About Simplicity  

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         The History of the human race records how smart we can be....

and how destructive we can be....

how cruel sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, every one. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Today as we continue talking about Spiritual Ideas that help us integrate our human and Spiritual Realities....we are believing it can happen best within a framework of human Peace.

These programs offer Ideas for developing Peace within ourselves....that's where Peace, world wide, has to begin...

suggesting Ideas as to why one human being can be so cruel and another so loving and kind.....

suggesting also that we can find both qualities in any one of ourselves. For me the explanation lies in understanding our dual nature, the human capable of cruelty...the other, our eternal Spiritual Nature knowing nothing but what we call Love. 

Spiritual Rules of Life say cruelty rebounds to its author and goodness expands to Bless Life everywhere. There are those with a fatalistic attitude, who believe there’s nothing to be done about their human plight....not wanting to believe that everyone has mental and emotional freedom of choice to look for Cosmic Direction in all they do. 

We can no longer neglect the business of expanding Peace on Earth.

In America as elsewhere, peace is taken for granted....many believing they can go on doing or allowing the ungodly things some people do without 'reaping the whirlwind'....

But it doesn’t work that way. Divine Justice will always have the last word.

 We people of this Planet are at a turning point...we are experiencing the end of the old cycle....and the advent of the new one....

and today, if we are wise, we are on the side of God, working for Peace....

The Cosmic Time has come to say


Again, before we get into today’s talk, we'll take this moment to be add more Light to the Wall of Blazing White Light we are building around ourselves....

by now we should be living our entire lives from within that Envelope of Light....

that place where we can evolve our lives in a quiet and protected environment....

where we are enfolded and nurtured, Body and Soul in the Christed Energy of Love and Peace.

 Today I was browsing through the Old testament, looking for Inspiration and found these thoughts.

”Be strong in the Lord and in His Mighty Power

Stand firm then with the Belt of Truth buckled around your waist

With the breastplate of Righteousness in place

And with your feet with the readiness

That comes from the Gospel of Peace   (From Ephesians...).


We are striving to know WHO WE REALLY ARE....striving to cultivate positive, useful lives...looking to 'God' for direction....

Here are words from a writer whose name I know not,

 that speak to our striving....

Impose no barrier to His Mighty Life-giving Power that works in you all the good pleasure of His Will

Yield yourself up utterly to His control

Put your growing into His hands as completely as you have put all your other affairs

Suffer Him to manage it as He will.

Do not concern yourself about it, nor even think of it.

Trust Him absolutely and always.

Accept each moment’s dispensation as it comes to you from His hands

As being the needed sunshine or dew for that moment’s growth.

Say a continual “yes” to your Father’s Will.”


So now let’s take this moment to again








Today I focus on the Idea of Simplicity

I has occurred to me more than once that our lives are much to complicated....much to busy....with too much focus on “being better or greater”.... in all human endeavors.....leaving out of the equation, just plain, simple living and Spiritual Striving. There’s much focus on what we call success, which usually translates into human getting and has little or nothing to do with human growing or Knowing.

It is a fact that there is much about daily life that is no longer simple or easy.

I was remembering how when I was a child, my folks would put together some camping gear and off we would go to Yosemite for a weekend of leisure, to quietly enjoy the beauty of one of America’s most scenic areas. We drove in and out of the park, wandered around to our heart’s content....we were not charged for the one told us what to do or where we could or couldn‘t go.

Once people had lovely simple family times at Yosemite. Today, I do not enjoy controlled Yosemite experience....I do not care for all the new rules and regulations....or want to deal with all the restrictions on where one can go and what one can do if once in the Park.

 Instead today I buy an Ansel Adams book with all the beautiful photographs of Yosemite and sit back and remember how it once was when Life was more simple.

 I was remembering, to, how simple and easy it once was to buy a ticket and get on a plane and go anywhere in the world....yes, we had to have a passport to go out of the country....but that was easy. Just go the post office, provide a picture and $25 and in a few days there was a passport.

 No background checks. We simply got on that plane, without luggage searches....or body searches....there were rarely long lines....always congenial airport people happy to have us flying their airlines.

 I remember how good the food was once upon a time....and how there was leg room....and how we dressed nicely and flying was a simple, positive experience.        

Over the years I have worried about how our lives are being strangled by laws that have become so complex and convoluted that in effect, we have no laws....

each little or big jurisdiction makes it up as they go along because who can understand all the 'fine print' of any and all legislation....

even the U. S. Supreme Court can't seem to figure out what is fair....or what is right

 or even if it is Constitutional. Nor do they seem to care. Today people in charge all over the world make it up as they go along depending on their personal points of view. That is madness-in-action!

Today society is enmeshed in a mish-mash of legal entanglements and entitlements that any one of us can get caught up in.

As American we ask 'Where is the simplicity that was written into our Constitution?

 Why are we abandoning it?

 And where is all this convolution going to take us?'


It was in watching the trend towards control of every facet of our lives here in the United States....over the length of my life....that I finally realized that there is little any one of us can do to change the direction human life is being pushed in at this moment in time.

I have come to believe that humanity has again let the societal problems become too big for little people to handle simply.

Realizing that we are heading again, for some major world-wide re-aligning of old issues and ancient ideas....having come to the time, when the world could erupt, at any time, into another full scale conflict that may take most of us off the Planet.

And if war doesn't destroy us, AIDS and related health issues will take the rest of us.

It was thoughts along these lines,

that convinced me to try to share my Ideas.

Believing, we still have a little time before the world can drastically change. We still have time to change ourselves. We still have time to change our Ideas....

to identify with the 'Power of our Lives' which is the only Protection we have against all the insanity at work presently on this Planet.

So today I wanted to suggest again, on how simple Life becomes in our ordinary day in and day out living, when we keep our thoughts, feelings and actions simple...

when we choose and have confidence in a set of Spiritual Guiding Principles.

 For me this simplicity has included both my human and Spiritual focus.

 My human focus is always 'my passion of the moment' but always underneath, there is an underpinning of Spiritual Faith....always I go where the Power is to 'fund' my passions of the moment.

 For me that Faith has taken the form of having learned to allow Life, which I define as “ever present Godness-at-work in everything that exists'...

of allowing Life/God to do with me and through me, whatever develops the Plan of Life appropriate for me....whatever it is....hopefully serving the Greater Purpose and believing that whatever is happening is right for me in any given moment or circumstance.

Trying to keep it simple.  

 One of the lessons we all have to learn is to stop relying on experts outside ourselves for Spiritual Answers beyond the simple basics that give us Constructive Ideas and a vocabulary. Then it is a matter of living our lives in as much simplicity as possible....and I know that is easier than it sounds in today’s world....but we can try and with the Motive of making the world a better place to live in....

There is a mass of both secular and Spiritual Information available to help us understand both our human and Spiritual Selves.

There really is some Instruction and Inspiration for us at every step of the way....the bookstores are full of really wonderful books.

I can’t resist bringing home books containing the Wisdom and Insight that flows through so many people. It is so easy to see 'Souls-at-work' in much of the literature available to us.

And there are many Ideas evolving.

The point of view I have been sharing is that we are

 a human Soul/Partnership.

That we are both Body and Soul working together to further our own evolution while being about the Father’s business.

 My concept of us is simple....there is the Conscious part of us that says “I”. That is the Soul Spark housed in a physical body.

That Soul is a Spark of Christ Consciousness coming from a Body of Energy just above us....our Holy Christ Selves.

The Christ Self is part of a Greater I AM Presence.

The I AM Presence is the Original Spark spun off from a Powerful Source we call God.

Each one of us began Life as an I AM or God Presence.

Each one of us is, at our Most Evolved Level, a small God Presence, offspring of a Cosmic Source.

Now if we will believe that we have a firm foundation on which we can begin to develop our own lives, independent of all the convolution (human opinion and consciousness) built into every religion or philosophy I have ever studied.

My premise is that we can is intended that we will 'look and find within ourselves' The Consciousness of God that provides the physical body with Life and within that Life will be found the individual Guidance we need.

This sounds easy to understand....but may not be, because our minds are so full of other information....but look at the world and tell me if it isn’t worth the effort to try to find 'simple answers' to mankind’s convoluted religious ideas.

 Imagine a world without religious wars....without religious bickering.


As we begin to understand WHO WE REALLY ARE and as we practice putting that Knowledge into practical use in our lives, we will, in time, access the ultimate Simplicity of God. That’s always there to Guide us.

 KNOWING WHO WE ARE is the Key that unlocks the Door and brings our own Godness into focus....opens us up to the simple basic Truth of WHO WE ARE.....and WHO CREATED US AND WHY.


When we remember to focus our attention on the Three Fold in our hearts, we can easily see ourselves as a human/Soul could it not be.

Help in the form of Ideas or Direction is immediately available to us the minute we remember this simple basic Truth and feel at home with the Idea that WHO WE REALLY ARE, IS BODY AND SOUL, MAN AND GOD, WORKING TOGETHER. And Life goes forward from there.

 Now let's think about not focusing on past mistakes.

As I read the religious writings of past and present, I’m so aware of the negative bias of many writers as they rail against human frailty. Spiritual Experts love to tell people how sinful they are....

and accordingly really Spiritual people take that to heart and beat themselves up with guilt...

.some times, they feel obligated to do the sack cloth and ashes bit....

and call themselves all kinds of demeaning names without realizing the part of themselves that can say “I” is not the human ego, but the Soul....God-in-action...within their physical bodies.

 So no, we don’t want to beat ourselves for making mistakes.

 However, we do need to learn to make as few as possible, for all mistakes have to be cleaned up by us.

So that rather than focusing on our human frailty, we now start focusing on accessing our Soul Strength....

giving ourselves courage to admit mistakes but then to ask Forgiveness of God and man. When we fall, it’s important to quietly pick ourselves up....look at the situation and then go on ....seeing how we can do better the next time.

Trial and error and trying again is how we learn....remember how we learned our lessons in grammar school....

that’s how most of us learn our Spiritual lessons.

 In school it was important not to focus on mistakes but on learning how to do the problem correctly.

All of Life is like that.

 I watch people bowed down by their sense of failure or one time or another we all fall short of what we would have preferred to accomplish. But what good does it do us to think about....pour our Energy into.... our failings, after the fact....We are to forgive and transmute them and learn from them.

 Then in quiet moments of Meditation, better Ideas will often occur to us....we will see the Path ahead.

 Religion talks so much of 'salvation'....and what one must do to seek salvation within the organized system.

 For me turning to the Godness of the Universe, in One or More of its Many Forms and to the Godness that exists within me,

is the Way I find that 'saves and absolves' the human-me from the mistakes of the human-me.

 Personally I do not seek salvation outside of that framework of Belief.

I absolutely know that when I turn my attention to the Flame placed in my heart and acknowledge the Flame in every heart, I am connecting with the Healing and Forgiving Power of the Supreme Being who put the Flame there.

This is as simple as believing in that Flame....knowing It is a Spark of Infinite Consciousness and is WHO I REALLY simple as acknowledging the simple fact that I AM A SPARK OF THE LIVING GOD, HOUSED IN A PHYSICAL BODY.....






 Spiritual Confusion caused by endless debate about God, has been 'the rule' for a very long time.

I'm not sure why the rank and file human being tolerates it.

Is it because Spiritual wrangling gives some people reasons to feel superior to those who don’t believe the way they do.

BUT GOING BACK TO KNOWING WHO WE ARE....and knowing every physical body is powered by Godness through a Soul Spark.

 Now how superior do we feel? Do we really think our Soul could be smarter than our neighbor’s Soul.

That is hard to believe, since we are all spun off from the same Source....a Source that knows no falling short....makes no mistakes.

 Mental or emotional confusion about Spiritual Matters causes our Energy to get out of balance....we live with many kinds of uncertainty....much concern about which we can do nothing....

Spiritual confusion should not be one of our concerns. 


I write these thoughts amid the incredible world wide confusion of the present time....holding it all in Light as I think about it.

 Never before in human history, as far as I can tell, has there been a period where people were any more diversified in opinion than they are at the present time

. The Miracle of our time is that even in all this confusion, a massive amount of Enlightenment is going on. A tremendous amount of Information and Inspiration is available for those searching for answers.

However in the process of gaining new perspectives....Spiritual and must be mindful that there is a lot of propaganda flying about that has led human-kind astray for thousands of years.

Usually Truth lies buried somewhere beneath the brainwashing. And we have to be determined to unearth and understand the Truth....we have to let go of the propaganda of both ancient and modern times....

We have to be ready to give up old entrenched ideas that have enslaved rather than Enlightened.

We live in an age of the most intense educational effort and Spiritual development the world has yet known. Never in recorded history has there been such a focus on universal education. And for the last one hundred and fifty years Spiritual literature has proclaimed the Age of the Soul...the Age of Aquarius.

And much new Spiritual literature is letting us know WE ARE THOSE SOULS....and that we have important work to do in GOD’S SCHEME.

 Now our part comes in accepting these New Ideas as our Reality....and putting that Reality to work to 'save ourselves and the world'

We can believe the Immortal-us is a Spark of Ultimate Godness....we can believe a tiny Spark of God resides in our physical bodies...we can believe we are the Consciousness of that Spark...the Christed Soul.

We can believe if we choose to.

 And knowing these simple Facts of Life relieves the human-us of the burden of guilt coming from the Idea of original sin and all other untruths told about the human-us by controlling political, church authority for thousands of years.

 It is interesting to realize that we live in an age of scientific wonder and technological advancement that moves too fast for us to keep up.

 And alongside that there is a skepticism about the Power and Consciousness we call God....and that is strange since men and women of science are finding that what many want to call “ultimate reality” is a mysterious Energy that might well be defined as the Power we call God.

But instead of accepting the Simplicity of that seems that job security demands that science bypass the Truth and continue imagining all kinds of complicated theories....very few of which make sense in the Light of the Simple Truth.

And we have social and political situations revolving around how we view ourselves and how we are choosing to live our lives....much of it convoluted, very little of it simple.

 In the past one hundred years we have overly complicated many social issues, more for political and economic reasons, than for humanitarian reasons.

We have hundreds of punitive laws around the issues of living together peacefully....until today any expression of displeasure with another group can be punished.

We try to persuade our children that people should value one another. And it doesn't work. Why doesn’t it work? What is it other than that people NOT UNDERSTANDING THAT THE HUMAN BEING IS A VESSEL FOR A SOUL....FOR A BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT TO EMBODY ON EARTH.

What would Life be like if we APPROACHED each other IN THAT MIND-SET.

 Today people of different groups don't really want to live together....but might it not be different if we all knew WHO WE REALLY ARE.


The times we live in are DEMANDING we learn to live peacefully side by side, regardless of how we view each other as human beings....and we may not have much more time to make up our minds to stop hating and killing each other.

Listen to this news report coming from two reporters who are discussing the terrorist problem of the Middle East.

“Look,” they are saying, talking about the Palestinian and Israeli conflict....“ it doesn’t  make any sense, but these terrorists incidents are not going to stop. And how about the United States....there was a guy, presumed to be a terrorists, in a container in Italy- he was using the container to smuggle himself into the US....he had expensive and sophisticated equipment with him....and how about a woman in Arkansas was creating phony passports for people from the Middle East....she died the day before she was supposed to face questioning. The authorities don't know what was going on there- but something definitely is.”

These reporters go on to talk about a very small percentage off the world's population they describe as “nuts”, and reflect that perhaps there's always been a small percentage of these people ....but never before have they had the ability to cause so much destruction.

Today anyone can go into the library and find out how to make bombs out of fertilizer and sugar...and how to create cyber-terrorism...anyone, with computer know-how can shut down the world's biggest and most sophisticated economy.

Something very important and disturbing is happening....for never before has terrorism/hatred been a serious threat.

 We used to hear talk about one country bombing another country back to the stone age.'

Well, now a few terrorists can send us back to the stone age.

 And the reporters conclude by talking about two generals, of another country, who recently co-authored a book explaining how they, could bring the US to its knees using cyber-terrorism.

 Americans as a whole are very innocent and unaware of other cultures who have millions of clever computer whizzes....whizzes who can use technology to shut down trains, airlines, shipping, even the highways of any country- just using cyber-terrorism.

 In a matter of hours, people in a given our country for example, could be without food or water. This is not some kind of fantasy.


Today this kind of concern is the driving force of governments of major countries as they try to protect the citizenry. However, there is no protection against a terrorist....or terrorist activities.

There is no individual protection other than our use of the Sacred Fire of Supreme Beingness....which we have to consciously draw about ourselves.

 Enough Higher, more powerful Energy of God, drawn about us, is our

 protection wherever we are, whatever we are doing.


The Consciousness within that Energy will see to it that we are always in a safe place....that all Energy of low vibration is repelled.

  I have in my life experienced so many incidents where I know I had the protection of the Powerful Energy of God that I always place around myself....and around my family....especially around our cars...for where are we more vulnerable than on our highways.

And this is simplicity itself.

We simply never omit asking our Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence to keep us enfolded in a Wall of Invincible Light.

 It is wise to Invoke It everyday....

but what could be easier? Or more simple?

When I step into the car, before I put the key in the ignition, I ask for that Cosmic Protection. Our part is to ask and then make sure we control the use of our Energy, control ourselves, mentally, emotionally and physically....

keeping ourselves calm and peaceful and loving....

watching our every thought, feeling, action and spoken word....

making sure by these simple acts we do not open the door and let in the carelessness of another....let in the hate of another.


We are each responsible for taking the simple steps needed for our own well being here on Earth....

We have to live in ways that do not shut the door to the Higher Levels of our Godness....our Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence....for when that Energy flows to us, we always are directed to avenues of safety and security....prosperity and peace.

 This is a simple focus....placed precisely on the Source that sustains our human/Soul efforts.

 Any religious mind-set can do this....God is God in all religions or context.

 Mankind has made up a lot of stories about God and what we have to do or not do to make ourselves worthy of God's Care.

 We have the choice to accept those old confining Ideas or we can open the Door to One Supreme, ever present, non-judgmental Source of Godness

We can give recognition to the Spark of that Divinity within the human-us....It’s there or the physical body wouldn’t be here.....

and then get to Know God from the inside out....

for that is where we will find the Truth of our Beings....

 where we will find the Path right for us....

and without getting into all the complicated theological, religious debates.

 Why continue to debate God?

 Why not simply get to know the God inside and acknowledge It as the Power of the Universe at work in each one of us?


 Let’s hear it for simplicity.


Now why is this so important?

And particularly in this time? Over and over again in these programs I have spoken of the changing cycles....of evolving Energy....of Consciousness moving into Higher Dimensions....

Based on the Teaching that is being taught on earth at the present time, we can conclude that for the last one hundred and fifty years The Being we call 'God' has mandated certain Dispensations for mankind, so that as many of us as possible will be able to move with the New Energy, which has a very much Higher Frequency.

For these many years the Information has been given....and we have had the opportunity to grow with it....or stay in our old modes.

 We do not want to take for granted that the 'Door of Opportunity' will stay open forever in this time frame....that is not going to happen.

And for those who knowingly tarry or transgress Universal Law, the day will soon come when no further help will be given in the way of Information and No Mercy will be further extended.


So we do not want to take chances with our lives....not from the human side, nor from the Soul side

It is written that we are on the cusp of an Age....and that as we go into the next two thousand year period we may not have the choices we are offered today.

So let us end our visit today by again wrapping ourselves in the Heart Light of our 'God'.

Seeing opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves.

As we all become Channels

for Light and Illumination and Peace, to descend to Earth.