each oneís I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Self through whom the Christ Energy flows.

He knew if we were going to get beyond the world of the ordinary human experience, we had to know about our I AM Presence....He understood the Power of our Attention....that we need to know where to focus our thoughts, feelings and actions if we are to bring God Power into our lives....He knew that Power is available and waiting to be used in our human/Soul lives. He knew we just needed to know how to access it. 

And so we donít know exactly what He told His closest disciples or what he taught others  who followed Him....we donít know because some of it has been hidden from us...but we do know that when He said ďI AM the open door that no man can shutĒ he wasnít talking about His physical self.....we do know He was teaching everyone that they were the Sons and Daughters of the Most High God, that they had within themselves, a Spark of Divine Light.

 He spoke of the Father, which we interpret to mean the Universal I AM Presence and the individuated I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, of which each Soul is a small part. Moses taught words  I AM as having to do with the name or Beingness of God.

So taking all that information into consideration, and knowing the religious and political restraints under which Jesus taught....we sense that He, using parables as well as demonstrating with His own Life, was teaching people of His time to go to their God Selves, their I AM Presence for the Information and the Spiritual Power that existed to serve their needs in their everyday lives.

 He was doing this, while trying not to bring the wrath of the establishment of that day down on His Head and the heads of those who listened to Him. For He was teaching freedom....freedom from the old thinking of an establishment didnít want people to be free....then or now. And for most of the last two thousand years, the teaching of our God Selves has been denied us.   

However in these changing times, we are being taught again, the Truth of WHO WE REALLY ARE as Sons and Daughters of God and the Reason why we can trust the Truth of that Statement....namely, we now know that through our I AM Presence we are connected directly to Supreme Beingness by way of a Cosmic Umbilical Cord attached to us when we were spun off from the main Source so many eons ago. And we now know that when we say I AM we are activating God Power. The Soul here on earth has that Power...actually is that Power.  

We have talked about how we have to be very careful how we use that Power for it can turn negative words and feelings that follow the utterance of those words I AM with negative happenings in our daily human/Soul lives. And it is easy to see how our understanding of our I AM Presence is the Key to the Kingdom.... within us and beyond. It is the Key to our freedom from bondage to this planet.

As we study history it appears we hadnít made much progress Spiritually for thousands of seems we were locked into old belief systems that acknowledged the Godness within certain aspects of the Universe....but not within, God sent Jesus back to us with reminders of what we had forgotten about ourselves, as well as the next lesson.

In any time there seems always to be a few embodied Souls, ready to learn the next lesson....ready to become Spiritualized human beings, longing to know the fullness of the Truths He came to teach. ...a few people ready to know about their individualized God Presence....the Mighty I AM Presence. As we read older texts we can see that there are always some human beings ready to realize the Source of the Power that is beating the human heart.  

We read of the Eternal Search for the HOLY GRAIL....what is it....where is it....And few have realized yet that the Search for the Holy Grail is the search for the Knowledge of this God Self of each one of is the search that describes the struggle to find and contact our own God describes the process for raising our human and Soul consciousness,  leading to our understanding our own Godness.

Most of us accept the Idea of Greater Godness....way out, far and beyond....but few dream of personal, individualized Godness, built right into us, that can manifest right where we are. Few search for their Mighty I AM Presence...but when we understand and accept its reality....when we raise the frequency of our human/Soul energy to a certain compatibility with that of the Holy Christ Self.....our search is over....we have found and accessed the Power of the Holy Grail. 

Well, very little of what I say here could have been said publicly a hundred and fifty years, the Spiritual wheel has turned and humanly we have progressed to the point where this Information is to be made available to the whole human race.

I have to smile when I watch the conceit of the group of people responsible for developing the computers we use so widely today....little do they realize how they embodied to bring this technology to the world....there is a Cosmic Reason for the development of computers and their massive distribution, and for a world wide web of Information in our time. Human beings thinks they dreamed up computers and we all use them, thinking they make us smarter and perhaps richer.

 But the evolutionary reason for computers is the need to quickly send updated Spiritual Information throughout the world....information flowing through many be used for the Awakening of those who still sleep in the grips of old human consciousness. Now as the cycles move, everyone is to be given a chance to advance, Body and Soul. One cycle is ending and a new one commences. Today everyone is being given the chance and the choice, to move ahead. 

And so, if this Idea of Spiritual Advancement intrigues us, we now have access to Knowledge that has for centuries, perhaps ages been reserved for those few who sought after the Holy Truth. Most of humanity wasnít ready for it....but now everyone must have a chance to learn how God works in our lives, from the human side and from the Invisible side. And then it becomes our choice to accept or reject this Knowledge....

and if we accept these Ideas we, then, have the responsibility to use Them to improve life on this planet. For that is what the human/Soul partnership is all about....we are to be about our Fatherís business....spreading a blanket of Godís energy over the earth....letting peace flower. Putting an end to all war.  

So I want to share with you more of the early Ballard Instruction. As I said earlier, Their perceptions of Life began to be expressed in the early 30s. They attracted many people and their Ideas continue to be taught into our time. They are simple and practical and powerful and contains some of the most powerful Mystical Laws that govern our Lives. Though I study every avenue of Truth, I always come back to this teaching.... 

The basis of their teaching is that Universal Life Essence in all its activities, is God in Action. And this Life or Conscious Cosmic Energy is activated by the force of our thoughts, feelings or actions upon it....for better or worse. In  our lack of the understanding of the consequences, we often incorrectly apply our thought, feeling and actions to this Cosmic Substance. Thus we interrupt the Flow of that Perfect Life Essence, which would, without interference, naturally flow and express only Perfection in our every day lives. 

The Ballards teach that the natural tendency of Life is Love, Peace, Beauty, Harmony and Opulence, that the Cosmic Energy that makes our Lives possible is constantly surging, always ready to pour more of Itself into and through us, always with the Lifting, Enlightening process, which is  inherent within all Godness. 

On the subject of the words I strange, they say, that people with sincere interest donít seem to get the true meaning of those two words....that people donít understand that when we say I AM we are releasing the Spring of Everlasting Life and opening wide the door to Cosmic Light Substance...Energy.... that just naturally flows....and always is the perfect expression of everything that Godness is. 

And when we say ďI am notĒ...I cannot....I have not...or use any other negative expression, we are creating negativity with the Power of our I AM Presence....doing it  by how we think, feel or act...or speak...with the result that we bring that negativity into our lives. We and we alone are responsible for all we experience....our experiences are nothing but the results coming from the direction we have given our energy.

And it is negative thoughts, feelings actions and spoken words that keeps our lives from being what we might wish they could is negative energy, generated by us, that binds us. And it continues to act until we recall it and cleanse it of  any negativity we have imposed on it. 

If at any time anything less than perfection attempts to make an appearance in our experience we simply know there is only God acting in our lives.....we refuse to accept anything else. We pay no attention to negative or false ideas....instead we keep our mindís eye centered on the Source of our Life....our I AM Presence.                         

Here is an affirmation to use when negativity threatens us....Say: ĒI Do not take on conditions from anything about me but God-good and I AM always God commandedĒ 

And then acquire the habit of stilling ourselves.....simply quieting ourselves, several times a day. This will let the Soul draw forth from the Christ Body whatever energy we need. What we are working on is learning to command and control the energy in our bodies. In the Ballardís words, ďwe must stand up, face a thing and rise above itĒ.........  

Our most pressing job is to watch for bad habits and work to break them up....always looking inside ourselves and rooting out anything that isnít serving us or God....again, here is more of the Ballardís instruction to their students.

They say, ďthe holding on of old habits is just like wearing old worn out garments.

The individual must not wait for someone else to think these things out for him. He must do it is not possible for anyone to do it but himself.... 

Be careful that the attention does not become fixed on the thing you do not want. 

It is ridiculous to keep recalling things which have not worked out.

 If you have built your limitations for centuries and can by this attention and self effort, free yourself (of bad habits) in a few year, isnít it worth it?

Individuals should not allow the mind to keep recalling wrong conditions can never gain victory over self until  he stops turning back to the old negative conditions he is trying to get rid of it. 

What the mind accepts is that which the individual agrees with....when the mind accepts and agrees with a condition, the individual decrees that into his world....whatever you let your attention rest upon, you are agreeing with and accepting... 

There are only two activities of Life....and if you will not let the Inner (Soul) govern according to Its Plan of Perfection, then the outer human must.... 

For things it does not want the human has all confidence in the world. It is up to the individual to compel the human to have the same confidence for the Perfection of God that it has for the imperfection of the senses.... 

The individual must always rely on himself....he must always think, ďwhat can I do to intensify this Spiritual Information from the hints given Ē. 

Each week we have been building Wall of Powerful White Light  around our bodies and affairs. In the beginning of our individualization, we were naturally surrounded by a Circle of Light.

Over time, human consciousness took over, dominating our lives, and holes were made in the Circle of Light, until it has almost disappeared. Now we are re-building this Wall of Light around ourselves, and making conscious effort to prevent all leaks of the Christ Essence we have been drawing about ourselves within the Wall of Light.

These are very important Spiritual Activities. The day will come when Wall of Blazing White Light will be sufficiently strong around us, that no power can penetrate it, except Divine Love. The human/Soul partnership can become strong enough, clothed in Armor of Light, filled with Christ Love, capable  of going forward with no obstruction. 

So now, as we do every week....and hopefully by now, we are doing it every day....

Letís take time to wrap ourselves, our entire selves, in the Loving Protecting Heart Light of God....Seeing this Opalescent Light spiraling around everything that is our life 

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels and invite the Christ Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds 

And into the Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child on earth

That all may become Channels for Light, Illumination, Peace Healing and Love To descend to Earth.  

As we come to a greater understanding about what we are expected to accomplish in our present life endeavor, itís encouraging to realize that thereís more to life than meets the human eye.

With just a little thinking about of our Spiritual Nature, we can see how foolish it is not to make use of, to the best of our ability, these Ideas of our God Self. How short sighted it is not to try to establish the relationship with our Soul partner.

What do we have to lose except the human feelings of distress and disturbance. And these Ideas are so simple....not a lot of fancy gobble de gook....nothing but turning to God our I AM Presence....and to our love and praise ....and letting Cosmic Christ Energy come into our homes and affairs and businesses....and into every cell of our bodies. 

We can easily face about, using our thought and feelings constructively, acting with the Motive Power of Divine Love, we can build for ourselves a Life that is free from inharmony of any kind....

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with see this isnít just a wild idea....this is possible for each one of us.

 If we are worried about our mistakes, remember that no matter what our mistakes may have been, God never criticizes nor condemns....

and we are learning to Call on the Law of Forgiveness when we are conscious of having made a mistake.

This Great merciful Law activates a Power that frees Life....for when we truly want to forgive a person, place, condition or thing, we give our love, something to take its is better in every way. 

All Forgiveness takes place in our feelings, actually in our feeling or emotional body of Energy, which is a body of fine substance, penetrating and enfolding the physical body.

 Now here is an important point....our intellect says we ought to forgive....but our feelings may still be holding a quality of hurt or sense of injustice.

 To hang onto these feelings is dangerous, because those feelings, held in our minds, mis-qualifies or colors the clean, pure energy of the Christ Self as it flows into our physical body. Such feelings, held in the emotional body, accumulate and are added to every time the mind goes to the incident....and if the individual dwells on events that caused ill feelings to generate in he first place, those qualities of hurt and hate begin to fill the whole body and atmosphere of the individual.

 Soon that quality fills the whole life of the individual. This is the cause of all disease, failure, financial loss and every kind of distress human beings on earth experience.

In other words, we generate our problems by ourselves....thus, the importance of understanding this and truly seeking heart felt forgiveness for any misuse of Godís pure energy. When we do this, our health returns, and our lives come into Divine Order. With all the distress in the world that human beings are experiencing today, surely this is information worth acting on. 

Then we add to that the conscious use the violet Flame which burns away and transmutes the negative energy caused by our mistakes, past and present. The dissolving Power of Divine Love acts within the Violet Flame....

Every day we should call our I AM Presence to pour the Violet flame in and through all we do....

asking for a sustained action. and we feel ourselves surrounded by a Pillar of this Flame....

we see it flowing from the feet upward through the body to the top of the head....

up to our I AM Presence. If we will do this at least fifteen minutes, three times a day, we will soon feel a freedom and peace in our bodies....

a clearness of mind ....

and if we wish an intensified action of Compassion and Peace, we can visualize a delicate shade of pink in the center of the pillar of Violet Flame. 

So we have to take control of our lives....

we are responsible for standing the guard over our lives.

 We can easily do this by keeping our focus where the Spiritual Power is, defying every ignorant, disturbing, negative suggestion which confronts us.

We do this by not yielding one atom of our Christ Power to any human suggestion less than perfection....

we do this by shutting the door to all that denies the Truth of our I AM Presence and Holy Christ Selves....

 A big order, you say.

Yes,  it is....but it is always our choice.