About Where It All Began   


The history of the human race records how smart we can be

 and how destructive we can be...

Why so cruel. How so sublime?

Hello, everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

I continue to share Ideas that seek to define our Reality....hoping to shed more Light on how it is we can be both so human and so sublime....for there is no doubt in my mind that it is only in finding answers to these questions about ourselves, as both Body and Soul, that the people of this Planet have a chance to move beyond the current mind-set of fear and hate.

Over the past year and a half we’ve talked a great deal about “who we really are” and “what we have to do” to realize human and Spiritual Peace and Freedom for ourselves and for this planet.

 These programs have evolved out of my concern for the pain and suffering that exists all over the planet....pain and suffering caused by human ungodliness....pain and suffering  that can be solved simply by letting the Light of our Christ Selves flow into our lives. Many long for the suffering to stop....many believe it can end almost immediately when people know WHO THEY REALLY ARE and act on that knowledge. Today many believe civilization may not survive if humanity doesn’t figure this out soon.

We are at a crossroads....the human road keeps us fighting and hating....the indwelling Christed Soul will lead us away from all that tries to destroy us. Will it be war and destruction or Peace and Freedom?  Today we still have a choice...the choice to place our focus on living the way of the human/Soul partnership, or choose to go on living man’s way. We can opt for peace today....we can say:


Prophecy seems to describe a time when mankind will be at a crossroads of choosing between the human and the Spiritual side of Life.


that WHO WE ARE is one integrated unit of Body and Soul, serving both God and man. The problems we face today come from believing the human and the Spiritual sides of Life are two separated and incompatible levels of Life.... rather than understanding they we are composed of two integrated aspects of  Life that combines Cosmic Spirit with the life of the human being. It is that simple. Because we have separated the two Ideas in our thinking and acting, we are often working at cross purposes to what we should be doing, to accomplish what we are here to accomplish. When we get man running on the same track with his Soul partner, all the confusion on earth will disappear, like the Bay Area fog that dissipates when the sun comes out. It is that simple!   

What stops us from seeing this simplicity? Well, we are faced with endless variations on the theme of God and man. I read and study the history and philosophy of the ages.... finding in it wonderful achievement, as well as endless and brutal quest for territory and  power....

and I see that the Simple Truth of WHO WE ARE IN RELATION TO THE GOD THAT CREATED US is buried beneath both innocent and what may be, deliberate mis-interpretation.

Today the orthodox attitude accepts and I think, even likes, all the convolution that makes a mystery of God and God’s Plans. When all the human opinion is stripped away, we find a Truth that is as simple as the Idea that God exists within everything....that everything exists as the Ideas of God....and it is time for old foggy religious patterns to roll away, letting the Sun shine again for the mankind on Earth. 

People say that in Life there is good and there is evil....and many believe God set it up that way.

 I don’t happen to believe that. Mankind is the author of all we call, evil....not God.

What I have come to believe regarding evil energy is this:

Remember we are always talking about God-Energy and how it has been re-qualified by human actions.

...I believe Life can or will support Energy re-qualified with evil just so long, then that Energy will both explode and implode upon Itself in the process of throwing off the darkness.

This is the Way in which Energy will purify Itself.

 I believe we see this happening in all the disasters, such as war and all destructive weather patterns. Man’s inhumanity to his fellow men and woman comes back to bite him....or her. The inhumanity of ages gathers in vortices of dark energy and eventually returns and sweeps over the people and places that it belongs to....producing what we call evil for those people and in those places....God is not responsible for any of this....or for anything less than perfection in our lives. We are responsible for any evil in our lives....either we set it in motion....or we didn’t protect ourselves from it. We are responsible for both.

It’s time to stop blaming God or our Mothers.

We step onto the planet with a Flame of Truth burning in our hearts....we couldn’t be here without that that even as children we are capable of understanding simple Truths of Life.  

And the Power we call God is always with us....though often trapped beneath tons of misconceptions....but always ready to help the Soul-us get our human vehicle out of trouble and get it back under the control of the Christed Self. This is how human life is supposed to work....we, the human are to obey the direction of the Christ Soul....we, the Christ Soul express ourselves through the human vehicle....we are a human/Soul partnership whenever we embody on Earth.  

We have talked about prophecy....prophecy is like reading tea leaves....seeing the patterns in the bright or dark energy. ...for that is how those who can read energy draw their conclusions. And those who engage in prophesy about the time we live in understand that  we are living in a time of changing Cosmic Cycles, bringing with it a change in the vibration of energy of the earth....and they are able to see the approach of a huge amount of dark energy, generated by mankind’s inhumanity. Prophets have seen this as an 'energy bill' coming due in our time....a bill too big for mankind to handle alone.

God saw that also and so created a Way for us to save ourselves. 

I have described some of the new Teaching and Information that began to flow to us about one hundred and fifty years ago. Part of the truly Cosmic Help being given to us at this time has included additional Teaching on our Higher God Selves. Two thousand years ago Jesus opened the door for that information to flow to the earth and He has been a Magnet and a Channel and Focus for that Information to continue to flow and to spread here.

 But now we needed to know more.  So in the 1930s, another wave of Information was released....and a book titled “Unveiled Mysteries” was published. It’s author is Guy Ballard who writes under the pen name of Godfrey Rey King. And in this book we learn, not only about our Holy Christ Self....Mr. Ballard refers to It as our Higher Mental Body....but we learn about our I AM Presence....that Spiritual Level of us that the Bible says is made in the Image of God.

Through the teaching in this book, we the mankind of this earth, we have a new  way to  think of ourselves. And this Spiritual Philosophy has swept the land and today is well and alive and growing. So I will share excerpts directly from that book, because I believe the Spiritual Philosophy expressed through Godfrey Rey King in “Unveiled Mysteries” is the answer to mankind’s problems.         

Let’s talk about why we should gratefully accept this humane and life giving philosophy as a way of life. Let’s think about life on planet earth today....This morning I read that our government is readying our armed forces for the purpose of protecting us from the evil intent of certain countries, who are believed to be planning massive nuclear and biological warfare against us. Now certainly we have a right and necessity to protect ourselves....but how should we go about it? Through generating more of mankind’s warring energy? I would say we should do that only as a last resort....and not before we try to find another way to neutralize the evil energy at work on the Planet at this time....and remember that those who make use of that energy would just love for us to engage in more warfare....but how do we neutralize evil energy....which I equate as ungodly, dirty energy.  

We do it by turning our attention to where the Real Power is, Power that is stronger than any evil force that has ever existed and let it come into our lives and the life of the Nation. God Power burns right within our own pulses in the heart of the Holy Christ self of each on of the I AM Presence of each one of blazes in the hearts of all the God Beings of the Universe. And God Power explodes forth from the Heart of  Supreme Beingness Itself when we ask for It. That Power will serve us here and now to clean up the evil, dirty energy that is even now, moving against God’s people. 

Do we think that the dirty energy we see at work ruining people’s lives, is more powerful than the Power of Almighty God.... don’t we realize that God is waiting for us to call that Cosmic Power into action. Even as we do this, we may still have to experience some level of what we call “war”....but now,  we’ve engaged a Mind, more powerful  than our human mind to solve the problem....not make it worse.

 Our part in the process is to Call the Mind and Power of God into action, in whatever form it exists to handle this situation, then take our minds off the problem....and believe in the successful outcome. 

Considering all the strange Ideas that mankind finds possible to believe in, isn’t the Idea of a God Solution to war a comforting way to approach our problems. For a few minutes let’s remind ourselves about the horrors of war...that may make it easier to put planetary chaos into the hands of God, ask for Cosmic Solutions and stop trying to do it all by ourselves.

Do we think this is a facetious idea? Look at it this way....In all wars it seems there is a group of Souls who seem cut out to be warriors....and it seems that neither ancient nor modern warriors  pay little more than lip service to collateral damage....rarely even talking about the human beings who get in their way.... those often peaceful men, and women and children whose  lives are ruined. 

Now we could say, “oh, that was their fate....their karma”....and perhaps it was. However, today we have a new dispensation.... a new way to redeem our karma....that is, clean up our energy. Today we have been given the use of the Violet Flame to burn the darkness from our energy. We no longer have to be cannon fodder to redeem there is another way....but  we must choose to use it. 

And it starts with calling to God to blaze more Light here on earth. We can call for the Seven Mighty Rays to encircle the earth and neutralize all negative energy. We can call for Oceans of Violet Flame to put out the fires of turn warring energy into peaceful energy. We can do this.... And if we doubt the value of calling to God to blaze Oceans of neutralizing Power into all warring conditions on the Planet, let’s again reflect on the alternative....and think about what it might be like to be the man who can’t protect his family as warring factions clash....or the mother or sister or daughter who is raped and murdered by a pillaging army...or the baby that is brutally destroyed?

 What is it like to be the victim of man’s inhumanity and brutality. For that is what war really is. Insane brutality and nothing more even when we are defending ourselves! For defending ourselves usually means killing our brothers and sisters. 

Civilized, peaceful people accept war, in all its guises for many reasons.... sometimes because it’s thrust upon them....or because it’s patriotic to support their country’s armed forces....perhaps it’s a problem that isn’t affecting them...and sometimes, it seems, people just don’t care about what happens as long as it is happening somewhere else, to someone else. We turn on the TV....we open our newspapers....and watch people being blown to pieces....towns being destroyed.... without thinking ”what if it were our town....our people”. Without calling to Almighty God for humane solutions for the people affected. 

And there is this to think about. We think we need an army to be that leads to every country having an army....and countries can afford to build armies and armaments...but can’t afford to feed and care for their hungry and sick....countries can afford to send people into outer space for defensive reasons....but cannot afford to build decent housing for their people....countries continue to find reasons to fund and support many countries, women are still considered chattel or at best, second class citizens almost every country we can still find suffering children. 

These are the challenges that we face as we enter the twenty first century. And that brings us back to our changing cycles and the premise that all the above has to end.

In the 1930s  when Unveiled Mysteries was written, the world was worried about a man named Hitler. The Spiritual Hierarchy, guiding this planet, thought there were enough people embodied at that time, who would be capable of understanding lesser known Spiritual Ideas of God and man and who could, by putting these more powerful Ideas to use, defeat Hitler and the totalitarian philosophy about to take over governments of that day.  

And so it was might....and by Light. There is documentation of situations that occurred during the wars with both Germany and Japan that, in retrospect, can only be thought of as Miracles....the Power of God had been invoked by many ordinary caring people....and the evil of that time was in our time, we are to finish the clean-up.

 This book, Unveiled Mysteries opened the door to Knowledge of the conscious use of Higher vibrational energy to solve problems. Since then much has been accomplished as many people, in the past seventy years have turned their attention away from evil and instead, placed their focus on the Godness of their own lives ....knowing that’s the Pathway for peaceful solutions to all mankind’s problems. Now we know we can call forth the Higher Cosmic Energy to neutralize negative energy ...that we can effect the outcome and help bring balance into the energy we live in and work with on this Planet.

 So I recommend this book to you. It is used as a basic primer in various Spiritual organizations. It forms the basis for most of the New Spiritual Thinking of the past seventy years. It opens the door to Freedom for all who will study it and make an effort to apply the Instruction given.  For me it simplified my Ideas of God....Ideas made all too complicated by human thinking. When I wonder why we complicated Ideas of God I can only assume that somewhere, sometime we Souls gave up control of the partnership and let the human mind take over....and from then on, our human minds have been concocting endless, self serving stories about man and God.  

When I was younger....and not so well read....and began to experience the world with all its Spiritual and political controversies, I wondered about these things....and in time, asked myself this question.... “What one thing, more than any other would unify people...? Sometimes wondering if people even wanted to be unified. and I asked “what would put an end to war and greed and suffering”? Sometimes wondering whether people really want to put an end to suffering.  

I asked “What knowledge is needed to convince people that we cannot harm another part of life without harming ourselves. What do we need to know about ourselves to make us love our own lives....what would it take to stop all the really crazy, insane things some people do. In time I could think of little else....and often while meditating would put this question to my Holy Christ Self....and one day the answer came so clearly....and it was this.... “All human cruelty will stop immediately when people know WHO THEY REALLY ARE....when they realize that the Consciousness within every  physical body....the part that can say “ I am” is a Spark of purest Christ Consciousness.” 

This was the first time the phrase WHO WE REALLY ARE  surfaced in my thinking. And I made up my mind at that moment to spend the rest of my life finding ways to describe who I think WE REALLY ARE.  For now I saw that Spark of purest Christ Consciousness as my Divine Soul....completely separate from my human ego....but trying to become integrated into the human process...and today I want everyone to see and know themselves to be a human/Soul know their  immortal identity.... to see all mankind in that way. That will put an end to war and hate. 

The Teaching of Jesus came into focus for me. I saw He had been trying to tell us about our Christ Nature. I suddenly began to understand it. Most of us have heard our bodies referred to as the Temple of the Most High Living God but never were sure what that meant.

 Now in our time, New Teaching has been given to us that I believe can defeat the human mind....can force it or convince it to give up control. I believe, in our time, we will bring an end to wars, and economic debacle, and religious controversy and separation of the people of the planet. I believe we will end the suffering of constructive people who here-to-fore have been sacrificed in the maelstrom of misqualified human energy....I believe we will find  a Spiritual way out of all of this....knowing that anything we do from the human standpoint is only a band-aid on a bleeding wound of gigantic proportions.  

The Power we call God obviously sees and knows all this. Now we need to know we are part of a Cosmic Plan that has a Timetable. The Hierarchy implementing the Plan has a deadline to meet, regarding that Timetable. So that we are up against a deadline to learn the Truth about God and us and the return and descent of the energy, mis used by mankind over the past thousands of years.

This dirty, mis-qualified Energy, as it sweeps upon the earth, will destroy most of us and much of the present civilization on Earth....

unless we learn how to control ourselves....

and how to get control of all that negatively qualified Energy.

Additionally, we may no longer disregard Cosmic Laws without immediate recoil of energy. We have arrived at a place in the scheme of Cosmic Events where people need to listen up, clean up and Lighten up. This planet is being raised into a new dimension of thought and feeling....we need this New Spiritual Information if we are to move with the Planet.  

Now before I read some excerpts from Unveiled Mysteries, we’ll take a moment to again feel ourselves in that quiet place where we now live. Let’s draw down from our Christ Selves another layer of Light to surround this place, reinforcing the Wall of Impenetrable it is strong enough to repel anything unlike the Light....nothing evil can succeed against us.

Now as we listen to the words of Godfrey Rey King,

 we ask to be enfolded in the pulsing, iridescent Christ Light from within the Heart of God....

we are opening our minds to the Highest Information Channels and inviting the Christ Light to come in and take command of our lives...

that we may become Channels....

 for Light and Illumination....

to descend to Earth.

Always remembering, There is nothing Supreme but God.

There is nothing Eternal and Real but The Christ.

There is nothing True but The Light.

These Three are “The One”.

All else is shadow, causing mankind stumble. There is no way to proceed through the Universe but on the Pathway of Light.

Each day our lives are being filled with Ideas of fear....those serving the negative side of life are good at creating one crisis after another to keep our minds focused on everything but the Divine side of we are bombarded with news of terrorists and the possibility of war.

 We have to work to keep our country safe, for if America goes down, where do we flee for sanctuary....there is no other place....But as importantly, we have to keep ourselves safe. We can do this only as we keep our attention focused on our own Godness. No matter what the appearances, if      we are to keep human conditions from affecting us, we have to be focused where the God Power and Protection are....

So listen as I share some of the Wisdom of Godfrey Rey King,  from the book  Unveiled Mysteries”....  

Here he is quoting a High Master who is telling him....“

you cannot realize how very great is the necessity for harmony in the outer-self, if the fullness of the Inner Perfection and Power is to be expressed in your outer life. The importance of keeping a feeling of peace, love and serenity in the personal self cannot be emphasized too strongly for when this is done, the Mighty God Presence Within can act....without an instant.” 

The continual outpouring of a feeling of Peace and Divine Love to every person and everything, unconditionally, no matter whether you think it be deserved or not, is the Magic Key that unlocks the door and releases instantly this tremendous “Inner God Power”. Fortunate indeed is he who has learned this Law for he then seeks to BE ALL Peace and Love, Without it Humanity has nothing good, and with it they have all things Perfect. HARMONY is the KEYNOTE, the one Great Law of Life. Upon it rests all Perfect manifestation and without it all form disintegrates and returns into the Great Sea of Universal Light....

end of quote.

Now regarding what appears to us to be unending general unrest and distrust and warlike attitudes among the people of earth at the present time....from Unveiled Mysteries comes this information that every twenty five hundred years a great outpouring of Light floods the Earth, providing a tremendous lifting process, giving a forward impulse to the growth of the entire Earth. 

Just preceding these great outpourings of Cosmic Light, physical disturbances occur....And we are told that : 

These disturbances are due to the discord that has accumulated during the preceding period. The generation of such inharmony is due, always, to the wandering away from the fundamental “Principles of Life”, and the human sense of disturbance thus created, pollutes the outer activity of mankind, the earth and its atmosphere. It is to cleanse this energy , and bring humanity back to the Original Purity of Life that cataclysmic action takes place....followed then by an enormous outpouring of LIGHT......

We are approaching another such period and this time, the release of the Cosmic Love, Wisdom and Energy, will not only quicken the minds of the race but the atomic structure of earth as well, making it more luminous in the Solar System. Many who have seemed to become hardened by their former activities, will awaken, as it were almost overnight and feel the Nearness of the Great God Presence within each heart....many who have been meek and humble, but holding close to the Inner Presence will suddenly blaze forth, amazing themselves as well as others, by the Light they will manifest.

All will be done by the Power of God-Love... and humanity will truly begin to realize that it is the height of folly for one part of God’s Creation to war against another part. The  Desire to Bless others instead of themselves will almost involuntarily enter into the hearts of mankind and send forth a Light that will illumine the rest of the Way to Perfection. 

Selfishness alone holds the children of this sphere in the bondage and misery which have been allowed to express upon earth, but when the Light of the Christ expands the Love in the Heart, selfishness flees and returns to the sea of forgetfulness. 

Great natural physical changes will take place on earth. The children of earth stand upon the Threshold of the Ages. Its door is being held open by Great Ones of Love who invite you to walk consciously by their side in the Light. No matter the activities in the world, walk with the Light and in the Light regardless of appearances.” 

 End of quote.

 The Message in this Book, “Unveiled Mysteries” started the world on its current track to Self Discovery and Truth about God, man and the Universe.

It is in print and has been for the past seventy is recommended reading in many is leading the way into the new Age of Freedom and Miracles....into an age where we realize that we are all part of one interconnected and interdependent family of Souls....that we are truly one in the Spirit of God....the Holy Spirit of Peace and Love.  

Again, remember,

There is nothing Supreme but God.

There is nothing Eternal and Real but The Christ.

 There is nothing True but The Light.

These Three are “The One”.

All else is shadow. Remember, shadows hide, shadows mislead and shadows make mankind stumble.

 There is no way to proceed through the Universe

 but on the Pathway of Light.